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Journal: Wireless Wi-Fi Music Streaming Receiver (150Mbps, Supports DLNA/Airplay/Qplay)

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This is a small, lightweight Wi-Fi powerhouse, which is capable of turning virtually any old wired speakers into a wireless bass-thumpin' system. Due to a powerful antenna structure, this receiver can stream AAC, MP3, WAV and Flac content at speeds up to 150Mbps within a 10 to 30 meter range. Measur (

Comment: Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 1) 66

by FlyHelicopters (#49567371) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

The problem is we don't have leadership that will accept this fact and say we must sacrifice this to get that.
Right now when ever there is an issue, our elected officials will just throw the baby out with the bath water.

Our elected leaders are not as stupid as you think they are.

They fully understand two things:

1. People talk about the environment plenty, but the minute you tell them, "ok, your power bills are going to double because of the environment", suddenly people care a whole lot less.

2. It wouldn't matter if we doubled the price of power via a carbon tax in the US, because of China. And US and EU politicians have no power to make China do anything and if China doesn't change, then this is all just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. You think you're being productive, but you're not.

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Journal: Leading Loader Cleansing Device

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When buying a major duty cleansing machine, either for commercial purposes or residence, there will be many factors to consider. You’ll want to realize what drum dimension you need, the total dimension of the device, the settings and features, and whether the machine will be a front side- or top-loader. Different factors to consider will be warranties and availability of parts.

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Comment: Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 1) 66

by FlyHelicopters (#49567369) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

And who would that be? Last I checked, coal, gas and oil let you shit your externalities all over other people's environment (and lungs, real estate and insurance costs), and nuclear is impossible due to political reasons.

Environmentalists made a huge mistake a long time ago fighting against nuclear.

Wind and solar have their place, and that's fine, but they aren't going to replace coal, oil, and natural gas in our lifetimes.

You say nuclear is impossible due to political reasons. You are correct, so perhaps you should work against that and change the perception of nuclear.

As for coal, oil, and natural gas not being "taxed" enough for your taste, you forget that it doesn't matter what the US or EU do, China is really all that counts, and you have no influence there.

China is burning 5 times as much coal today as the US is, in the next 5 years or so, China will grow their coal consumption by the current total amount the US burns. We could shut it all down tomorrow and in 5 years China will have replaced it all.

You're trying to stop the dam from overflowing by putting your finger in one hole. You claim "oh, but it helps, every little bit helps". No, sometimes it doesn't.