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Comment Re:Germany wants a lot... (Score 1) 480

Have you ever been intellectually honest? You live in America (or claimed to). Your very existence is because of hate speech, propaganda, traitors, and terrorism. Your laws are in place because people broke the law, with speech, and spoke out against the king.

A country has the right to control its people, certainly. It has no right to control other people. Unless FB is serving up content from German soil then, no, they do not have control over them. They can block Facebook all they want. They can make using Facebook illegal for all I care. They can make Facebook remove any servers from their country if they want.

Man, I can't believe I'm forced to defend Facebook. Twice, in one day, I've had to say something in defense of really bad people. I think this is probably because there are just too many people who are unwilling to be honest.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 556

Yes he dislikes shell scripts as being an important part of the system. That's been the entire argument regarding systemd on countless issues. Most of the criticisms of his stuff are factually incorrect. What is correct though is that his designs use binary interfaces but aren't very shell script friendly. So when people say "systemd doesn't do X" what they really mean is "systemd doesn't do X in a way that integrates well with scripting".

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kauannall writes: Presently right now generally at this time there has long been resurgence from the egg, as well as we're 100 % at the rear of this particular shift withinside recognition. Ova really certainly can be a nice supply of protein as well as vitamin B12, and that is key with regard to the ideal nervous method as well as metabolism. Flip the actual egg into your tortilla as well as prime this along with easy food recipes, goat parmesan mozzarella dairy product, as well as greens, or even attempt guac as well as salsa.
Exactly just precisely the way typically can you awaken as well as assume : I can opt for a hefty serving associated with pasta? This easy food recipes might alter everything. Cucumber noodles tend to be topped along with berries, basil, kiwi, sesame seeds, as well as lime fruit liquid for any crispy, sweet morning dinner. We expect there is some thing terribly satisfying concerning twirling your own breakfast every day as well as slurping this unabashedly.
easy food recipes

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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Uber pulls up to the bumper, drops Jeep hackers into driving seat - The Register->


Uber pulls up to the bumper, drops Jeep hackers into driving seat
The Register
Uber has hired two security researchers as it shifts gears on its biz strategy with plans to develop driver-free cars. The cab app outfit has poached Twitter's Charlie Miller and IOActive's Chris Valasek. Those names may sound familiar to readers.
Vehicle security researchers hired by Uber to explore working on technology ... Times Gazette
Uber Hires two top Vehicle Security Researchers for Self-Driving CarsInside Bitcoins
Uber hires two security researchers who hacked into a moving JeepThe Indian Express
Benchmark Reporter-TIME-Fortune
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: Researchers fail to replicate findings of Psychology Studies published in 2008 - NYC Today->


Researchers fail to replicate findings of Psychology Studies published in 2008
NYC Today
A recently conducted analysis has showed that nearly 36% of the findings presented from almost 100 studies in the top three psychology journals held up when the original experiments were redone. The report was published by the journal Science, and ...
New Research Suggests Psychological Experiments Are Unreliable...And ... Tech Times
Some Old Psychology Studies Can't Be Trusted, Study ShowsPioneer News
Research Highlights The Need For Scientists To Continually Question ThemselvesKRWG News22 World Report-Apex Tribune
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Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 1) 26

Haven't used a UEFI system?
The other day, there was a forum thread by a guy who had assembled a new PC and thought that it didn't work. The thing went so quick as to not show anything on the display then monitor would get put on stand by. You pretty much have to mash keys before turning the thing on to get in the setup screen.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 556

You now have your init daemon

Systemd is not an init daemon. Systemd is a process manager, like you have on most sophisticated operating systems and most of the big box Unixes. Init is just a transitional state that the process manager needs to handle. When you start your analysis by calling systemd an init system you immediately tie yourself in with the anti-systemd lying propaganda.

A proper version of this might be:
-- The process manager is taking over one of the means of privilege escalation for shell processes and thus is shifting auditing and monitoring responsibilities away from the legacy system onto itself.

Submission + - Chris Christie Proposes Tracking Immigrants the Way FedEx Tracks Packages->

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said on Saturday that if he were elected president he would combat illegal immigration by creating a system to track foreign visitors the way FedEx tracks packages.

I just spit out my coffee . . .

Mr. Christie, who is far back in the pack of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, said at a campaign event in New Hampshire that he would ask the chief executive of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith, to devise the tracking system.“At any moment, FedEx can tell you where that package is. It’s on the truck. It’s at the station. It’s on the airplane,” Mr. Christie told the crowd in Laconia, N.H. “Yet we let people come to this country with visas, and the minute they come in, we lose track of them.” He added: “We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in.”

I'm sure foreign tourist will be amused when getting a bar code sticker slapped on their arm.

A FedEx spokeswoman declined to comment on Mr. Christie’s remarks.

Mr. Christie, get your lips away from the crack pipe.

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Comment Re:Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (Score 1) 53

That is a lie as anyone with any experience with Malaysia knows.

I lived in Malaysia for a few years, and openly opposed racial and cultural discrimination, even though expressing such views could be dangerous. I still live nearby in another part of SE Asia.

Half a century ago it was a "Legal right" for black men to vote & yet we all know that the entrenched power in southern states refused to respect it.

And the solution to that injustice was to start with the facts: The legal right was there. But there were thousands of other problems to solve before it could mean something. Many of those problems have been solved, and some yet remain. Its a continuum in any part of the world. Newly industrialized nations have somewhat further to go of course.