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The article is about overflowing a file system. It doesn't matter if it's 32MB or 32MiB. The file system would still have overflowed in the same way. The nit picky detail about exactly how big it was is immaterial to the entire discussion. The failure point is that the system was designed in such a way that the file was able to fill up the file system (regardless of how big it was) which resulted in bricking the whole system. Now can we stop wasting time debating a retardedly pedantic point that only autistic people care about but has nothing to do with the actual failure?

Google News Sci Tech: Early humans moved out of Africa through Egypt to reach Europe and Asia - Pioneer News->

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Christian Science Monitor

Early humans moved out of Africa through Egypt to reach Europe and Asia
Pioneer News
According to a new genomic analysis, ancient humans moved out of Africa through Egypt nearly 60,000 years ago, and spread over to Europe and Asia or Eurasia. The study has been published in the American Journal of Human Genetics. With this study, the...
The Story of Early Human Migration is EvolvingThe News Ledge
Human Evolution Reveals First Great Exodus Out Of Africa Occurred In Egypt ... Medical Daily
First Modern Humans Made Their Way Out of Africa via Egypt, Not EthiopiaNews Every day
University Herald-News Quench
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How To Post An Animated GIF On Facebook
Huffington Post
To make them work, simply paste the URL of an animated GIF into Facebook's "update status" field. You can then add text as usual. (Gorburger not included.) Uploading an animated GIF from your computer using the "add photos/video" function does not work...
You can finally use GIFs on Facebook, here are GIFs we recommendThe Verge
GOP opposes FCC plan; Google+ changing; GIFs on FacebookWRAL Tech Wire
Facebook Adds Animated GIF Compatibility to WebsiteHeadlines & Global News
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I tried Paradox. No idea what's going on. Click, drag, click, something happens. Yay! What?

I tried dynamakr as well. Even less of a clue. "Left Seek Similar Patterns!" "Enhance Energy!" And then it turns into some weird shoot 'em up. It feels like the game equivalent of a book translated from Swahili to English via Japanese.

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One way to test that is to simulate time. A simulation wouldn't need to wait 15 actual seconds, it could speed up time such that transmissions run immediately after the last, until the test has surpassed the expected lifetime of the mission.

If this were able to be done once every millisecond instead of once every 15 seconds, they would have run across the bug within 14 minutes.

But, even before the testing, comes the DESIGN. No one with more than two active neurons should have designed a system that cannot reboot itself, or that tried to grow a file (especially one that shared storage-space with the OS!!!) infinitely.

Bad Developer. Bad! Bonk Bonk on the head!

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Journal: Trnaklar Güzelletirmenin Yollar

Journal by acilservis

Bakml trnaklar bata kadnlar olmak üzere birçok kii için büyük bir önem tamaktadr. Trnak bakmna önem verilmesi, ellerin güzel ve zarif görünmesinin yan sra salkl bir görünüm salar. Peki trnaklarm (

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So how can I get a smartphone if I'm outside of AT&T's market?

Smartphones on other networks are A. phones for which the carrier imposes a similar requirement of a data plan or B. phones comparable in functionality to an AT&T smartphone.

But in your example, why would I buy a phone from AT&T if I'm going to get a GoPhone sim?

To ensure that it works on AT&T's network. (GoPhone is AT&T's prepaid brand.)

Won't I be paying for two phone plans then? AT&T (unused, but still per month costs) and GoWhatever?

Phones for use with GoPhone are sold up front.