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Medal Sun Tzu 2.0: The Future of Cyberwarfare 2 comments
Medal San Francisco's Public Works Agency Tests Paint That Repels Urine 39 comments
Medal How Developers Can Fight Creeping Mediocrity 48 comments
Researchers Demonstrate the World's First White Lasers 64 comments
Research: Industrial Networks Are Vulnerable To Devastating Cyberattacks 49 comments
Beyond Safety: Is Robotic Surgery Sustainable? 40 comments
Obama's New Executive Order Says the US Must Build an Exascale Supercomputer 153 comments
Nokia Announces OZO 360-Degree Camera For Filming Virtual Reality 16 comments
Genetically Modified Rice Makes More Food, Less Greenhouse Gas 200 comments
Replacing Silicon With Gallium Nitride In Chips Could Reduce Energy Use By 20% 77 comments
Microsoft Edge On Windows 10: the Browser That Will Finally Kill IE 202 comments
Tools Coming To Def Con For Hacking RFID Access Doors 21 comments
What Federal Employees Really Need To Worry About After the Chinese Hack 111 comments
Interviews: Ask Richard Stallman a Question 225 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Caps Lock Key Still So Prominent On Keyboards? 577 comments
Sprked Tries To Solve Valve's Paid Mods Scandal 36 comments
Maliciously Crafted MKV Video Files Can Be Used To Crash Android Phones 82 comments
Medal Medal Kentucky Man Arrested After Shooting Down Drone 1029 comments
Hacking a 'Smart' Sniper Rifle 61 comments
Newfound Bacteria Expand Tree of Life 27 comments
Medal Windows 10 Launches 284 comments
US Military Stepping Up Use of Directed Energy Weapons 80 comments
MPEG LA Announces Call For DASH Patents 61 comments
A Computer Umpires Its First Pro Baseball Game 66 comments
UK Campaign Wants 18-Year-Olds To Be Able To Delete Embarrassing Online Past 274 comments
NVIDIA Tegra X1 Performance Exceeds Intel Bay Trail SoCs, AMD AM1 APUs 57 comments
It's Not Just Amazon That Has a Delivery Drone 0 comments
Honeywell Home Controllers Open To Any Hacker Who Can Find Them Online 83 comments
Amazon Proposes Drone Superhighways 0 comments
Windows 10: the 5 Features You'll Want To Try First 0 comments
Ask Slashdot: Everyone Building Software -- Is This the Future We Need? 337 comments
Amazon Proposes Drone Superhighways 0 comments
Medal Advertising Companies Accused of Deliberately Slowing Page-load Times For Profit 357 comments
It's Not Just Amazon That Has a Delivery Drone 0 comments
Amazon Proposes Dedicated Airspace For Drones 133 comments
Poor Pilot Training Blamed For Virgin Galactic Crash 81 comments
Scientists Identify Possible New Substance With Highest Melting Point 87 comments
Veteran IT Journalist Worries That Online Privacy May Not Exist (Video) 43 comments
Intel and Micron Unveil 3D XPoint Memory, 1000x Speed and Endurance Over Flash 161 comments
Medal Medal DHI Group Inc. Announces Plans to Sell Slashdot Media 545 comments
Medal Medal Two Years Later, White House Responds To 'Pardon Edward Snowden' Petition 578 comments
Interviews: Dr. Temple Grandin Answers Your Questions 36 comments
Newegg Beats Patent Troll Over SSL and RC4 Encryption 92 comments
.NET 4.6 Optimizer Bug Causes Methods To Get Wrong Parameters 144 comments
Why Your Software Project Is Failing 116 comments
Chrome Extension Thwarts User Profiling Based On Typing Behavior 60 comments
Your Stolen Identity Goes For $20 On the Internet Black Market 57 comments
OnePlus Announces OnePlus 2 'Flagship Killer' Android Phone With OxygenOS 147 comments
Currently Quantum Computers Might Be Where Rockets Were At the Time of Goddard 109 comments
Air-Gapped Computer Hacked (Again) 80 comments
Hacker Set To Demonstrate 60 Second Brinks Safe Hack At DEFCON 147 comments
Project IceStorm Passes Another Milestone: Building a CPU 104 comments
Voyager's Golden Record For Aliens Now Available On SoundCloud 57 comments
Andromeda Galaxy's Secrets Revealed By Going Beyond Visible Light 37 comments
The Factory of the World - Documentary On Manufacturing In Shenzhen 34 comments
EBay Is Shutting Down Its On-Demand Delivery Service 29 comments
Study: Certain Vaccines Could Make Diseases More Deadly 191 comments
950 Million Android Phones Can Be Hijacked By Malicious Text Messages 120 comments
Medal Medal German Scientists Confirm NASA's Controversial EM Drive 473 comments
You3dit is Working to Help Crowdsource 3D Design and Printing (Video) 12 comments
Computer Science Enrollments Match NASDAQ's Rises and Fall 67 comments
Samsung Unveils the First Monitor That Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone 86 comments
Google Is Dropping Its Google+ Requirement Across All Products Including YouTube 167 comments
Razer Acquires Ouya's Storefront and Technical Team 90 comments
Debian Drops SPARC Platform Support 147 comments
Trillion-Dollar World Trade Deal Aims To Make IT Products Cheaper 96 comments
'Stagefright' Flaw: Compromise Android With Just a Text 201 comments
Musk, Woz, Hawking, and Robotics/AI Experts Urge Ban On Autonomous Weapons 293 comments
Steam Bug Allowed Password Resets Without Confirmation 57 comments
Medal Medal Clinton Promises 500 Million New Solar Panels 565 comments
Police Shut Down Anti-Violence Fundraiser Over Rapper's Hologram 298 comments
For the Love of the Analytics of the Game: Before Beane, There Was AVM Systems 15 comments
LinkedIn (Temporarily) Backs Down After Uproar At Contact Export Removal 42 comments
Medal A Plea For Websites To Stop Blocking Password Managers 364 comments
Fiat Chrysler Hit With Record $105 Million Fine Over Botched Recalls 82 comments
Smithsonian Increases Goal For Spacesuit Crowdfunding Effort 106 comments
Medal Google Studies How Bad Interstitials Are On Mobile 253 comments
Gmail Messages Can Now Self-Destruct 198 comments
Intel Core I7-5775C Desktop Broadwell With Iris Pro 6200 Graphics Tested 75 comments
Tortoise Gets a new 3D Printed Shell After Forest Fire 56 comments
Medal Windows 10's Automatic Updates For NVidia Drivers Causing Trouble 316 comments
Winklevoss Twins Get Closer To Launching Their Bitcoin Exchange 93 comments
How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room 16 comments
Apple and Nike Settle FuelBand Lawsuit 13 comments
Modernizing the Copyright Office 49 comments
Medal Plan To Run Anti-Google Smear Campaign Revealed In MPAA Emails 251 comments
Senate Passes 'No Microsoft National Talent Strategy Goal Left Behind Act' 132 comments
MIT Is Improving Object Recognition For Robots 9 comments
Twitter Yanks Tweets That Repeat Copyrighted Joke 141 comments
EU May Become a Single Digital Market of 500 Million People 132 comments
Eye Drops Could Dissolve Cataracts 70 comments
HEVC Advance Announces H.265 Royalty Rates, Raises Some Hackles 184 comments
Nintendo TVii Service Will Go Dark August 11th 34 comments
Chinese Consumers Can Now Buy Formerly Banned Consoles, Nationwide 39 comments
HardenedBSD Completes Strong ASLR Implementation 65 comments
AMD Starts Rolling Out New Linux Driver Model, But Many Issues Remain 61 comments
Medal Medal HP R&D Starts Enforcing a Business Casual Dress Code 467 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: How Do You Store a Half-Petabyte of Data? (And Back It Up?) 217 comments
Battle For Wesnoth Seeks New Developers 58 comments
Olympic Organizer Wants To Feed Athletes Fukushima Produce 124 comments
Google Will Block Access To Its Autocomplete API On August 10 59 comments
Chinese Tourist's Drone Crashes Into Taipei 101 Skyscraper 102 comments
Swiss Researchers Describe a Faster, More Secure Tor 59 comments
KDE Community Announces Fully Open Source Plasma Mobile 44 comments
AMD Forces a LibreOffice Speed Boost With GPU Acceleration 143 comments
Medal Georgia Lawmakers Sue Carl Malamud For Publishing Georgia Law 292 comments
Gigabit Internet Access Now Supported By 84 US ISPs 118 comments
Using HTML5 To Hide Malware 56 comments
The OpenSSH Bug That Wasn't 55 comments
Tomb, a Successor To TrueCrypt For Linux Geeks 114 comments
After Progressive Insurance's Snapshot Hacked, Manufacturer Has Been, Too 3 comments
The Android L Update For Nvidia Shield Portable Removes Features 115 comments
An Interview With Hacking Team's CEO 80 comments
YouTube Is Adding VR Video Support To Streaming Videos 22 comments
Medal When Do Robocars Become Cheaper Than Standard Cars? 252 comments
Pluto's Haze 63 comments
Ask Slashdot: Building an Open Source Community For a Proprietary Software Product? 85 comments
FCC Approves AT&T's DirecTV Purchase 100 comments
Firefox Will Soon Show You Which Tabs Are Making Noise, and Let You Mute Them 151 comments
Researchers: Mobile Users Will Trade Data For Fun and Profit 21 comments
Secret Service Agents Stake Out the Ugliest Corners of the Internet 169 comments
Scientists Identify Sixth Taste: Fat 89 comments
Medal Don't Bring Your Drone To New Zealand 270 comments
Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Autos To Fix Remote Hack 157 comments
Malaria Vaccine Passes Key Regulatory Hurdle 34 comments
Medal Criminal Inquiry Sought Over Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Server 428 comments
Four-legged Snake Fossil Stuns Scientists, Ignites Controversy 153 comments
Pro Gamers To Be Tested For Doping 154 comments
Study: Push Notifications As Distracting As Taking a Call 60 comments
The French Scrabble Champ Does Not Speak French 113 comments
Remote Control of a Car, With No Phone Or Network Connection Required 158 comments
Cell Service At US Airports Varies From 1st Class To Middle-seat Coach 40 comments
The Science and Politics Behind Colony Collapse Disorder; Is the Crisis Over? 174 comments
MIT Stealth Startup Charges Up Wireless Power Competition 63 comments
Medal Medal France To Reduce Reliance On Nuclear Power 476 comments
HP: Smartwatches Are a Major Security Risk 98 comments
Uber Faces $410 Million Canadian Class Action Suit 245 comments
NY Mayor Commits To Reduce Emissions 40% By 2030 80 comments
Medal Google Staffers Share Salary Info With Each Other; Management Freaks 428 comments
Meet OpenDaylight Project Executive Director Neela Jacques (Video) 14 comments
"Breaking Bad" At the National Institute of Standards and Technology 98 comments
Twitch Is Ditching Flash For HTML5, Just Like YouTube 93 comments
A Tweet-Sized Exploit Can Get Root On OS X 10.10 129 comments
Interviews: Shaun Moss Answers Your Questions About Mars and Space Exploration 48 comments
NASA Spies Earth-Sized Exoplanet Orbiting Sun-Like Star 133 comments
Smartphone Apps Fraudulently Collecting Revenue From Invisible Ads 129 comments
Open-Source Mesa 3D Library/Drivers Now Support OpenGL 4 30 comments
What Non-Experts Can Learn From Experts About Real Online Security 112 comments
A Programming Language For Self-Organizing Swarms of Drones 56 comments
Job Hunting Tips For the IT Pro 0 comments
US Court: 'Pocket-Dialed' Calls Are Not Private 179 comments
Universal Pictures Wants To Remove Localhost and IMDB Pages From Google Results 188 comments
Medal Experiment: Installing Windows 10 On a 7-Year-Old Acer Aspire One 405 comments
Astronauts' Skin Gets Thinner In Space, Scientists Say 60 comments
Melinda Gates: Facebook Engineers Have Solved One of Education's Biggest Problem 162 comments
New York Judge Rules Against Facebook In Search Warrant Case 157 comments

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