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Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack? 16 comments
Square Enix Pulls, Apologizes For Mac Version of Final Fantasy XIV 34 comments
Leased LEDs and Energy Service Contracts can Cut Electric Bills (Video) 18 comments
Rumblefish Claims It Owns 'America the Beautiful' By United States Navy Band 42 comments
A Look At the Rare Hybrid Console Built By Sony and Nintendo 23 comments
Common Medications Sway Moral Judgment 74 comments
Firefox 39 Released, Bringing Security Improvements and Social Sharing 76 comments
Samsung Faces Lawsuit In China Over Smartphone Bloatware 56 comments
Russian Cargo Ship Successfully Makes Orbit, Will Supply ISS 38 comments
Aussie ISP Bakes In Geo-dodging For Netflix, Hulu 28 comments
Medal AMAgeddon: Reddit Mods Are Locking Up the Site's Most Popular Pages In Protest 244 comments
The Science of 4th of July Fireworks 30 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Way To Hold Onto Your Domain? 90 comments
MasterCard To Approve Online Payments Using Your Selfies 70 comments
Medal Trolls No Longer Welcome In New Zealand 224 comments
Rocket Labs Picks New Zealand For Its Launch Site 46 comments
The Plan To Bring Analytics To eSports 57 comments
Naval Research Interested In Bringing 3D Printing To Large Scale For Ships 43 comments
Google's Niantic Labs Sorry Over Death Camps In Smartphone Game 123 comments
Can New Chicago Taxes On Netflix, Apple, Spotify Withstand Legal Challenges? 168 comments
Google: Stop Making Apps! (A Love Letter) 104 comments
UK Government Illegally Spied On Amnesty International 99 comments
Google Hangouts and SMS Integration: A Mess, For Now 60 comments
Microsoft Research Open Sources WorldWide Telescope 18 comments
Cameron Asserts UK Gov't Will Leave No "Safe Space" For Private Communications 237 comments
Angler Exploit Kit Evasion Techniques Keep Cryptowall Thriving 33 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Passwords Transmitted As Cleartext? 238 comments
Solar Impulse 2 Breaks Three Records En Route To Hawaii 36 comments
Watching People Code Is Becoming an (Even Bigger) Thing 133 comments
Medal Volkswagen Factory Worker Killed By a Robot 303 comments
Medal North America Runs Out of IPv4 Addresses 288 comments
The Epidemic May be Over, But Liberia Has New Ebola Cases 11 comments
"Jobs" vs. "Steve Jobs": Hollywood Takes Another Stab At Telling the Steve Jobs Story 234 comments
San Francisco Fiber Optic Cable Cutter Strikes Again 191 comments
TracFone Finally Agrees To Allow Phone Unlocking 85 comments
SlideN'Joy Extender Adds Up To Two More Screens For a Multi-Monitor Laptop 75 comments
Retro City Rampage Getting a DOS Version 50 comments
Qt 5.5 Released 79 comments
Exploring the Relationships Between Tech Skills (Visualization) 64 comments
Cuba Connecting Universities With Fiber 56 comments
Federal Wiretaps Down Slightly, Encryption Impact Decreases 24 comments
How the Next US Nuclear Accident Might Happen 126 comments
Medal Medal Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Password With Contacts 469 comments
Depression: The Secret Struggle Startup Founders Won't Talk About 175 comments
First Human Colonies Should Be Among Venus' Clouds 238 comments
Meet the Makers of an Exotic (Partially) 3-D Printed Car (2 Videos) 25 comments
Microsoft To Launch Minecraft Education Portal For Teachers 56 comments
Medal Medal Google Apologises For Photos App's Racist Blunder 349 comments
Pew Survey Documents Gaps Between Public and Scientists 249 comments
Interviews: Linus Torvalds Answers Your Question 168 comments
18 Years On, Ultima Online Is Still Going 75 comments
Ask Slashdot: Getting My Wife Back Into Programming After Long Maternity Leave? 245 comments
NASA To Waste $150 Million On SLS Engine That Will Be Used Once 138 comments
Where Facebook Stores 900 Million New Photos Per Day 119 comments
Scientist Union's Talks Stall Over Pay 80 comments
Struggling University of Phoenix Lays Off 900 131 comments
People Are Obtaining Windows 7 Licenses For the Free Windows 10 Upgrade 166 comments
Amazon's New SSL/TLS Implementation In 6,000 Lines of Code 107 comments
How Verizon Is Hindering NYC's Internet Service 122 comments
MIT's Bitcoin-Inspired 'Enigma' Lets Computers Mine Encrypted Data 46 comments
Medal Medal Analysis: Iran's Nuclear Program Has Been an Astronomical Waste 369 comments
UK's National Computer Museum Looks For Help Repairing BBC Micros 66 comments
Surveillance Court: NSA Can Resume Bulk Surveillance 161 comments
Medal Is Safari the New Internet Explorer? 305 comments
Watch As We Follow Google's New Self-driving Car 0 comments
Quebec Government May Force ISPs To Block Gambling Websites 60 comments
Celebrating Workarounds, Kludges, and Hacks 139 comments
Apple Loses Ebook Price Fixing Appeal, Must Pay $450 Million 97 comments
Stanford Starts the 'Secure Internet of Things Project' 76 comments
Cory Doctorow Talks About Fighting the DMCA (2 Videos) 47 comments
White House Lures Mudge From Google To Launch Cyber UL 23 comments
Microsoft To Sell Bing Maps, Advertising Sections 61 comments
Medal Medal Test Pilot: the F-35 Can't Dogfight 805 comments
Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Empty Toner Cartridges? 187 comments
What If You Could See Asteroids In the Night Sky? 54 comments
Interviews: Brian Krebs Answers Your Questions 33 comments
Nvidia Details 'Gameworks VR', Aims To Boost Virtual Reality Render Performance 25 comments
Cisco To Acquire OpenDNS 146 comments
RFC 7568 Deprecates SSLv3 As Insecure 53 comments
UK Researchers Find IPv6-Related Data Leaks In 11 of 14 VPN Providers 65 comments
First Fedora Image For the MIPS Available For Testing 28 comments
Medal 8 Yelp Reviewers Hit With $1.2 Million Defamation Suits 209 comments
SMS Co-Inventor Matti Makkonen Dead At 63 31 comments
European Government Agrees On Net Neutrality Rules, With Exemptions 37 comments
Lawsuit Filed Over Domain Name Registered 16 Years Before Plaintiff's Use 190 comments
How Computer Science Education Got Practical (Again) 153 comments
Asteroid Day On June 30 Aims To Raise Awareness of Collision Risks 76 comments
Creating Bacterial "Fight Clubs" To Discover New Drugs 30 comments
The Programmer's Path To Management 125 comments
How IKEA Patched Shellshock 153 comments
Study Suggests That HUD Tech May Actually Reduce Driving Safety 195 comments
Ask Slashdot: Choosing the Right Open Source License 159 comments
This Cooking Robot Wants To Make Your Future Meals 2 comments
Medal Medal Uber France Leaders Arrested For Running Illegal Taxi Company 325 comments
Airplane Coatings Help Recoup Fuel Efficiency Lost To Bug Splatter 117 comments
Malwarebytes Offers Pirates Its Premium Antimalware Product For Free 111 comments
Avira Wins Case Upholding Its Right To Block Adware 63 comments
To Learn (Or Not Learn) JQuery 125 comments
The Real-Life Dangers of Augmented Reality 52 comments
SCOTUS Denies Google's Request To Appeal Oracle API Case 181 comments
Interviews: Ask Steve Jackson About Designing Games 111 comments
When a Company Gets Sold, Your Data May Be Sold, Too 92 comments
MIT System Fixes Software Bugs Without Access To Source Code 75 comments
Bill Gates Investing $2 Billion In Renewables 284 comments
New Study Accuses Google of Anti-competitive Search Behavior 133 comments
How Television Is Fighting Off the Internet 194 comments
Medal Medal Greek Financial Crisis Is an Opportunity For Bitcoin 358 comments
The Underfunded, Disorganized Plan To Save Earth From the Next Giant Asteroid 88 comments
AP CS Test Takers and Pass Rates Up, Half of Kids Don't Get Sparse Arrays At All 128 comments
How Uber Takes Over a City 226 comments
Medal New Leaked Build Is Evidence That Windows 10 Will Be Ready By July 29 302 comments
Solar Impulse, Continuing World-Spanning Trip, Attempts To Cross The Pacific 40 comments
Chromecast Update Bringing Grief For Many Users 142 comments
Pass the Doritos, Scientists Develop Computer Game Targeted At Healthy Choices 81 comments
Space X Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes In Flight 0 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: For What Are You Using 3-D Printing? 266 comments
Samsung Nanotech Breakthrough Nearly Doubles Li-Ion Battery Capacity 131 comments
BBC Curates The "Right To Be Forgotten" Links That Google Can't 146 comments
Detecting Nudity With AI and OpenCV 171 comments
WSJ Overstates the Case Of the Testy A.I. 216 comments
Google Will Reduce Accidental Mobile Ad Clicks, With Mandatory Borders and More 70 comments
Scientists Overcome One of the Biggest Limits In Fiber Optic Networks 62 comments
Medal Medal A Failure For SpaceX: Falcon 9 Explodes During Ascension 314 comments
Disney Bans Selfie Sticks 177 comments
Despite Regulatory Nod, Cheap Ebola Test Still Undeployed 24 comments
Medal FB Reveals Woeful Diversity Numbers 256 comments
Genetic Rescue Efforts Could Help Coral Shrug Off Warmer Oceans 133 comments
Weather Promising for Sunday Morning SpaceX Launch 49 comments
iPhone 6S New Feature: Force Touch 190 comments
Aiming To Beat Tesla's "3", Chevy Tests and Teases a Cheaper 200-Mile Electric Car 247 comments
AMD's Project Quantum Gaming PC Contains Intel CPU 136 comments
Why Didn't Voyager Visit Pluto? 98 comments
GA Tech Researchers Train Computer To Create New "Mario Brothers" Levels 27 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: Are Post-Install Windows Slowdowns Inevitable? 513 comments
79% of Airbnb Listings In Barcelona Are Illegal 104 comments
Medal Medal Are We Too Quick To Act On Social Media Outrage? 371 comments
Samsung To Stop Blocking Automatic Windows Updates 23 comments
AppleCare+ Now Covers Batteries That Drop To 80% 149 comments
Medal Drone Diverts Firefighting Planes, Incurring $10,000 Cost 268 comments
Philanthropy For Hackers 27 comments
The Physics of Lexus's Hoverboard 36 comments
Why Is Google Opening a New Data Center In a Former Coal-Fired Power Plant? 40 comments
NIST Updates Random Number Generation Guidelines 64 comments
Medal Protesters Block Effort To Restart Work On Controversial Hawaii Telescope 304 comments
Charter Hires Net Neutrality Activist To Make Policy 70 comments
Touring NASA's Space Shuttle Cockpit Trainer 18 comments
Medal Mob Programming: When Is 5 Heads Really Better Than 1 (or 2)? 126 comments
World's First Commercial Jetpack Arrives Next Year 119 comments
Medal After Protest, France Cracks Down On Uber 177 comments

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