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Slashdot Stories for 2000

Y2K Bugs: The Year In Review? 167 comments
Linux 2.4.0-prerelease is Released 129 comments
Interview with Miguel de Icaza 140 comments
What Are Software Author's Rights For Recognition? 10 comments
DNA Detectors for Hazardous Metals 69 comments
Reviews: "O Brother" And Others 145 comments
Is Freenet Vapourware? Ian Clarke Responds 119 comments
Looking For Projects That Need Documentation? 9 comments
The Quest For Fusion 176 comments
Hotsyncing PalmPilots On Multiple COM Ports? 18 comments
More Anime Washing Ashore In 2001 100 comments
Pushing The Envelope 57 comments
Can Companies Rescind A Job Offer? 21 comments
Are The Benefits Of Technology Waning? 278 comments
Bootstrapping Cambodia 75 comments
Is SAIR Certification Worthwhile? 93 comments
Hard Drive Hack On Archos 6000 MP3 Player 62 comments
Microsoft Hack a National Security Threat 218 comments
Ideas For High School Electronics Class? 11 comments
Wine Gets Direct3D Support 156 comments
More On Hard Drive Copy Protection 192 comments
E-Bay Going After Offline Deals 76 comments
Recharging Laptop From Plane Headphone Jacks? 19 comments
Linux -- Without Unix 180 comments
Wheel Mouse Support on Sun/Sparc? 1 comments
E-Bay Patents Thumbnail Galleries 192 comments
Flash For The Rest Of Us 144 comments
Lord of the Rings and Hype 267 comments
Industry or Research Internship? 83 comments
Science and Technology In Y2K 92 comments
The Ordinary Slashdot User Answers 284 comments
Neverwinter Nights Will Go On Win/Mac/Linux/Be 99 comments
The Top 15 PC Games Of All Time 315 comments
Researchers Say Drug Can Quickly Block Hiccups 23 comments
The Open Source Financial Year in Review 58 comments
Is There A Font Editor That Handles 9 Column Fonts? 3 comments
Freenet 0.3.6 released 8 comments
Largest ISP In Philippines: The Catholic Church 249 comments
The Pentium IV Dissected 164 comments
Pamela Samuelson 1 comments
AI in Space (Deep Space 1) 5 comments
Is There A Cisco-IOS Emulator? 12 comments
LinuxPPC 2000 Update 71 comments
Slashback: HAMnation, Books, Criticism 105 comments
Does Linguistic Aptitude = Programming Potential? 21 comments
Six Russian Satellites Lost 7 comments
Is SMT In Your Future? 119 comments
How Should Companies Grant Recognition To Developers? 107 comments
Grade School And High School, School Free 123 comments
Publishers/Authors Angry at Amazon Selling Used Books 387 comments
Charging Cash For Links 175 comments
Episode II In Trouble? 177 comments
Rethinking Virtual Community: Part Three 59 comments
Cool Wireless Video Camera For $75 102 comments
Pentium IV Non-bus Master PCI Bug Lives 79 comments
The Future Is The Past: New Sega CD Games 35 comments
Can The Open Source Model Work For Textbooks? 18 comments
Going Up? 132 comments
Technical "Books On Tape"? 8 comments
Athena: A Fast Kernel-Independent GUI OS 190 comments
Proposed Legal Test For Combining Programs 125 comments
More Silliness Over Patents: NetZero Sues Juno 135 comments
High Octane Hardware For GIMP Use? 16 comments
Humorously Bad Web Hosting Policies 282 comments
The Canadian Perspective On Copyright 2 comments
RPM Package Manager 180 comments
Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' Available On DVD! 140 comments
Linux 2.4 Wins 4th Place ... in Vaporware 228 comments
How Effective Is SafeWeb? 9 comments
CS vs CIS 509 comments
MS Anti-Trust Litigation - The Case For Standards 155 comments
Visual Showcase Of Japanese Mobiles 45 comments
Nintendo Buying Sega? Or Not? 58 comments
Getting Fired For Not Taking A Promotion? 243 comments
Contests: Mind-Twisting Winners And Tiny Entrants 34 comments
A Semi-Radical Approach To Avoiding fsck 116 comments
What Gives The Best Embedded Perl Performance? 7 comments
VIA Samuel 2 Processor Preview 65 comments
2001: A Space Prophecy 135 comments
Cordless Stereo Headphones w/ Microphone? 7 comments
Oscar-40 Ham Satellite Transmitting Again 59 comments
Gnome/KDE Tutorials For Windows Users? 272 comments
Ask An Ordinary Teenage Slashdot User 475 comments
Rethinking Virtual Community: Part Two 60 comments
Core Servlets and Java Server Pages 74 comments
Didn't Get That Linux Laptop for Xmas? 87 comments
CONRO Configurable 'Lego' Robot 30 comments
Projects For When You Have Too Much Computing Power? 14 comments
Russian Space Controllers Lose Contact With Mir (UPDATED) 61 comments
Dreamcast Ethernet Adapter Released (Nearly) 85 comments
Hardware QWERTY-to-DVORAK Conversion? 13 comments
What's The Best Multitool For The Job? 25 comments
Green Mars 11 comments
The Continuing End of SSH/SSL 60 comments
Is There A Santa Claus? 129 comments
Cool Cases: Armor or Arcade? 45 comments
Gimp 1.2.0 Released 98 comments
Christmas Chess Puzzle 4 comments
How The Grinch Captured The Flag 23 comments
Information Liberation 80 comments
Wearable Displays? 5 comments
Pink Slip In Your Genes 151 comments
Novelty/Unusual Cases, Keyboards, Rodents, Etc? 6 comments
Stopping Spam And Trojan Horses With BSD 54 comments
Configuring Apache From A Database? 6 comments
Scorched Island 3D 113 comments
More About Copy Control on Hard Drives 344 comments
Nomad Portable Jukebox MP3 Player Reviewed 98 comments
Dot-com Unhealth Benefits Other Industries 49 comments
Encryption On PalmOS? 8 comments
Back-Ordering Domain Names 45 comments
Clinton Says NASA's Budget Should Be Increased 137 comments
Review: 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' 169 comments
Silverman Responds To 'End of SSL And SSH' 35 comments
Celestial Christmas Gift 36 comments
If IBM Is Serious About Linux, What Do WE Want? 167 comments
The Good Old Days..... 137 comments
Is There Still A Need For Glide? 4 comments
Comprehensive Win2k/Linux Comparison 127 comments
Strange DVD Behavior When Used w/ TV Tuner Cards? 10 comments
Book Recommendations For A New Programming Shop? 19 comments
Dedicated Linux Servers Using Other Than Red Hat? 8 comments
Non-Traditional Keyboard Reviews 197 comments
Streaming MP3 For Linux Server Guide 53 comments
Alternatives To .DOC As Standard WP Format? 205 comments
Mozilla Project Releases New Roadmap 100 comments
US States Vote 26-0 To Move Towards Taxing Non-State Sales 132 comments
Slackware Officially On Sparc 47 comments
More On Flexible Transistors 27 comments
W3C Announces XHTML As Its Recommendation 100 comments
Free Cable Modem From The Shack 163 comments
Caveat Emptor: Credit Records Nabbed 164 comments
Inexpensive Ways To Reduce Computer Screen Blues? 27 comments
Ham Satellite Suffers Failures, Is Silent 79 comments
Copy Protection Galore 388 comments
Installing BSD Remotely Under Linux 7 comments
Linux Leads MS in Itanium Support 129 comments
Black Holes Don't Exist? 38 comments
Best Supported Video Card For Linux/XFree86? 181 comments
Komodo Beta Release 45 comments
3DFX Motion Blur In Action 110 comments
NSA Releases High Security Version Of Linux 257 comments
Ordinary Skill In The Art 62 comments
Cassini Glitches 5 comments
US Approves New Guidelines For Medical Privacy 36 comments
ICANN vs. Alternate DNSs To Be Tested 15 comments
Everything About Spam And More 94 comments
Single Floppy Unix Clones For Mac? 7 comments
A Year of Linux 48 comments
Australian Consumer Body May Attack DVD Zoning. 151 comments
UK Researchers Make Neural Networks Smarter 56 comments
Slashback: Sand, Maps, Antiquities 79 comments
Voices From The Hellmouth Revisited: Part Seven 20 comments
Copying LaserDiscs To DVD? 22 comments
The Floppy Awards 72 comments
Linux Cluster For Processing DSP Effects? 98 comments
Potential for 1000dpi Flat Screens 39 comments
3dfx/Gigapixel: Where Did it Go Wrong? 100 comments
Perl and .NET 166 comments
Harry Potter Sites vs. Warner Brothers 16 comments
Student Suspended For Taking Teacher's Challenge 533 comments
Answers From 'They Might Be Giants' 71 comments
Konqueror Embeds Mozilla with XParts 107 comments
Rethinking The Virtual Community: Part One 130 comments
Linux Distributions Are Too Big 365 comments
Serial ATA 1.0 Draft Released 123 comments
Number 9, Here We Come? 136 comments
What Memory Leak Detector Do People Use? 29 comments
3D GUI Project 144 comments
Beer In Space 106 comments
What WAP Phones Do You Use? 21 comments
A Spot For Beagle On Mars 32 comments
Princess Mononoke Released On DVD 131 comments
Nazis on Napster 290 comments
Why Do Most Linux Distributions Use LiLo? 32 comments
13 Month Calendar? 383 comments
New MPEG 4-Based Open Source Codec 176 comments
Shining Light On (And Through) MEMS 71 comments
HR 46: Wiretapping, Forfeiture, Crypto Penalties 332 comments
Visor Phone Released 137 comments
SETI@Home Breaks 500,000 years 228 comments
Medical application for LEDs 18 comments
New Tax in Canada on Blank Recordable Media 22 comments
Surfing The Net With Brain Waves? 112 comments
How Do You Audit Science And Engineering Software? 4 comments
First Ever Pitfall Perfection? 167 comments
Can URL Transaction Tests Be Patented? 12 comments
XFree86 4.0.2 Released 249 comments
Debian Testing Tree Goes Online 68 comments
Slashback: Ghana, Graphics, Tumors 151 comments
Graduate CS Program For Non-CS Undergrads? 22 comments
Anime Hardsuits For Sale 75 comments
The Honeypot Project 162 comments
Censorware to be Mandatory in Schools, Libraries 366 comments
Dinosaurs Not Killed By Blast -- But By Acid Rain? 20 comments
Holiday Games For Linux 48 comments
Up, Up, Down, Down: Part Four 300 comments
Low Power Radio Setback by Congress 138 comments
Judge Says Port Scanning Is Legal 210 comments
Iraq Stockpiling PS2 Consoles! 260 comments
History Of Infocom aka The Creators Of Zork 125 comments
Iridium Repurposed For Science 40 comments
Volcanic Eruption - Live 2 comments
What's The Best Combo DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 Player? 184 comments
SGI Flat Panels @ 1600x1024 w/ Linux/BSD? 10 comments
Eye-based Navigation Research From IBM 64 comments
TPC-C Benchmarks For JDBC? 5 comments
Sun Announces It Will Ship Solaris With Eazel 154 comments
College Board AP CompSci Exam Will Be In Java 323 comments
Tolkien Reading From The Two Towers 152 comments
Open Source Drivers For Devices w/ Mulitiple Audio Inputs? 3 comments
Why Are Binaries And Screenshots Good Things? 254 comments
Ten Technologies That Shouldn't Have Died? 639 comments
Interview w/Slackware Developer David Cantrell 85 comments
Fastest Commercial Supercomputer To Be Built 106 comments
Non-banner Ads Coming to the Web 589 comments
Glowing Potato Plants as Dryness Alert 12 comments
Standard For MP3 CD Players Planned For March 124 comments
P2P Piracy? Piffle! 74 comments
DVD Zoning Enforced In Law 222 comments
Wireless LAN Devices For Linux? 15 comments
Ruins Of 2 Ancient Egyptian Cities Found 13 comments
Attacks Against SSH 1 And SSL 170 comments
Space Station Crew Face Air-Scrubber Failures 84 comments
Can CDs Be Recycled? 29 comments
Linux Intel Chipset Comparison 38 comments
Blackjack: Ultra-Accurate GPS Measurement 114 comments
Upgrading Quantum Snap Server Capacity? 13 comments
"Evil Dead: Hail to the King" For PSX Reviewed 93 comments
Deep Space: Newly Discovered Atlantic Vent Field 1 comments
Open Source Licensing Issues 151 comments
Tutoring A Child Prodigy? 476 comments
The Emperor's New Groove 117 comments
Atari 800XL Used For Heart Diagnostics 121 comments
What Coding Resource Should I Use? 10 comments
AOL-TW Merger: FCC May Require AIM Compatibility 86 comments
Jupiter Moon Ganymede May Have An Ocean 106 comments
Headphones For Noisy Environments? 16 comments
Java On 8-bit Platforms 160 comments
ISPs Owned By...Power Companies? 16 comments
U.S. Allows Sale of Half-Meter Satellite Photos 119 comments
Using Distributed Wetware To Analyze Mars Craters 51 comments
Scientists Isolate Two Hibernation Genes 2 comments
New Nanofab Tech Developed by UMass 55 comments
What PDA Would You Recommend? 28 comments
AmigaOS 3.9 Released At World of Amiga Show 80 comments
First Sequencing Of Plant Genome 62 comments
What Debugger Is Best For Multithreaded Apps? 257 comments
LED Guru On InGaN-Based LEDs And The Future 116 comments
Useful Utilities? 22 comments

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