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Apache Stories

Ask Slashdot: Is There a Web Development Linux Distro? 136 comments
Meet Flink, the Apache Software Foundation's Newest Top-Level Project 34 comments
Book Review: Scaling Apache Solr 42 comments
Meet Apache Software Foundation VP Rich Bowen (Video) 14 comments
Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess 127 comments
Netcraft: Microsoft Closing In On Apache Web Server Lead 102 comments
Apache Struts Zero Day Not Fixed By Patch 15 comments
Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What? 285 comments
Subversion Project Migrates To Git 162 comments
Spark Advances From Apache Incubator To Top-Level Project 24 comments
Will Microsoft IIS Overtake Apache? 303 comments
Has the Apache Software Foundation Lost Its Way? 126 comments
Apache Web Server Share Falls Below 50 Percent For First Time Since 2009 303 comments
Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Released With Major New Features 238 comments
Subversion 1.8 Released But Will You Still Use Git? 378 comments
Why the 'Star Trek Computer' Will Be Open Source and Apache Licensed 129 comments
Apache OpenOffice Downloaded 50 Million Times In a Year 155 comments
Backdoor Targeting Apache Servers Spreads To Nginx, Lighttpd 136 comments
Sophisticated Apache Backdoor In the Wild 108 comments
Apache Terminates Struts 1 61 comments
Apache CloudStack Becomes a Top-level Project 43 comments
OpenOffice: Worth $21 Million Per Day, If It Were Microsoft Office 361 comments
Linux, Apache, Perl, X10, Webcams... and Christmas Lights 30 comments
Popular Android ROM Accused of GPL Violation 197 comments
Cloud Version of OpenOffice In the Works 71 comments
Dell Strays Further From Intel Chips, Donates ARM Server to ASF 37 comments
OpenOffice Is Now, Officially, Apache OpenOffice 266 comments
Apache Patch To Override IE 10's Do Not Track Setting 375 comments
SourceForge Allura Submitted To the Apache Software Foundation Incubator 30 comments
Is GPL Licensing In Decline? 266 comments
Apache OpenOffice Lagging Behind LibreOffice In Features 126 comments
Citrix Moves Away From OpenStack For Apache 29 comments
Apache 2.4 Takes Direct Aim At Nginx 209 comments
Bad Guys Use Open Source, Too 84 comments
Mozilla Public License 2.0 Released 40 comments
Nginx Overtakes Microsoft As No. 2 Web Server 340 comments
Hadoop 1.0 Released 38 comments
ASF Lays Out Its Plan For 129 comments
Apache Flaw Allows Internal Network Access 99 comments
Apache Harmony Moves To Apache Attic 120 comments
Apache Fixes Range Header Flaw, Again 21 comments
NSA Makes Contribution To Apache Hadoop Project 102 comments
"Apache Killer" Web Server Hole Plugged 48 comments
Fix For Apache DoS Bug In the Pipes 49 comments
Apache Warns Web Server Admins of DoS Attack Tool 82 comments
Oracle's Java Policies Are Destroying the Community 314 comments
Java 7 Ships With Severe Bug 180 comments
IBM Donates Symphony Code To Apache Software Foundation 131 comments
History of Software Forks Favors LibreOffice 149 comments
The Future of 66 comments
Oracle To Give To Apache Incubator 129 comments
Oracle Subpoenas Apache Foundation In Google Suit 98 comments
Does Google Pin Copyright Violations On the ASF? 136 comments
Cassandra 0.7 Can Pack 2 Billion Columns Into a Row 235 comments
Apache To Steward NASA-Built Middleware 27 comments
Apache Subversion To WANdisco, Inc: Get Real 85 comments
Oracle Asks Apache To Rethink Java Committee Exit 266 comments
Apache Resigns From the JCP Executive Committee 136 comments
Doorways Sneak To Non-Default Ports of Hacked Servers 63 comments
Google Wave Looking To Join Apache Software Foundation 79 comments
The Coming War Over the Future of Java 583 comments
Apache Declares War On Oracle Over Java 428 comments
Measuring LAMP Competency? 453 comments
Apache Foundation Attacked, Passwords Stolen 214 comments
Mozilla Foundation Begins Redraft Process For MPL 65 comments
Serious Apache Exploit Discovered 160 comments
The Final Release of Apache HTTP Server 1.3 104 comments
Facebook's HipHop Also a PHP Webserver 304 comments
ModSecurity 2.5 25 comments
Apache May Stop 1.3, 2.0 Series Releases 77 comments
Offset Bad Code, With Bad Code Offsets 279 comments
Microsoft Open Sources .NET Micro Framework 320 comments
XML Library Flaw — Sun, Apache, GNOME Affected 140 comments
Opera Unite Web Server Benchmarked 227 comments
Yahoo Releases Open Source Hadoop Distribution 49 comments
The Chinese (Web Servers) Are Coming 231 comments
Microsoft and Apache - What's the Angle? 433 comments
Microsoft Blesses LGPL, Joins Apache Foundation 425 comments
Microsoft Sponsors Apache Software Foundation 120 comments
ApacheCon Europe'08 Live Video Streaming 17 comments
Breakdowns of Website Defacement by Platform 203 comments
Mystery Malware Affecting Linux/Apache Web Servers 437 comments
Yahoo Becomes Apache Platinum Sponsor 110 comments
Microsoft's IIS is Twice as Likely to Host Malware? 163 comments
FSF Releases Fourth and Final Draft of GPLv3 237 comments
Optimize PHP and Accelerate Apache 191 comments
$16,000 Bounty for Sendmail, Apache Zero-Day Flaws 173 comments
Sun Offering Optimized AMP Stack On Solaris 135 comments
Speed Up Sites with htaccess Caching 29 comments
Apache Comes With Too Much Community Overhead? 161 comments
Apache Webserver Surpasses 50 Million Website Mark 202 comments
Windows Incompatibilities Frustrate D.C. Schools 476 comments
Why I Hate the Apache Web Server 558 comments
Apache Request Smuggling Vulnerability Found 168 comments
ApacheCon 2005 Comes to Europe 7 comments
SCO Includes OS Products In OpenServer 6 268 comments
ApacheDS Virtual Directory Add-Ons 12 comments
BBC News Under The Bonnet 284 comments
mod_perl 2.0.0 Released 165 comments
Open source Java? 341 comments
Red Hat/Apache Slower Than Windows Server 2003? 628 comments
Apache Beehive Buzz and Pollinate eclipse plug-in 18 comments
Apache 2.0.54 Released 25 comments
Open Solaris Community Advisory Board Announced 25 comments
Zen and the Art of Apache Maintenance 137 comments
Apache 2.0.53 Released, Fixes 2 Security Problems 32 comments
Help Test mod_perl 2 Release Candidates 54 comments
Is Apache 2.0 Worth the Switch for PHP? 465 comments
LAMP Grid Application Server, No More J2EE 615 comments
Apache 1.3.33 Released 227 comments
Why IBM Open Sourced Cloudscape 108 comments
Apache 1.3.32 Released 27 comments
ApacheCon 2004 Registration Open 7 comments
Apache 2.0.52 Released 16 comments
Accelerating IPv6 Adoption With Proxy Servers 341 comments
Derby Source Code Released 19 comments
Apache httpd 2.0.51 Released 15 comments
APR 1.0.0 Goes Gold 111 comments
New Apache Tomcat Branch 5.5 Released 29 comments
Apache Rejects Sender ID 351 comments
Hardening Apache 241 comments
Registration for OSCOM.4 with ApacheTracks Opens 4 comments
IBM Donates Java Database App. to Apache Foundation 261 comments
Apache Maven 1.0 Released 167 comments
Apache 2.0.50 Released 40 comments
Suggestions for Apache Tomcat Support? 15 comments
SpamAssassin Gets a Promotion 168 comments
RFP For OSCOM.4 With ApacheTracks 6 comments
For OpenBSD, "No More Apache Updates" 128 comments
Beehive is an Official Apache Project as of Today 19 comments
Apache Geronimo Accepted as Top-level Project 9 comments
Eight Years Of Apache 44 comments
Novell To Release Ximian Connector Under GPL 497 comments
Apache HTTP Server 1.3.31 Released 56 comments
Netcraft Interviews Brian Behlendorf 77 comments
Geronimo 1.0 Milestone Build M1 Released 147 comments
PHP and SQL Security 305 comments
Velocity 1.4 Released 29 comments
SecurityFocus Updates 2 Apache Vulnerabilities 15 comments
Gopher ProtocolHandler for Apache2 Released 51 comments
Apache 1.3.x vs. 2.0.x: The Debate Returns 95 comments
Apache 2.0.49 Released 21 comments
Apache says ASL2.0 is GPL-compatible 384 comments
ActivePDF-like Reports w/ Apache? 63 comments
FSF: New Apache License not GPL-Compatible 405 comments
Using Single Apache SSL/Non-SSL in Production? 37 comments
Throttle Apache Bandwidth Based on IP Address? 75 comments
Chatting with Ken Coar 25 comments
Interview Apache's Ken Coar On IRC 4 comments
Secure Mini-Apache for Embedded Linux 24 comments
Apache License Updated to 2.0 160 comments
Apache Cookbook 172 comments
2003: Year of Apache 440 comments
Netcraft Web Server Stats Challenged 461 comments
Slashback: Princeton, Terror, Farscape 233 comments
The Official Samba 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide 156 comments
JBoss Queries Apache Geronimo Code Similarity 293 comments
Apache Axis C++ v1.0 (Alpha) Released 24 comments
Netcraft Claims Apache Now Runs 2/3rds Of The Web 366 comments
Apache 2.0.48 Released 159 comments
Apache HTTP Server 1.3.29 Released 36 comments
New Apache Module For Web Intrusion Detection 49 comments
OpenSSL Security Vulnerability 245 comments
Practical mod_perl 121 comments
Registration Opens For ApacheCon US 2003 17 comments
mod_caml Comes Of Age 43 comments
The Apache Newsletter 17 comments
Apache Ant 1.5.4 Released 16 comments
Apache Launches a J2EE Project 40 comments
Microsoft Deploys Linux, Open Software in Test Lab 595 comments
Implementing True WebDAV Homedirs? 47 comments
Apache HTTP Server 1.3.28 Released 25 comments
Jakarta Velocity Tools 1.0 Released 28 comments
Apache 2.0.47 Released 26 comments
Software Code Quality Of Apache Analyzed 442 comments
Struts 1.1 Released 23 comments
Apache Wins Webby 34 comments
PHP 4.3.2 Released 49 comments
Apache 2.0.46 Released 19 comments
Is Apache 2.x Ready for General Use? 41 comments
Open Source Web Development With LAMP 104 comments
Using OpenBSD's chrooted Apache 101 comments
Apache 2.0.45 Released 35 comments
Gzip on a PCI card 141 comments
Security-Fix Samba 2.2.8 Available For Download 13 comments
Professional Apache Security 115 comments
Virgin Apache is Hard to Find 49 comments
Security Hole Found in 4.3.0 34 comments
Ant Now A Top Level Apache Project 39 comments
Apache 2.0.44 Released 198 comments
Mod_Python for Apache 2.0 is released 19 comments
News from ApacheCon US 2002 47 comments
An Overview of the Boa Web Server 185 comments
Professional Apache Tomcat 136 comments
Covalent And Redhat Developing 64 bit Apache 47 comments
New Apache Module For Fending Off DoS Attacks 62 comments
Apache 1.3.27, Bug Fix and Security Updates 24 comments
Apache 2.0 Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability 15 comments
Apache 2.0.42 Released 13 comments
Secure Dynamic Content with Apache 6 comments
One more week for ApacheCon early bird registration 11 comments
New Linux Worm Found in the Wild 388 comments
Apache Tomcat Source Disclosure Hole 14 comments
Get Your Moto On 44 comments
Linux Worm Spreading, Many Systems Vulnerable 617 comments
Apache Axis 1.0 RC1 Available 16 comments
Sites Rejecting Apache 2? 389 comments
Tomcat 4.1.10 Released 9 comments
Setting Up A Site Server with Jaguar 104 comments
Apache 2.0 r00ted on NetWare, Windows, OS/2 58 comments
Linux/Apache Wins TCO Survey 17 comments
New Apache 2.0 Documentation Site 14 comments
.NET Support For Apache 11 comments
Professional Apache 2.0 88 comments
August Netcraft Results - Apache up 6%, MS IIS down 6% 51 comments
Website Load Testing Tools? 31 comments
Apache 2.0.40 Released 35 comments
Java Apache Admin Tool? 26 comments
.NET for Apache 541 comments
PHP Vulnerability Announced 47 comments
Apache Hello World Benchmarks 40 comments
Apache Bandwidth Limiting? 44 comments
ApacheConf 39 comments
IBM WebSphere SDK for Web Services 23 comments
Exploitable MS FrontPage Apache Installs 26 comments
Apache Binaries Available for PS2 Linux 183 comments
June Netcraft Survey 34 comments
Efficient Use of Network Load-Balancing w/ SSL? 33 comments
Apache Worm in the Wild 85 comments
IBM Donates Web Services Invocation Framework to Apache 20 comments
Customizing Apache for maximum performance 18 comments
Apache 1.3.26 and 2.0.39 Released 138 comments
Go Forth and Code: mod_perl 1.27 17 comments
Apache Vulnerability Announced 307 comments
Building a Scaleable Apache Site? 60 comments
ApacheCon 2002 Update 14 comments
Basic Authentication using mod_auth_ldap + LDAP 15 comments
PHP 4.2.1 released 18 comments
Apache Jumps In Market Share 47 comments
mod_snake Is Dead 18 comments
Apache+LDAP Auth and OpenCA Self-signed Cert Tutorial 10 comments
Apache 2.0.36 Hits the Mirrors 13 comments
PHP 4.2.0 Released 38 comments
Jason Hunter on Opening the Java Community Process 17 comments
eWeek: Apache 2.0 Trumps IIS 491 comments
Apache Auth and Self-signed Cert Tutorials with FreeBSD 6 comments
PHP 4.2.0 RC3 - Works With Apache 2.0.35 27 comments
Stopping Spambots: A Spambot Trap 312 comments
Apache 2.0 Goes Gold! 325 comments
Exploring Apache's SOAP Serialization APIs 147 comments
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