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Slashdot Stories for 2004

Which Cell Phones & Networks for SSH? 81 comments
One Year on Mars 150 comments
The Year 2004 in Microprocessors 94 comments
Democrat Certified Winner in WA Governor Race 220 comments
Caltech and JPL Build 50ft Robot 147 comments
RIAA/MPAA Contractor Deploys Malicious Adware Trojans 883 comments
How Do You Make International Calls? 431 comments
Top Science Stories of 2004 85 comments
More on China's IPv6 Network Buildout 163 comments
Anti-Santy Worm Patches phpBB Flaw 245 comments
Vendor Neutral File Formats? 83 comments
Microsoft Loses Passport 271 comments
Introducing the Mockup Project 78 comments
Internet Use Cuts Socializing Time 306 comments
New Trojan Threatens Windows XP SP 2 241 comments
Ambulances to Get Virtual Doctors On Board 125 comments
Tsunami Satellite Images 732 comments
$1.5 Million Bar-code Scheme Bilks Wal-Mart Stores 618 comments
nVidia and Infinium to Partner at CES 132 comments
IBM Grid Near 50,000 machines - Slashdot Users #13 408 comments
Time Sharing Cars 298 comments
Single Government ID Moves Closer to Reality 239 comments
Exeem "Successor" to Suprnova Announced 608 comments
FBI Investigating Laser Beams Pointed at Aircraft 500 comments
iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel vs. Direct Attached Disks? 46 comments
Bosses Keep Sharp Eye on Mobile Workers 232 comments
CAN-SPAM One Year Later? 40 comments
Microsoft Not Worried about FireFox 674 comments
Modern-Day Pointcast Replacement? 35 comments
Vioxx Replaces Porn as Spam King 200 comments
Top Ten Advances in 2004 167 comments
Modern Maniac Mansion 33 comments
US Company Buys Commodore Brand For $33 Million 410 comments
True Fantasy Online May Be On Track for Xbox 2 23 comments
ISS Food Shortage Cause Revealed 257 comments
100 Years of Einstein 378 comments
Ubisoft CEO Speaks out Against EA Move 365 comments
Venezuela Moves Further Toward Open Source 406 comments
5th HOPE Conference Audio Online 9 comments
Conference Brings Together Surgery and Video Games 15 comments
Netcraft Releases Anti-Phishing Toolbar 236 comments
Life Interrupted 406 comments
Comair Done In by 16-Bit Counter 441 comments
Japan Pins Tourism Hopes on PDA 239 comments
Animal Cloning Comes to Hollywood 159 comments
Ken Jennings Gets a New Challenge 266 comments
The Super Superhighway 1005 comments
US to Pay to go to ISS 636 comments
LokiTorrent vs. MPAA 909 comments
Transparent Transistors Are Coming 159 comments
eBay Retires MS Passport Sign-In 304 comments
One-Man Lord of The Rings Comes to Chicago 136 comments
Federal Appeals Court Sides With VoIP Providers 143 comments
Wireless Security By The Gallon 216 comments
MicroDisplay Claims Progress Toward Elusive LCoS 127 comments
Revolution In The Valley 290 comments
The Coming Atlantic Mega-Tsunami 1068 comments
Relic Russian ICBM To the Rescue for Science 149 comments
Bayesian Tail 63 comments
Comparative CPU Benchmarks From 1995 to 2004 320 comments
GTA Blamed for Graffiti 239 comments
Computer Viruses Broke 100,000 In 2004 214 comments
Nintendo Running Itself into the Ground? 237 comments
Creative Commons For Science 113 comments
Windows Media Center Edition vs. The World 423 comments
Stopping Adware and Spyware on Windows w/ Citrix? 80 comments
Quake Changes Earth's Rotation, Moves Islands 917 comments
Microsoft Compares Windows And Linux 468 comments
Think Secret Predicts Sub-$500 Headless Mac 922 comments
High-Speed Video Using a Dense Camera Array 123 comments
Bringing Down A Copycat Site 468 comments
Holland Bans AMD's 'Virus Protection' Campaign 330 comments
Opportunity Rover Encounters Its Own Heat Shield 269 comments
More Analysis Of Pentium M Desktops 347 comments
Vidalinux Desktop OS 1.1 Screenshot Tour 30 comments
Updated And Unified Font HOWTO 29 comments
Feds Convict Warez Dealer 560 comments
Bounced Email - Dealing w/ the Latest Type of Spam? 96 comments
What's Wrong with Unix? 1318 comments
Inventor of Optical Storage Gets Little Reward 362 comments
A Good Resource for Learning XUL & Javascript? 82 comments
The Semantics of Free Software vs. Open Source 515 comments
Top Ten Things About the Sony PSP 144 comments
Green Security Clearance Laser Pistol Available 586 comments
Dutch Fine Spammers, AOL Reports Drop in Spam 277 comments
B612 Foundation and 2004 YD5 Asteroid Capture? 164 comments
Whippersnappers Bad-Mouth Old Games 699 comments
Nine Souls, One Body 26 comments
High Speed Steam Powered Car 286 comments
Art Meets Geek in Pac-Man 13 comments
Intel to Spend $2B To Stay In The Game 365 comments
First Pictures of Quake IV 107 comments
Subatomic Darwinism 556 comments
Tiny Aircraft Feeds Itself With Dead Flies 270 comments
Amazon Sales Record 242 comments
Sin City Trailer 182 comments
Using The Gyration Media Center Remote With Linux 111 comments
Arthur C. Clarke Reports From Sri Lanka 704 comments
BBC Reports 38% Jump In U.S. Broadband Use 185 comments
How Craigslist Costs Newspapers Money 480 comments
Latest Version of iPodLinux Reviewed 301 comments
FreeBSD Foundation Passes '04 Small Donation Needs 84 comments
xine-lib 1.0 Released 21 comments
2004 MN4 Probably Won't Kill Us 389 comments
Contribute (And Use) Public Domain Images 52 comments
Spamfighting Since the Death of MakeLoveNotSpam? 352 comments
Alek's Christmas Lights: Humbug 327 comments
Integrating Linux into a Windows Network? 103 comments
Two Reviews of Yourdon's 'Outsource?' 511 comments
How Do You Drown Out the Office Noise? 91 comments
Great Moments in Microprocessor History 184 comments
Battery-Powered USB Enclosure 230 comments
Penny Arcade Holiday Strip Series #5 39 comments
2004 MN4 Asteroid Odds Inching Up Again 697 comments
More GOTY Awards 59 comments
Texas State Parks Offer Wi-Fi 194 comments
Universal Software Radio Peripheral From GnuRadio 320 comments
DURL, a Search Tool for 174 comments
Out of Print Shadowrun Books Available as PDFs 41 comments
India Quietly Introduces Software Patents 221 comments
RCA / Thomson Modem Hack Discovered 182 comments
Halo 2.5 for Xbox 2 107 comments
Operation Fastlink Nets 1000s in Pirate Sting 844 comments
Interview of the Windows XP SP2 Dev Team 392 comments
Closer to Human Flight 290 comments
NYT: Wal-Mart Slows RFID Plans, Suppliers Resist 188 comments
China Lights Pure IPv6 Network 236 comments
Free Windows Software Without Spyware/Adware 636 comments
Homebrew Digital Picture Frame w/Remote 110 comments
Don't Click Here For A Free iPod 594 comments
New Speed Record For Hybrid Cars 411 comments
Learning TechSpeak in a New Language? 64 comments
Classic Mac FPS Marathon Turns 10 256 comments
GIMP Interface Proposals? 218 comments
Homemade Hypercube Case 115 comments
Ph.D Employment? 51 comments
Source Code Browsers? 67 comments
Caveats In Reselling DSL Bandwidth To Neighbors? 383 comments
Microsoft Class Action Suit Outcome: Indifference 188 comments
Novell Releases OES Public Beta 14 comments
First ZSNES Release In ~2.5 Years 216 comments
IBM Prepares 100-Terabyte Tape Drives 137 comments
Medical Students Profile Middle-Earth's Gollum 164 comments
What's Next For Google? 213 comments
Quake and Tsunami Devastate South Asia 744 comments
Help Test mod_perl 2 Release Candidates 54 comments
Five Custom Gadgets You Can't Buy 118 comments
Post-Googleism At IBM With Piquant 159 comments
Comair System Crashes; Passengers Stranded 398 comments
Nintendo NES Overclocking Guide 229 comments
Russian Supply Ship Docks At ISS 196 comments
Realtime Audio Conversion And Serving 153 comments
Banks Begin To Use RSA Keys 208 comments
Cassini's Robot Lab Successfully Separates 94 comments
2004 MN4, Even Higher Probability 524 comments
SCO Targets UK Firms 183 comments
Shut-Down Movie Site Promises MPAA Court Fight 96 comments
Game Development in Second Life for 2004 14 comments
Blu-Ray/Standard DVD Hybrids Planned 174 comments
Huge Parachute Saves Crashing Planes 280 comments
Small Firm Claims Patents On e-Banking Processes 157 comments
Planeshift Enters Open Testing 164 comments
3 New Windows Security Problems Found 190 comments
U.S. World's Foremost Spam Nation In 2004 274 comments
Updated LOTR Nitpicker's Guide 223 comments
New Infrared Camera Gets Amazing Orion Images 52 comments
Games Knoppix 204 comments
Privacy Resolutions for the New Year 116 comments
Tech Headlines You Won't Read in 2005 171 comments
Stable Linux Kernel 2.6.10 Released 281 comments
Build Your Own Apollo Guidance Computer 218 comments
The Future of the P.C. 226 comments
Cassini's Huygens Probe Rendezvous with Titan 113 comments
Ho, Ho, Ho 346 comments
World of Warcraft Gamespot GOTY 2004 211 comments
Penny Arcade Holiday Strip Series #4 18 comments
The King William's College 2004 Quiz 119 comments
Rage Against the Machines 217 comments
WarioWare DS Touched in the Head 29 comments
Introducing Asteroid 2004 MN4 633 comments
LinuxDevCenter Interviews RMS 321 comments
The Twelve Days of Crunch Time 8 comments
Google Suggest Dissected, Part II 148 comments
Qt 4 Beta 1 Available for Download 196 comments
NYT Reviews Digital Picture Frames 107 comments
Four New Unpatched Windows Vulnerabilities 273 comments
Opera Browser Beta Adds Voice, More 369 comments
Unpatched Linux Lives 3 Months on Internet 56 comments
RFID Cards to Include Tin Foil Hats? 248 comments
Larry Sanger on Wikipedia and World 246 comments
Yellow Dog Linux 4.0 Reviewed 368 comments
More on the Microsoft v. EU Decision on Software Patents 445 comments
Developing for Healthcare - .NET vs J2EE? 645 comments
Air Force Launches Encrypted IM Service 182 comments
A Simple, Silent, TV-Based Linux Media Player 67 comments
'Something' Cleaning Mars Rover 355 comments
Next G5 Multitasks Operating Systems 449 comments
Gaming vs Relationships 80 comments
Player vs. Player Play Examined 415 comments
Ben Browder Joining Stargate SG-1 Cast 310 comments
External TV Tuners/PVR Devices Tested 136 comments
Valve Bans Another 30,000 Steam Users 102 comments
2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist 482 comments
World of Warcraft News 59 comments
Re-Pet a Reality 482 comments
Nintendo to Drop D-pad 110 comments
Revising the GPL 434 comments
Top 100 Toys From The '70s or Thereabouts 307 comments
The Year in Gaming 19 comments
Mozilla Lightning to Challenge Outlook 553 comments
AOL Plans to Offer Free Webmail 211 comments
MoLinux: From Progeny To Greatness 7 comments
Ultimate Wireless Webcam? 58 comments
MPAA Goes After More Bittorrent Site Operators 698 comments
Thunderbird and Firefox Ported to SkyOS 236 comments
China Closes 1,129 Web Sites 396 comments
Mars Volcanoes May Still Erupt 120 comments
Gingerbread Computers! 191 comments
Latest "iPod Killer" Takes Aim at the Mini 467 comments
New Graphic Displays for the Blind 100 comments
On the Ethics of a Code Split? 448 comments
Asteroid Flies Under the Radar, Literally 385 comments
Democrat Takes 10-Vote Lead in WA Governor Race 139 comments
Reason Interviews Michael Powell 221 comments
SCO Shares Plunge, Canopy Management Change 400 comments
Burt Rutan On Future Of SpaceShipOne (and Two) 182 comments
Homebrewed Robot Exoskeleton In Alaska 202 comments
Guy Game Results in Lawsuits and Injunction 111 comments
PostgreSQL Gets New Website, 8.0 Release Candidate 42 comments
EFF Promotes Freenet-like System Tor 379 comments
Firefox vs. SP2's IE? 238 comments
Penny Arcade Holiday Strip Series #3 20 comments
Apple Subpoenas, Sues Over Leaks 251 comments
Prime Obsession 325 comments
Settlers of Catan Online Now Available 32 comments
NBA Rejects EA Deal 219 comments
'Metal Gear' Symbian OS Trojan Disables Anti-Virus 197 comments
How Real Is The Open Source Database Fever? 315 comments
Windows XP Firewall Bug Flies Under the Radar 30 comments
Commodore 64 DTV Hacked 19 comments
Paint.NET: The Anti-GIMP? 864 comments
Boeing Successfully Launches Mammoth Delta-4 Heavy 327 comments
Grand Theft Auto 2 Released for Free 53 comments
Python For Nokia Series 60 Phones Now Available 20 comments
SATA RAID Enclosure w/ Temperature Monitoring? 91 comments
Poland Blocks European Software Patent Vote, For Now 372 comments
Seek And Destroy Malware With An Antiviral Live CD 31 comments
Mystery Phenomenon Cleans Mars Opportunity Rover 100 comments
Welcome to the Future of DRM Media 734 comments
Microsoft EU Monopoly Appeal Thrown Out 402 comments

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