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Slashdot Stories for 2005

WordPress 2.0 Released 105 comments
Tropical Storm Zeta Forms in Atlantic 174 comments
Panasonic R&D 'House of the Future' To Open 64 comments
Mount St. Helens Eruption Baffles Scientists 381 comments
Australia To Legalize VCR Recording and CD Ripping 352 comments
Computer Makers Cater to Big Business, IT Depts. 179 comments
Trojan Horse targets Google Adsense 84 comments
GM Crops Create Herbicide-resistant "Superweed" 446 comments
Watercooling the XBox 360 141 comments
5,198 Software Flaws Found in 2005 257 comments
Dual-core Athlon 64 X2 Laptop Reviewed 173 comments
Apple Designer Honoured By British Crown 194 comments
Intel's New Slogan Clarified 279 comments
How To Enable Mom w/ Encrypted E-Mail? 269 comments
UK Cold War Era Nuclear War Plans Revealed 200 comments
The Year's Best Gadget Ideas 136 comments
A PC Case with External Power Supply? 138 comments
IBM iSeries or Windows server? 125 comments
Wine Tasting Via Computer 136 comments
Indiana Tries to Pass Game Law Again 267 comments
RIAA Bullies Witnesses Into Perjury 385 comments
Negroponte's Talk at Emerging Technology Conference 195 comments
Humans First Arose in Asia? 622 comments
Makers 135 comments
Microsoft's Big Bet on Online Gaming 351 comments
Google Talk Targeted In Patent Lawsuit 229 comments
Orange Badge Culture At Microsoft 264 comments
How The U.S. Government Undermined the Internet 394 comments
Windows XP Flaw 'Extremely Serious' 630 comments
FAA Space Tourism Guidelines Draft Published 115 comments
GIMP 10th Anniversary Splash Contest Winner Announced 253 comments
2005 a Bad Year For Security 91 comments
Cash Pours in for Student with $1 Million Web Idea 527 comments
Linux in a Business - Got Root? 464 comments
Group Video Conferencing? 31 comments
Why KDE Rules 97 comments
National Archives' Digital Woes 190 comments
'Intel Inside' No More 306 comments
Programmer Challenges RIAA Investigators 238 comments
10 Failed Technology Trends of 2005 382 comments
PopCap Titles Life-Savers 41 comments
Sony Settlement Start of DRM Protection Act? 258 comments
The FBI's IT Expansion Plans 153 comments
AOL Names Top Spam Subjects For 2005 205 comments
Nanotech in Microchips by 2015 119 comments
Hulk Smash! Lacks Subtlety 31 comments
Great Hacks and Pranks Of Our Time 315 comments
Apple Revolutionizing Retail 418 comments
A Year In Second Life 15 comments
Ask Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner 254 comments
DVD Writer RoundUp 146 comments
DOA Ships Today 37 comments
NSA Caught With The Cookies 329 comments
Alliance WoW Race Revealed? 94 comments
Hot Tech Skills For 2006? 494 comments
Spammer Sued Under EU Law 102 comments
Python IDE for Mac OS X? 113 comments
Looking Back at Open Source in 2005 112 comments
Women Now Outnumber Men Online 255 comments
Earbud Headphones May Cause Hearing Loss 507 comments
Is the Dell/Microsoft Alliance Fracturing? 390 comments
You've Got Indictments 119 comments
Best Tax Programs? 61 comments
Pushing the Need for Bug Tracking? 113 comments
Nissan and Microsoft Create Videogame Car 254 comments
Exploit Released for Unpatched Windows Flaw 386 comments
Slashback: Little Red Hoax, Firefly, Google 508 comments
First Military Exoskeleton Reaches Prototype 397 comments
Sony Graffiti Ads Draw More Anger 69 comments
Amazon Connect 75 comments
Father and Son Learn From Games 40 comments
Japanese Chip Makers to Unite 131 comments
Scientist Pushing for Early Use of Stem Cells 263 comments
Fate of High-Def DVD up to Microsoft? 333 comments
Securing IM and P2P Applications 123 comments
Stanley and the Conquest of the DARPA Challenge 219 comments
Why Video Blogs Will Suck 234 comments
Firefox Gets File Sharing Extension 337 comments
Why Haven't Online Newspapers Gotten it Right? 269 comments
10 Biggest Microsoft Surprises of 2005 198 comments
NetBSD's Crypto-Graphic Disk 219 comments
Robot Receptionist with an Attitude 117 comments
Quantum Trickery - Einstein's Strangest Theory 531 comments
A Kilowatt of Power 336 comments
Professor Receives Praise for 40 Year Old Problem 42 comments
A Look at Technology Legislation for 2006 77 comments
Peter Quinn Resigns 129 comments
Australian Media 'Crooks' to Come in from the Cold 273 comments
ISP Restrictions Based on Hardware/Software? 387 comments
Glass Shapes Can Make Us Drink Too Much 348 comments
A Short Interview with John Carmack 15 comments
Blu-Ray Facing Delays Caused by DRM Squabbling 201 comments
Time Names Battlestar Galactica Show Of The Year 520 comments
Trust In Virtual Worlds 55 comments
Xbox 360 Kiosk Demo Spurs Hackers 229 comments
One-at-a-time Mailing Label Printers? 63 comments
Intel Launches Pentium Extreme Edition 955 215 comments
MTV Making Better Gaming TV Than G4TV? 59 comments
A Better Anti-Phishing Toolbar? 33 comments
Linux's Difficulty with Names 946 comments
MMOG Holiday Quickies 36 comments
Pixar Art Exhibit at MoMA, with Podcast 57 comments
Dell Pre-Installing Firefox in UK 359 comments
Challenges To Microsoft For 2006 224 comments
Does Faster Broadband Matter? 442 comments
Europe Building Their Own GPS 536 comments
Give Mac Explorer to the People? 242 comments
How Do You Deal with Depression Around Christmas? 163 comments
Why Use GTK+? 356 comments
2005 Foot In Mouth Awards 322 comments
Massive Graphics Card Review 133 comments
Technology Predictions for 2006? 344 comments
eCommerce Alternatives for Credit Card Processing? 24 comments
RIAA Sets Their Sights on Russia 485 comments
Podcasting Censored by Government 241 comments
The World's Most Beautiful Equations? 137 comments
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Sets His Sights on the Stars 123 comments
The Neediest Dolls In The World 149 comments
System on a Chip Concurrent Development 41 comments
aMSN 0.95 Released 213 comments
Linux Troubleshooting 60 comments
A Look at Data Compression 252 comments
Is Microsoft Still a Monopoly? 436 comments
Steve Jobs thinks Objective C is Perfect? 784 comments
Site tracks F/OSS coding bounties 41 comments
Bluetooth SIG Attacks Linux Bluetooth List 127 comments
Glimpses of How it's made, 6 Minute Manufacturing 98 comments
Rack Mount BTX Case 75 comments
Mediainlinux: Path Forward? 65 comments
Echoes from Ancient Supernovae Found? 51 comments
Paul Allen the 'Accidental Zillionaire' 164 comments
Fighting RIAA Without an Attorney 407 comments
Judge Blocks Ban on Violent Video Game Sales 242 comments
San Francisco Asks for Wifi Proposals 3 comments
Writing Genetic Code 190 comments
Such a Thing as too Paranoid About Privacy? 231 comments
Blockbuster's Offensive Against Netflix Flops 302 comments
Good and Bad Procrastination 158 comments
Portable Brain Scanner to Save Premature Babies 93 comments
Tennessee to Tax Software as Property? 312 comments
Songbird the Open Source iTunes? 226 comments
India Forms Expert Group on Google Earth Images 217 comments
Oracle Joins IBM AIX Collaboration Center 91 comments
Free P2P In France? 190 comments
Careful Where You Put That Tree 190 comments
Do LUGs Still Matter? 155 comments
First Experimental Success of a Superfluid 102 comments
File-Sharing Winners and Losers of 2005 140 comments
FreeNX Terminal Server Setup on SUSE 10 22 comments
Japanese Find Robots Less Intimidating Than People 278 comments
NSA Data Mining Much Larger Than Reported 863 comments
Does Having Fun Make IT More Enjoyable? 249 comments
More 2005 Gaming Than You Really Want 111 comments
iYuleLog for Your iPod with Video 10 comments
Ruby Off the Rails 325 comments
Christmas Lights and Google Maps 68 comments
Scientists Find Preserved Dodo Bird Bones 224 comments
Microsoft Leaving MSNBC TV Partnership 176 comments
2005 Scientific Highlights 113 comments
Music Download Pricing Lawsuits Pending? 176 comments
Use Google Earth To Track Santa 298 comments
Bird Flu May Be Developing Drug Resistance 169 comments
Explosion on Moon Spreads Moondust 160 comments
Wikipedia Semi-Protection Begins 326 comments
1GB CompactFlash Roundup 95 comments
Firefox Commercial Contest 112 comments
Are Americans Addicted to Technology? 359 comments
New Uranus Moons and Rings Discovered 128 comments
Ultima V: Lazarus Released 23 comments
Global Thermonuclear War 48 comments
KMail vs. Evolution vs. Thunderbird? 115 comments
30 Greatest Games of 2005 158 comments
NetBSD v3.0 Released 132 comments
Learning Java or C# as a Next Language? 817 comments
How Xbox Happened 21 comments
Microsoft, Google, Lee Settle Hiring Dispute 73 comments
Blizzard Banhammer Kills 18k 79 comments
Evolution Named Scientific Achievement of 2005 943 comments
Size Does Matter 21 comments
Firefox Secrets 241 comments
12 Days of Gaming 15 comments
Technology-Based Social Change 132 comments
Today's Average Screen Resolution? 200 comments
More CA Games Bill Reactions 20 comments
Ingredients of Life Found Around Sun-Like Star 366 comments
Metadata in Vista Could Be Too Helpful 276 comments
Google Counters AOL Deal Speculation 135 comments
Opera Purchase Rumour Control 226 comments
Slyck Interviews the MPAA 139 comments
Symantec Confirms AV Library Flaw, Promises Patch 133 comments
Gil Amelio's 500 Days at Apple 42 comments
Fosfor Gadgets' Top 10 Weirdest Computer Case Mods 148 comments
New Studies Doubt Mars Water Theory 29 comments
Stardust to Return January 15 144 comments
MySQL Beats Commercial Databases in Labs Test 419 comments
Blender 2.40 Released 264 comments
ATI's All-In-Wonder 2006 121 comments
First Intel Yonah Laptop Announced 271 comments
Xbox Shortages Continue, Console Meeting Goals 66 comments
Visto Founder Blogs about Microsoft Lawsuit 134 comments
CA Games Bill Stopped 24 comments
Is HD Important To The Future of Gaming? 77 comments
Fictionalized Storylines Absent from Podcasts? 38 comments
Jack Thompson Buys Stock in GTA Parent Company 354 comments
Best and Worst of 2005 54 comments
Guido Goes Google 255 comments
Best System for Learning a Foreign Language? 132 comments
Dvorak Says MS Should Buy Opera 521 comments
Senate Proposes Patriot Act Extension 519 comments
U.S. Ecommerce To Be Broadly Taxed? 639 comments
11 Design Mistakes of the Xbox 360 103 comments
Departure Of The Java Hyper-Enthusiasts? 678 comments
Sony DRM Installed Even When EULA Declined 433 comments
Your Best Exam Stories? 247 comments
Reincarnating the NES 91 comments
Symantec Restricts Crypto Export 186 comments
UT 2K7 Slated for PS3 Launch 53 comments
Update to OpenOffice 2 Released 265 comments
Microsoft Set To Be Fined $2.4M a Day 777 comments
France to Legalize File Sharing 446 comments
Stem Cells to Treat Brain Injury in Children 222 comments
UC Wins Contract to Run Los Alamos 100 comments
Dust Samples Returning to Earth at 28,860 mph 48 comments
Britain to log all vehicle movement 914 comments
Santa IM Worm Hits AOL, MSN and Yahoo 149 comments
Digital Content Security Act 473 comments
Robot Demonstrates Self-awareness 362 comments
Fructose Linked to Obesity, Diabetes 115 comments
Digital Universe a Wikipedia Alternative 241 comments
Kong Lives! 51 comments
Run Linux as a Windows Screensaver 259 comments
New, Modularized X Window Release Now Available for Download 456 comments
AMUST eCondom for Internet Explorer 33 comments
The Art of LucasArts 21 comments
3 Email Chiefs Come to Dinner 207 comments
How Would You Design a Captcha for the Deaf-Blind? 99 comments
Juniper Sues Message Board Posters 257 comments
The Best Japanese Games of 2005 35 comments
The Near Future of SquareEnix 25 comments
Innovation Happens Elsewhere 131 comments
Games Met Politics In 2005 23 comments
Finding Work in the US as a Non-US Resident? 110 comments
Impressions From A Second Shipment 360 Owner 427 comments
EA Earnings Down, Talks Next-Gen Issues 22 comments
The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions 580 comments
Is Ruby on Rails Maintainable? 348 comments
SWG: The New Game Experience 31 comments
Will the FCC Regulate the Net? 287 comments
New Consortium to Push UDI and Include DRM 264 comments
Cross Site Scripting Discovered in Google 158 comments

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