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Slashdot Stories for 2011

How the Year Looked On Slashdot 161 comments
Edison Would Have Loved New Light Bulb Law, Says His Great-Grandson 473 comments
Ford System Will Warn, Correct Lane-Drifting Drivers 469 comments
Best Software For Putting Lectures Online? 126 comments
Speculating On What a Microsoft Superphone Might Mean 371 comments
Vision and Sound From the Ideally Bare Numeric Impression giZmo 38 comments
Actual Damages For 1 Download = Cost of a 1 License 647 comments
Open Source IDE GAMBAS Reaches 3.0 137 comments
EA, Nintendo, Sony Quietly Withdraw SOPA Support 204 comments
Transforming Any Flat Surface Into a Control Panel With Sound 53 comments
Tensions Over Hormuz Raise Ugly Possibilities For War 969 comments
Arise SIR Jonathan Ive 183 comments
Soyuz Lifts Off Again, Delivers Globalstar Satellites 40 comments
Before the iPhone, Apple's Stunning Phone From 1983 152 comments
Is Twitter Aiding and Abetting Terrorism? 315 comments
Running Great Britain? There's an App For That! 165 comments
Ask Slashdot: Changing Passwords For the New Year? 339 comments
Creating the World's Cheapest Tablet 192 comments
Doctorow: the Coming War On General-Purpose Computing 439 comments
Verizon Backtracks On $2 Convenience Fee 281 comments
HP Wanted $1.2B For WebOS and Palm 139 comments
Orangutans To Skype Between Zoos With iPads 149 comments
Where Would Earth-Like Planets Find Water? 168 comments
Samoa and Tokelau Are Skipping December 30th 140 comments
Malicious QR Code Use On the Rise 234 comments
2011: Record Year For Airline Safety 144 comments
New Group Paves Way For 2012 Online Primary 249 comments
Warrantless Wiretapping Decisions Issued By Ninth Circuit Court 156 comments
Does 'Supersizing' Supershrink Your Brain? 283 comments
Copyright Claim Sets Back Cognitive Impairment Testing 116 comments
Open Source Increasingly Replaced By Open APIs 224 comments
Occupy Protesters Are Building a Facebook for the 99% 451 comments
Attack Tool Released For WPS Setup Flaw 164 comments
Transistor Made From Cotton Yarn 92 comments
UK Ministry of Defense Improves War Games For Console Generation 102 comments
China Reveals Its Space Plans Up To 2016 218 comments
Court Rules Website Immune From Suit For Defamatory Posting 171 comments
What's Wrong With the US Defense R&D Budget? 225 comments
Ebert: I'll Tell You Why Movie Revenue Is Dropping 865 comments
Stephen Hawking Looking For Personal Techie 289 comments
TSA Got Everything It Wanted For Christmas 338 comments
Wikipedia To Dump GoDaddy Over SOPA 197 comments
How Doctors Die 646 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Android Tablet For Travel? 356 comments
Russia Building World's Largest Li-Ion Battery Plant 128 comments
Intel Ships New Atom Processors To PC Makers 59 comments
No IPv6 Doomsday In 2012 233 comments
Researchers Demo New GSM Attacks at Chaos Communications Congress 17 comments
HTC Unlocks Bootloader For All of Its Devices 133 comments
World's Worst PR Guy Gives His Side 576 comments
How a Gesture Could Get Your Google+ Profile Picture Yanked 262 comments
New Record High Temperature At South Pole 387 comments
Sun Storms May Affect Radios, Cell Phones Today 50 comments
Microsoft Issuing Unusual Out-of-Band Security Update 156 comments
Verizon Adds $2 Charge For Paying Your Bill Online 562 comments
FDA Backtracks On Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Proposal 172 comments Why We Dumped GoDaddy 279 comments
Insects Rapidly Becoming Resistant To GM Corn 368 comments
Free Wi-Fi Coming To Japanese Vending Machines 81 comments
HP TouchPad Go: $99? 146 comments
IT Managers Are Aloof Says Psychologist and Your Co-Workers 378 comments
Apocalypse Tourism: Where To Celebrate Doomsday? 233 comments
Did Microsoft Make Google Pay Triple Rate To Mozilla? 248 comments
Rackspace: SOPA "Is a Deeply Flawed Piece of Legislation" 213 comments
Why We Agonize Over Buying $1 Apps 523 comments
Progressive Era Hacker Griefed Marconi Demonstration 147 comments
New York Times Hacked? 103 comments
Summary of the M-Edge Vs. Amazon Lawsuit 61 comments
Data Exposed In Stratfor Compromise Analyzed 141 comments
Recent Discovery Contains Oldest Depiction of the Tower of Babel 309 comments
Samsung Reconsidering Android 4.0 On the Galaxy S 192 comments
Apple Fined By Italy For Misleading Customers About Warranty Terms 218 comments
Justifications For Creating an IT Department? 214 comments
PandaBoard ES Benchmarked 77 comments
IBM Granted Your-Paychecks-Are-What-You-Eat Patent 455 comments
Prospects Darken For Solar Energy Companies 435 comments
Auction of Copyright Troll Righthaven's Website Underway 63 comments
Passive Optical Diode Created At Purdue University 92 comments
Melting Glaciers Cutting Peru Water Supply 421 comments
Intel Medfield SoC Specs Leak 164 comments
Ask Slashdot: Handing Over Personal Work Without Compensation? 848 comments
Experimenting With Robotic Movement 23 comments
New WiFi Setup Flaw Allows Easy Router PIN Guessing 86 comments
Christmas Always On Sunday? Researchers Propose New Calendar 725 comments
SETI To Scour the Moon For Alien Footprints? 167 comments
PR Firm Unwisely Tangles With Penny Arcade 419 comments
Why American Corporate Software Can No Longer Be Trusted 240 comments
Charlie Kindel On Why Windows Phone Still Hasn't Taken Off 397 comments
America's Turn From Science, a Danger For Democracy 900 comments
Twin GRAIL Probes To Map Lunar Gravity Field 18 comments
2012 and the Technology Blahs 130 comments
DigiTimes Lends Credence To Apple-Branded TVs For 2012 232 comments
Ask Slashdot: Tools For Teaching High School Kids How To Make Games? 237 comments
China Begins Using New Global Positioning Satellites 168 comments
Weird Fossils Show Ancient Organism Reproducing 32 comments
More Details On Drug Cartel's Clandestine Communications Network 84 comments
Ask Slashdot: Geek-Centric Magazines Still Published On Paper? 125 comments
What Life Was Like Inside the Hexagon Project 104 comments
The GoDaddy Saga Continues 203 comments
Will Hackers Try To Disrupt the Iowa Caucuses? 162 comments
Do E-Readers Spell the Demise Of Traditional Schooling? 301 comments
Techrights Recommends An Apple Boycott 542 comments
GnuPG Short ID Collision Has Occurred. 110 comments
Boxee 1.5 Will Be the Last Supported Desktop Version 113 comments
Why Can't We Put a BASIC On the Phone? 783 comments
China's Parallel Online Universe 173 comments
Report Condemns Japan's Response To Nuclear Accident 267 comments
A Right To Bear Virtual Arms? 201 comments
What If Babbage Had Succeeded? 212 comments
Warner Bros Sued For Pirating Louis Vuitton Trademark 227 comments
Israeli Spyware Sold To Iran 164 comments
Researchers Build TCP-Based Spam Detection 81 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is E-Learning a Viable Option? 349 comments
i-Device Manufacturing Unprofitable To China 320 comments
LAPD Surveillance Cameras Go Unused 106 comments
Customers Gleefully Mock Best Buy's $1,095.99 HDMI 369 comments
Samsung Buys Sony's Stake In LCD Joint Venture 38 comments
New Car Anti-Theft Device Profiles Your Rear End 126 comments
Anti-Whaling Group Using Drones To Find Whalers 377 comments
The Chinese Town Where Old Christmas Lights Go 117 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Kit For a Home Media Server? 355 comments
Satellite Piece Crashes Through Man's Roof 121 comments
The Looming Library Lending Battle 390 comments
Android Approved By Pentagon 160 comments
Go Daddy Loses Over 21,000 Domains In One Day 356 comments
Anonymous Hacks US Think Tank Stratfor 356 comments
Amazon Patents Deducing Religion From Gift Wrap 164 comments
The Science of Santa 223 comments
Google and Mozilla: Partners, Not Competitors 151 comments
Television White Space Spectrum Approved For Use By FCC 107 comments
NASA To Investigate Mysterious 'Space Ball' 192 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Best To Deal With a GPLv2 License Infringement? 240 comments
Russia, Europe Seek Divorce From U.S. Tech Vendors 201 comments
Linux-Powered Christmas Display Puts Rudolph To Shame 68 comments
The Bitcoin Strikes Back 344 comments
Study Finds Online Cheating Is Infectious 110 comments
US Federal Reserve Data On Loans During Crisis Released 173 comments
Sorry, IT: These 5 Technologies Belong To Users 348 comments
What Do We Do When the Internet Mob Is Wrong? 361 comments
Cyber Insurance Industry Expected To Boom 58 comments
Why the Occupy Movement Skipped Silicon Valley 328 comments
Crowdsourced List of SOPA Supporters 180 comments
East Coast vs. West Coast In the Quest For Young Programming Talent 235 comments
Face-Scanning Vending Machine Denies Children Access To Pudding 215 comments
ISO Updates C Standard 378 comments
Dell and Baidu Introduce a Smartphone With Forked Version of Android 146 comments
Taliban Seizes and Burns PCs, Cell Phones To Stop Obscenity 294 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Inexpensive VPS Provider? 375 comments
The Curious Case of Increasing Misspelling Rates On Wikipedia 285 comments
Game Developers Eyeballing Kindle Fire 48 comments
Mozilla's 3 Big Bets To Keep the Web Open 88 comments
Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Won't Get Android 4.0 333 comments
The Large Hadron Collider Has Been Recreated In Lego 80 comments
Russia Botches Another Rocket Launch 119 comments
U.S. Congress Authorizes Offensive Use of Cyberwarfare 206 comments
Apple Increases Dominance of Mobile Shopping 136 comments
Go Daddy Reverses Course On SOPA 330 comments
Inside Obama's Twitter Blitz On the Payroll Tax 294 comments
Trion Worlds' Rift Account Database Compromised 88 comments
FCC Approves AT&T's $1.9 Billion Qualcomm Spectrum Purchase 52 comments
Vanity Fair On the TSA and Security Theater 256 comments
Volkswagen Turns Off E-mail After Work-Hours 377 comments
How the Tevatron Influenced Computing 66 comments
New Study Confirms Safety of GM Crops 571 comments
Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the Android Tablet 584 comments
EFF Reverse Engineers Carrier IQ 103 comments
Apple Files Patent For Fuel Cell Laptops 215 comments
Major Australian Retailer Accused of Selling Infected Hard Drives 128 comments
GoDaddy Backs SOPA 353 comments
Raspberry Pi Beta Boards Unveiled 161 comments
NRC Approves New Nuclear Reactor Design 299 comments
Do You Have the Right Stuff To Be an Astronaut? 229 comments
Ask Slashdot: Ideal High School Computer Lab? 268 comments
The Problem With Windows 8's Picture Password 206 comments
Solar Cells Made From a Spreadable Nanoparticle Paste 66 comments
KDE 4.8 RC 1 Now Available 140 comments
USTR Publishes Rogue Sites List 82 comments
Average Web Page Approaches 1MB 319 comments
Astronaut Photographs Comet Lovejoy ... From Space 25 comments
ORNL's Newest Petaflop Climate Computer To Come Online For NOAA 66 comments
Do You Really Need a Smart Phone? 851 comments
Tesla Motors Announces Prices For Their Upcoming Models 503 comments
AMD Radeon HD 7970 Launched, Fastest GPU Tested 281 comments
Ask Slashdot: Assembling a Linux Desktop Environment From Parts? 357 comments
Chinese Developer Forum Leaks 6 Million User Credentials 102 comments
New Particle Identified At LHC 164 comments
Reinventing Xerox PARC As a Money Maker 99 comments
Democratic Super PAC Buys 630 comments
Twitter To Open Source Android Security Tech 164 comments
Is Overclocking Over? 405 comments
EU Shipping Sector Cyber Security Awareness "Non-Existent" 55 comments
Spanish Court Rules In Favor of P2P Engineer 365 comments
The Fjord-Cooled Data Center 195 comments
ITC Judge: Motorola Mobility Infringed Microsoft Patent 141 comments
Bell Canada To Stop Internet Throttling 159 comments
Hack Your Holiday Decorations 48 comments
China Now Top Patent Filer 135 comments
Linux Mint Developer Forks Gnome 3 314 comments
Researcher Claims Siemens Lied About Security Bugs 46 comments
Inductive Charging For EVs To Be Tested In Berlin 123 comments
Book Review: Defense Against the Black Arts 58 comments
Exoplanets Spotted Orbiting Dead Star 76 comments
Troops In Afghanistan Supplied By Robot Helicopter 140 comments
Domestic Surveillance Drones On the Rise 96 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source License For Guitar? 102 comments
New Remote Flaw In 64-Bit Windows 7 284 comments
Microsoft Says Goodbye To CES 79 comments
Bon Jovi Says He's Not Dead 7 comments
Hobbit Film Trailer Posted Online 257 comments
Liquid Metal Capsules Used To Make Self-Healing Electronics 135 comments
Ask Gaming [Designer, Professor, Gadfly] Ian Bogost 57 comments
Intel Demos Phone and Tablet In New Mobile Chip Push 99 comments
Project To Mainline Android Kernel Changes Formed 73 comments
Microsoft, Nokia, and Amazon Contemplated RIM Takeover 114 comments
ASF Lays Out Its Plan For 129 comments
Apple Buys Israeli Flash Manufacturer 114 comments
Kindle Fire and Nook Upgrades Kill Root Access 275 comments
QuakeForge 0.6.0 Released In Time For Christmas 30 comments
Senators Recommend FTC Perform Antitrust Investigation Of Google 315 comments
US Chamber of Commerce Infiltrated By Chinese Hackers 173 comments
Coders Develop Ways To Defeat SOPA Censorship 449 comments
New Kind of Metal Theorized To Be In the Earth's Lower Mantle 117 comments
US Asks Scientists To Censor Reports To Prevent Terrorism 273 comments
Australian Government Bans New Syndicate Game 115 comments
Hard Drive Prices Slide As Thai Flood Aftermath Subsides 155 comments
In-Car Video Chat and 4G Streaming From OnStar 72 comments
Music Player Amarok 2.5 Released 152 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Do You Like To Read? 647 comments
Gaining a Remote Shell On Android 124 comments
Apple Patents Using Apps During Calls 434 comments
Undersea Neutrino Observatory To Be Second-Largest Human Structure 120 comments
Sony Sued Over PSN 'No Suing' Provision 384 comments
HIV Vaccine Approval For Human Trials 365 comments
October, November the Worst Months For Writing Buggy Code 136 comments
Fatal Problems Continue To Plague F-22 Raptor 379 comments
Mozilla and Google Sign New Agreement For Default Search 103 comments
Star Wars: the Old Republic Launches 389 comments
MIT To Expand Online Learning and Offer Certificates 96 comments
Kepler Discovers First Earth-Sized Exoplanets 179 comments
X-Men Origins Pirate Draws a 1-Year Sentence 341 comments
Google Working On Siri Competitor Majel 360 comments
India To Cut Out Animal Dissection 145 comments
Will Toys-R-Us Carry Spy Drones? 189 comments
Superannuated Scientists Still Productive 117 comments
IBM's Five Predictions For the Next Five Years 219 comments
Kim Jong-Il Was an "Internet Expert" 238 comments
Denver Must Prove Red-Light Cameras Improve Safety 433 comments
High School Reunions — Facebook's Newest Victim? 168 comments
Ready For Your Payroll Software Update? 105 comments
New Qt Based Desktop Environment 241 comments

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