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Comment Re:Amazon doesn't understand helicopters (Score 1) 95 95

I agree with you, I think, but I think there will be an argument from those not concerned with recreational RC aircraft usage.

So, if I may, please accept that this is not my implicitly my view but is how I think you may need to face this:

Where, in the scale of things, does the importance of recreational use come in? Cars, for example, are quite highly regulated on roads. The air is different in that all of it can, pretty much, be considered a viable transportation route. With an automobile you are limited, quite restricted really, with regards to recreation. The reasoning for this is to ensure that the roads are safe and usable by those performing more necessary tasks such as conducting business or traveling. RC aircraft are toys and unimportant. Those used for business should be permitted and follow regulations concerning their use space and need to be considered as less important so as to not interfere with existing traffic.

So, yeah... It might have gone different but that is where I see this heading. I would expect draconian restrictions, licensing, and very limited use space. I expect this to get support because some of the people using these toys are behaving poorly and giving the hobby a black eye. I am not a fan of regulation and I do not participate in your hobby but I see this as a sad/bad result that is quite likely at this point. I'd say that the fault is partially your own, as a group, for failing to find the malevolent actors and punch them in the nuts before you got the bad associations in the media.

As a person with multiple hobbies, some of which require use of public space, this is a sad thing and I am unhappy that this is likely to be the result. Your hobby is going to get eviscerated and, sure you can make your own devices, they will just confiscate them when they can, fine users, and place them in jail. I have no solutions for you but I'd suggest seeking ways to get good media out there, educating users, and punching idiots in the nuts.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 252 252

Logic is one thing. The real trick is to anticipate, plan for, and handle the unexpected things that turn an "All You Have To Do Is..." into something that takes months to complete.

Software design has been likened to creating a contract with the Devil. For the same reason. Anything you don't allow for will send you to Hell quickly.

But most people aren't fool enough to show up in court without a lawyer.

Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 101 101

That being said, everyone has to understand that there's no way to permanently remove data from "the internet", only from a few specific sites.

Indeed, which is why the EU requiring major search engines to remove results for people's names is quite sensible. The information is still there, but a casual search won't find it. In the same way as in the past old news articles were available on microfiche, and old photos were in people's personal collections, but you had to make a lot of effort to find them.

And anyone who downloaded that information could always upload it again.

To an extent, but existing copyright laws already prevent people from re-posting material they don't own and don't have permission to use. Actually that's an area that needs reform too, because at the moment the victims of revenge porn sometimes have to send photos of their naked bodies to the copyright office to establish ownership and get material taken down.

Comment Re:Is it going to matter much? (Score 1) 150 150

I might expect some cost reductions because the increased durability will lessen the amount of excess memories needed for remapping when cells go bad. And don't larger drives use NAND chips in parallel for speed? If you can simplify packaging by using a single chip you might cut costs there, too.

If its as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as they say it is, you might also expect enterprise adoption to increase, lowering the cost of NAND by cutting demand or resulting in more reliable NAND.

It's also hard to know what kind of process improvements may take place over time.

Either way, I think cheap, durable and fast-or-faster-than-flash storage is pretty exciting, so I guess I'm willing to be optimistic. Storage is so expensive and so relatively slow that something that pushes the envelope on speed and cost just seems to have a lot of potential.

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