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Slashdot Stories for 2007

iPhone Wants To Hang On To the Old Year 104 comments
The Rising Barcode Security Threat 125 comments
Ion-Mask Coating Could Make Waterproofing Electronics Easy 99 comments
A Look Back at One of the Original Phreaks 98 comments
Wii Hacked for Better Homebrew Games 196 comments
What 2008 May Hold In Store for FOSS 266 comments
Xbox Live - The Christmas Zombie 160 comments
Research Finds Effects of GSM Signals on Sleep 319 comments
Mars Asteroid Impact More Likely Than Before 207 comments
Child's Play Breaks a Million Bucks 81 comments
Just What is this ASUS Eee Thing Anyway? 401 comments
Most Consumers Sitting Out The High-Def War 681 comments
Online Collaboration Creates 'Map-Making For the Masses' 61 comments
Australian Government To Mandate Internet Filters 305 comments
Google Products You Forgot All About 95 comments
The World's Cheapest Car Set To Launch 418 comments
How To Lose Your Job, Thanks To The Internet 654 comments
Data Theft Soars to Unprecedented Levels 116 comments
The City of the Future 274 comments
PCWorld Says Firefox is Strong, Vista is Weak 395 comments
Free Software FPS Games Compared 194 comments
RIAA Not Suing Over CD Ripping, Still Calling Rips 'Unauthorized' 175 comments
Long Live Closed-Source Software? 676 comments
American Security Firms Collaborate on Chinese Olympics 68 comments
i-Snake, a New Robotic Surgeon 58 comments
How and Why Knots Spontaneously Form 145 comments
Fedora 8 A Serious Threat to Ubuntu 334 comments
The Curse of Knowledge Bogs Down Innovation 260 comments
RIAA Now Filing Suits Against Consumers Who Rip CDs 403 comments
Future AMD GPUs To Be More 'Open-Source Friendly' 180 comments
Arguing For Open Electronic Health Records 111 comments
Musicians Have Many Money Options Online, Says Talking Head 114 comments
iPhone 1.1.3 Update Confirmed, Breaks Apps and Unlocks 412 comments
YouTube Video Stats, Sharing, and 2007 Re-Mixed 47 comments
Ohio's Alternative to Diebold Machines May Be Equally Bad 174 comments
Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source 164 comments
KDE's Version Timing Drops It In Ubuntu Support Priority 187 comments
Adobe Quietly Monitoring Software Use? 304 comments
Linux And Unix Devices Popular On Amazon's 'Best of '07' List 106 comments
Communities of Mutants Form as DNA Testing Grows 161 comments
Trekkie Sues Christie's for Fraudulent Props 286 comments
Writers Guild Members Look to Internet Distribution 156 comments
Necessity of Dark Energy Questioned 200 comments
Jack Thompson Claiming Games Industry in Collusion with DoD 289 comments
Solar Tree Bears Fruit 106 comments
Florida Election Ballots to be Printed On-Demand 143 comments
New Jersey Bars Sex Offenders From the Internet 435 comments
The Death of High Fidelity 377 comments
Snortable Drug 'Replaces' Sleep For Monkeys In Trials 236 comments
Intelligent Software Agents - Are We Ready? 100 comments
Microsoft Deprecating Some OOXML Functionality 138 comments
RIAA-fighting Maine Law Professor Speaks Out 129 comments
Apple Stores Demonstrate That Retail Still Lives 416 comments
CES Scorecard 2007 - What Came True; What Didn't 80 comments
AOL to Shut Down Netscape Support/Development 247 comments
TSA Limits Lithium Batteries on Airplanes 595 comments
Annals of Improbable Research Goes Free Online 50 comments
Wal-Mart Closes Online Movie Download Service 136 comments
Panasonic To Ship Form Factor-Standard Blu-ray Drive 94 comments
Domains May Disappear After Search 379 comments
Chinese Government Sued Over Dog Height Censorship 259 comments
Blade Runner's Influence on Videogames 74 comments
PC Mag Slams Cheap Wal-Mart Linux Desktop 671 comments
Hospitals Look to a Nuclear Tool to Fight Cancer 163 comments
Connecticut Governor Seeks to Protect Personal Data Online 59 comments
Japanese Government to Regulate Online Communication 143 comments
Researchers Explore Quantum Dot Based NVRAM 49 comments
Apple and Fox Set to Announce Movie Rental Deal 192 comments
Google Apps Slow to Replace Competition 144 comments
Microsoft Opens Its Security Research Cookbooks 87 comments
Warner Music Group Drops DRM for Amazon 167 comments
First Reflected Light From an Exoplanet Seen 72 comments
Data Storage Predictions for 2008 81 comments
Apple Patents 'Buy Stuff Wirelessly, Skip Lines' Tech 254 comments
Is the Dell XPS One Better than the Apple iMac? 627 comments
Convert NSF Files to MP3s 69 comments
Report Says 36.4% of World's Computers Infringe on IP 331 comments
WTO Awards Caribbean Country Right to Ignore US Copyright 460 comments
eBay vs. Romania's Online Scammers 162 comments
Play Free or Die - The Best Free Web Games 69 comments
Windows Home Server Corrupts Files 459 comments
A Peek At the Origin of PS3's New Visualizer 48 comments
SCO Receives Nasdaq's Delisting Notice 208 comments
Alexander Graham Bell - Patent Thief? 280 comments
Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy 83 comments
FBI to Put Criminals Up in Lights 315 comments
NYPD To Replace Motor Fleet With Electric Scooters 235 comments
Australia Scraps National ID Plan 149 comments
Government Makes NIH Research Open Access 162 comments
Web Ads Work Better Than TV Ads 158 comments
IBM's Five Predictions for the Future 230 comments
How Would You Design Your Dream Office? 376 comments
Information Overload Predicted Problem of the Year for 2008 146 comments
Russian GPS Alternative Near Completion 177 comments
2007's Ten Biggest Gaming Letdowns 232 comments
The Afterlife Is Expensive for Digital Movies 289 comments
First User-Created UTIII Mod Created for PS3 28 comments
Ken Levine's Acceptance Speech That Never Was 24 comments
Microsoft Complains About Google's Monopoly Abuse 384 comments
Wii Can't Replace Actual Exercise 148 comments
Top Solid State Disks and TB Drives Reviewed 216 comments
Google Mobile Phones Debut in Feb? 127 comments
Batcave Home Theater 100 comments
Quoted in Google News? Post a Comment 53 comments
MTV: 2007 Borked the Music Industry 264 comments
Embedded Linux On a Digital Stethoscope 111 comments
Mario Christmas Mural Video 55 comments
Ruby 1.9.0 Released 199 comments
Egypt to Copyright Pyramids and Sphynx 393 comments
Robots To Control Oil Drilling Platforms 96 comments
The LCD Panel vs. The Crossbow 324 comments
USPTO Reaffirms 1-Click Claims 'Old And Obvious' 80 comments
Python + Motion detection = Fweemote 30 comments
Heathkit Reincarnates the Hero Robot 119 comments
Capitol Hill Quiet On Tech 110 comments
How To Tell If It's Really Titanium 280 comments
Anti-Virus Bug Briefly Identified Windows Explorer as Malware 131 comments
Apple and Google Are Telecom's Newest Stars 35 comments
'Mind Doping' Becoming More Common 371 comments
Airlines Plan To Filter, Censor In-Flight Internet Access 262 comments
The Economist's Technology Predictions For 2008 117 comments
Thousands of Adult Website Accounts Compromised 167 comments
FSFE Supports Microsoft Antitrust Investigation 118 comments
Netgear Introduces Linux-Based NAS Devices 128 comments
Google Reader Begins Sharing Private Data 313 comments
Only 2 in 500 College Students Believe in IP 649 comments
Jingle Bells Played With Graphics Card, Santa Wonders Why 103 comments
OLPC a Hit in Remote Peruvian Village 187 comments
Military Robots from 2007 to 2032 118 comments
Newmark Denies Craigslist Is Killing Newspapers 132 comments
Extreme Christmas Lights In Orlando 318 comments
British Drivers Destroying Surveillance Cameras 259 comments
Is There Such a Thing As Absolute Hot? 388 comments
Wisconsin Mulls an Earmarked Video Game Tax 63 comments
US To Extinguish (Most) Incandescent Bulb Sales By 2012 1106 comments
Giraffes May Be Six Separate Species 239 comments
China Anti-Corruption Web Site Crashes On First Day 169 comments
Palau May Get Satellite Power In the Next Decade 177 comments
Should Apple Give Back Replaced Disks? 446 comments
Researchers Simulate Building Block of Rat's Brain 224 comments
Email In the 18th Century 279 comments
Inside a Modern Malware Distribution System 135 comments
Afterlife Will Be Costly For Digital Films 395 comments
44 Conjectures of Stephen Wolfram Disproved 158 comments
Deluge Anonymizing Browser Now Includes Bittorrent 158 comments
Australia Plans to Censor the Internet 258 comments
Head Tracking w/ the Wiimote 169 comments
Chuck Norris Sues Publisher, Tears Don't Cure Cancer 374 comments
Clinton Would Crack Down On Game Content 543 comments
Tcl/Tk 8.5.0 Released 148 comments
Mastering POSIX File Capabilities 80 comments
Flash Vulnerabilities Affect Thousands of Sites 214 comments
Apple Lawyering Up On "Fake Steve Jobs" 346 comments
Circuit City Rewards Execs As Stock Tanks 354 comments
GNU Octave 3.0 Released After 11 Years 222 comments
Analog Cellular Shutdown To Hit Built-In Devices 173 comments
U.Maine Law Clinic Is First To Fight RIAA 129 comments
FBI Prepares Vast Database of Biometrics 152 comments
Mystery Company Recruiting Talent With a Puzzle 354 comments
IRS Data Security Still a Concern 54 comments
New Jersey Judge Shields Anonymous Blogger 61 comments
Notebook Makers Moving to 4 GB Memory As Standard 567 comments
Many Analog TV Watchers Aren't Aware of Upcoming Switchover 440 comments
NASA's Invention of the Year Award Goes to Synthetic Muscles 49 comments
Specs For the New KITT 195 comments
Could An ExtraTerrestrial Find Earth with a Telescope? 179 comments
Norway Mandates Government Use of ODF and PDF 187 comments
Retail Store Scalping Wii Consoles on eBay 236 comments
People Were More Likely To Google Themselves This Year 160 comments
Science Magazine's Top Stories of 2007 36 comments
Single-Chip x86 Chipsets Around the Corner? 170 comments
RIAA Writes Its Own News For Local TV 282 comments
Plexiglass-like DVD to Hold 1TB of Data 166 comments
Army Buys Macs to Beef Up Security 342 comments
Universe May Be Running Out of Time 343 comments
Is Kant Right for America? 2 comments
WTO Rules on Internet Gambling Case 171 comments
Yahoo! Slammed Over Piracy By Chinese Court 102 comments
Invisible Rope 1 comments
The Finest Moments in 2007 Gaming 57 comments
Mathematicians Solve the Mystery of Traffic Jams 629 comments
Technobabble at it's Finest 2 comments
Silicon Valley Startup Prints $1/watt Solar Panels 519 comments
Vulnerability Numerology - Defective by Design? 103 comments
High Efficiency Hybrid Car Planned For 2009 371 comments
Games That Could Have Been 99 comments
Diebold Election Results Released By AZ Judge 134 comments
'Extreme Security' Web Browsing 267 comments
Alpine 1.00 Brings Pine Back 204 comments
Chance for a Tunguska Sized Impact on Mars 184 comments
Anti-Virus Effectiveness Down from Last Year 201 comments
Stem Cell Lines Derived to Avoid Immune Rejection 41 comments
CEO of Red Hat Steps Down 153 comments
IBM Finding Business Uses for Virtual World 96 comments
Exploit Found to Brick Most HP and Compaq Laptops 294 comments
Deep Impact Probe to Look for Earth-sized Planets 59 comments
No Right to Privacy When Your Computer Is Repaired 853 comments
Microsoft Agrees to Release Work Group Protocols 143 comments
Tiny, Morphing, Electricity-Stealing Spy Planes Developed 163 comments
Which eBook Reader is the Best? 469 comments
Microsoft is the Industry's Most Innovative Company? 421 comments
NCAA Puts Severe Limits On Sport Event Blogging 185 comments
What Is Your Game of the Year? 477 comments
Monkeys Like it Loud
Couple Busted For Shining Laser At Helicopter 863 comments
Comparing Browser JavaScript Performance 134 comments
All Aboard the Fat Boat
Supernova Detonates In Empty Space 188 comments
Give Them Bows This Year
FTC Approves Google-DoubleClick Deal 56 comments
Wired's 2007 Vaporware Awards 195 comments
Think Secret Shutting Down 240 comments
Radio May Have To Pay To Play 407 comments
Official 700MHz Bidder List 75 comments
Toshiba Builds Ultra-Small Nuclear Reactor 683 comments
Students Power Supercomputer with Bicycles 148 comments
First Look At Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 531 comments
Swedish Athletes Back GPS Implants to Combat Drug Use 299 comments
Solar System Date of Birth Determined 266 comments
Presidential Candidates' Science and Tech Policies 413 comments
IE 8 Passes Acid2 Test 555 comments
Possible Active Glacier Found On Mars 143 comments
Creative Commons Launches CC+ License 67 comments
NASA Ares Rocket Specs to Be Open Source 116 comments
Dell Releases Ubuntu 7.10-Powered PCs 75 comments
Your Worst IT Workshop? 497 comments
Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Released 341 comments
Kitty Wigs
House and Senate Slash Science Budget Increases 470 comments
World of Warcraft Saves Lives 2 comments
IT Security Interviews Exposed 74 comments
The 50 Biggest Gaming Events of 2007 49 comments
NetBSD 4.0 Has Been Released 121 comments
Some Rehabs Are Better Than Others
The Intersection of Gaming and Futurama 35 comments
Nanowires Boost Laptop Battery Life to 20 Hours 238 comments
Jerry Bruckheimer Teams With MTV For Games 29 comments
Turn in a Software Pirate to Collect $500 293 comments
3.2 Billion Dollars Lost to Phishing in 2007 112 comments
Judge Rules TorrentSpy Destroyed Evidence 325 comments
Wiimote as Multi-Touch Display Controller 107 comments
Perl 5.10, 20 Year Anniversary 304 comments
HP & Staples Collude On $8,000/Gallon Ink? 442 comments
Burying a Mainframe In Style 197 comments
Tunguska Blast Was a Small Asteroid 277 comments
Penetration Testing TV Series Coming 209 comments
Enceladus "Sea" Mystery Deepens 166 comments
New York Decision On ODF Vs. OOXML Approaching 160 comments
Artificial Blood Vessels Grow On Nano-Template 49 comments
FCC Ignores Public, Relaxes Media Ownership 244 comments

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