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Medal Ransomware Hits UK Website, Defaces Homepage 8 comments
Medal New Metallic Glass Creates Potential For Smart Windows 16 comments
LinkedIn Is Open Sourcing Their Testing Frameworks 36 comments
Ubisoft Talks Splitscreen and the Division 31 comments
Google Is Shutting Down Picasa In Favor of Photos 98 comments
Smartphones May Soon Provide Earthquake Warnings 46 comments
Researchers Improve Efficiency of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles By Almost 12% 47 comments
US Copyright Law Forces Wikimedia To Remove the Diary of Anne Frank 125 comments
French Court Rules That Facebook Can Now Be Sued in France 99 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Have a Pager? Do You Find It Useful? 223 comments
Fresh Wayland Experiences With Weston, GNOME, KDE and Enlightenment 86 comments
iPhones Bricked By Setting Date To Jan 1, 1970 137 comments
UK GHCQ Is Allowed To Hack 62 comments
Scientists Say Goodbye to Philae Comet Lander 54 comments
OCZ Toshiba Breaks 30 Cents Per GB Barrier With New Trion 150 SSD 134 comments
Did a Timer Error Change the Outcome of a Division I College Basketball Game? 131 comments
Google Brain Researchers Make Significant Progress On Language Modeling 31 comments
Hackers of Ukrainian Utilities Probably Hit Mining and Railroad Targets, Too 18 comments
Austrian Minister Calls For a Constitutional Right To Pay In Cash 181 comments
Pirate Bay Browser Streaming Technology Is a Security and Privacy Nightmare 69 comments
UCL Scientists Push 1.125Tbps Through a Single Coherent Optical Receiver 24 comments
Medal Indonesia Moves To Ban Same-Sex Emojis On Messaging Apps 281 comments
Medal Pwn2Own 2016 Won't Attack Firefox (Because It's Too Easy) 235 comments
Internet Archive Brings Classic Windows 3.1 Apps To Your Browser 93 comments
Boeing Installs World's Largest 'Reversible' Renewable Energy Storage System 105 comments
Dallas Buyers Club LLC Abandons Fight Against Australian Pirates 36 comments
Debating a Ban On Autonomous Weapons 202 comments
Senate Passes Bill Making Internet Tax Ban Permanent 93 comments
Google Settles Decade-Long Tax Dispute In UK 63 comments
Self-Propelling Microparticles Spot Ricin In Minutes 21 comments
Kim Jong-Un Found To Be Mac User 189 comments
Time Inc. Buys MySpace Parent Company Viant 38 comments
Our Hidden Neanderthal DNA May Increase Risk of Allergies, Depression 132 comments
Qualcomm Promises Gigabit LTE Speeds and New Chips to Power Smartwatches 44 comments
Medal Medal Drivers Need To Forget Their GPS 541 comments
Htop 2.0 Released, Runs Natively On BSDs and Mac OSX 35 comments
Interviews: Ask Author and Programmer Andy Nicholls About R 150 comments
New Air Force Satellites Launched To Improve GPS 73 comments
Why Sarcasm Is Such a Problem In Artificial Intelligence 143 comments
Microsoft's 'Replacement' Surface Pro Charger Cable Is an Off-Brand, and Short 74 comments
Medal ZDNet Writer Downplays Windows 10's Phoning-Home Habits 257 comments
The Way VCs Think About Open Source: Mostly Wrong 90 comments
As Elections Approach, Iran Uses "Far More Advanced" Internet Censorship 40 comments
Cisco ASA Firewall Has a Wormable Problem — And a Million Installs 78 comments
IBM Bequeaths the Express Framework To the Node.js Foundation 46 comments
Medal It's Official: LIGO Scientists Make First-Ever Observation of Gravity Waves 426 comments
Scientists In Japan Build 100Gbps Wireless Network Using Terahertz Transmitter 47 comments
US Encryption Ban Would Only Send the Market Overseas 151 comments
Google Expands 'Right To Be Forgotten' To All Global Search Results 91 comments
Researchers Discover a Cheap Method of Breaking Bitcoin Wallet Passwords 94 comments
Amazon Restores Some Heft To Helvetica For Kindle E-Ink Readers 85 comments
France Launches Second Salvo Against Facebook 84 comments
Why Winners Become Cheaters 173 comments
Engineers Devise a Way To Harvest Wind Energy From Trees 74 comments
SCO vs. IBM Battle Over Linux May Finally Be Over 218 comments
Facebook Developing Radio Wave Mesh To Connect Offline Areas 44 comments
LibreOffice 5.1 Officially Released 184 comments
FAA Eases Drone Restrictions Around Washington, DC 68 comments
First Steps Towards Network Transparency For Wayland 148 comments
AWS Terms of Service Offer a Break If Zombie Apocalypse Occurs 57 comments
Dell Packs Xeon and Quadro GPU In 4lb Laptop 74 comments
Medal Medal Carly Is Out 570 comments
Trane Takes 2 Years To Remove Hard-Coded Root Passwords From IoT Thermostat 75 comments
Women Get Pull Requests Accepted More (Except When You Know They're Women) 282 comments
Twitter's Timeline Option Puts Important Tweets Up Top 46 comments
DjangoCon 2016 To Be Held In Philadelphia In July 19 comments
Identity Thieves Obtain 100,000 Electronic Filing PINs From IRS System 102 comments
Medal Putin's Internet Czar Wants To Ban Windows On Government PCs 306 comments
Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Update History Site To Share Update Release Notes 56 comments
World's Largest Solar Power Plant To Supply Enough Energy For 1.1 Million People 281 comments
NHTSA Gives Green Light To Self-Driving Cars 220 comments
Federal Bill Could Override State-Level Encryption Bans 137 comments
Chinese Tech Group Offers To Buy Opera; Board Endorses 120 comments
Medal Why Stack Overflow Doesn't Care About Ad Blockers 287 comments
North Korea's Satellite Tumbling In Orbit 256 comments
Setting Up a Windows 10 Picture PIN 0 comments
Most IT Pros Have Seen Embarrassing Information About Their Colleagues 143 comments
Study Finds You Can Grow Brain Cells Through Exercise 97 comments
French Gov't Gives Facebook 3 Months To Stop Tracking Non-User Browsers 176 comments
Scientists Turn Paper Waste Into Aerogel 54 comments
Medal Medal SourceForge Eliminates DevShare Program 435 comments
Hearthstone Cheats and Tools Spiked With Malware 41 comments
Uborne Children's Books Release For Free Computer Books From the '80s 119 comments
The Sexual Misconduct Case That Has Rocked Anthropology 264 comments
Medal Medal Jeep/Chrysler's New Gearshift Appears To Be Causing Accidents 564 comments
FBI Gripes "We Can't Read Everyone's Secrets" 171 comments
Twitter Launches Trust and Safety Council To Help Put End To Trolling 203 comments
Google Display Ads Going All-HTML, Will Ban Flash In 2017 84 comments
Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Finally Ships With Open-Source OpenGL Support 59 comments
Windmill Blade Molds 3D Printed By National Labs 70 comments
LIGO Will Make Gravitational Waves Announcement on Thursday 120 comments
Amazon Launches Free Game Engine Lumberyard 56 comments
President Obama Unveils $19 Billion Plan To Overhaul U.S. Cybersecurity 185 comments
Adblock Fast Returns To Google Play a Week After Being Pulled 52 comments
Medal Medal Australia Cuts 110 Climate Scientist Jobs: "The Science is Settled." 554 comments
Medal Medal Wired To Block Ad-Blocking Users, Offer Subscription 662 comments
Skylake Breaks 7GHz In Intel Overclocking World Record 85 comments
An Advanced Math Education Revolution Is Underway In the U.S. 218 comments
Hackers Leak List of FBI Employees 128 comments
The Internet of Broken Things 95 comments
Medal Medal Are Roads Safer With No Central White Lines? 600 comments
Google Working On Wireless Charging For Self-Driving Cars 60 comments
Medal China Just Made a Major Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Research 336 comments
Wolves Howl In Different 'Dialects,' Machine Learning Finds 50 comments
Java Installer Flaw Shows Why You Should Clear Your Downloads Folder 64 comments
How the Cloud Has Changed (Since Last You Looked) 86 comments
Carbon Dioxide From the Air Converted Into Methanol 155 comments
Instagram Launches Account Switching On iOS and Android 29 comments
Medal Sen. Blumenthal Demands Lifting of IT 'Gag' Order 220 comments
Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Demands Torrents Time Cease and Desist 91 comments
GitHub Open Sources Their Internal Testing Tool 62 comments
The Hyperloop Industrial Complex 218 comments
Listen To Hawking's Second Reith Lecture On Black Holes, Illustrated 17 comments
Researcher Finds Tens of Software Products Vulnerable To Simple Bug 152 comments
Talos Secure Workstation Is Free-Software Centric — and $3100 [Updated] 117 comments
Metel Hackers Roll Back ATM Transactions, Steal Millions 72 comments
NAND Flash Density Surpasses HDDs', But Price Is Still a Sticking Point 185 comments
Meteorite Strike Kills Man In India 130 comments
Where Are the Raspberry Pi Zeros? 111 comments
Why Facebook Really Shut Down Parse 39 comments
Hackers Leak DHS Staff Directory, Claim FBI Is Next 81 comments
India Blocks Facebook's Free Basics Internet Service 133 comments
SpaceX Sets Feb. 24th Target Date For Next Launch 42 comments
Medal Adblock Plus Maker Seeks Deal With Ad Industry Players 356 comments
Linux Kernel Patch Hints At At 32-Core Support For AMD Zen Chips 136 comments
Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumor Roundup 0 comments
NASA Is Building a Virtual Mars For VR Viewing 37 comments
Video Gamers From the '90s Have Turned Out Mostly OK 239 comments
Malware Targets Skype Users, Records Conversations 49 comments
Medal North Korea Accused of Testing an ICBM With Missile Launch Into Space 286 comments
Report: Google Will Go In Big For VR Hardware This Year 51 comments
Medal Elon Musk's Next Great Idea? Electric Air Travel 345 comments
Medal Medal Microsoft's Cortana Doesn't Put Up With Sexual Harassment 513 comments
Adding a User Account In Windows 10 0 comments
Meet the Soft, Cuddly Robots of the Future 22 comments
Thirty Meter Telescope Likely Never Gets Built ... In Hawaii 277 comments
NASA Announces That Pluto Has Icebergs Floating On Glaciers of Nitrogen Ice 50 comments
Firefox Adopts a 6-8 Week Variable Release Schedule 249 comments
Ask Slashdot: Surge Protection For International Travel? 137 comments
Massive Layoffs Hit University of Copenhagen 173 comments
Drag-and-Drop "CS" Tutorials: the Emperor's New Code? 158 comments
Facebook Knocks "Six Degrees of Separation" Down a Few Notches 89 comments
Startup Uses Sensor Networks To Debug Science Experiments 25 comments
World's Smallest Optical Switch Uses a Single Atom 38 comments
Study Finds Sleep Deprivation Increases Compulsive Facebook Usage 50 comments
Windows 10 Gets Core Console Host Enhancements 246 comments
Unreal Engine Will Soon Allow Developers To Build Games Inside of VR 37 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Time To Get Into Crypto-currency? If So, Which? 269 comments
Bethesda To Unleash the Hounds of Hell On May 13th: Doom Release Date Confirmed 86 comments
Neutrino Exploit Kit Has a New Way To Detect Security Researchers 41 comments
Medal GitHub Is Undergoing a Full-Blown Overhaul As Execs and Employees Depart 273 comments
Giant Magellan Telescope Set To Revolutionize Ground-Based Astronomy 105 comments
Medal Medal Even With Telemetry Disabled, Windows 10 Talks To Dozens of Microsoft Servers 576 comments
Let Your Pupils Do the Typing 49 comments
Twitter Tackles Terrorists In Targeted Takedown 100 comments
Verizon's Mobile Video Won't Count Against Data Caps -- but Netflix Will 106 comments
Online Museum Displays Decades of Malware 39 comments

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