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Comment: Re:Sales flow chart. (Score 1) 97

by unixisc (#47555233) Attached to: Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs

I don't disagree with you, but I'll also add that there are some kinds of environments which need a huge DB like Oracle.

Because, let's face it, SQL server doesn't really scale up to the same level of performance, no matter what anybody tells you.

If you're big enough that nothing but Oracle will do, this is the cost of doing business.

If you believe SQL Server actually provides Enterprise class solutions ... well, you aren't very well informed. It simply doesn't handle stuff on the really big end of things.

Not saying that Oracle aren't greedy bastards who gouge their customers, but sometimes you really do need a bigger environment.

So doesn't Oracle's SPARC/Solaris line already cover this?

Comment: Re:4! (Score 1) 170

Well, in a hundred years or so people will still want to listen to Bach and Mozart's music. And preferring Bach or Mozart's music. Can't necessarily say the same for Nirvana or The Sex Pistols (RIP Sid), even if there are people who would whip into a frenzy for the fact being stated as so.

Comment: Even for working A devices data scrub is a wash (Score 1) 113

by bdwoolman (#47555225) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Preparing an Android Tablet For Resale?

Check out this article in The Guardian 'Factory wipe' on Android phones left naked selfies and worse, study finds,

Really keep the thing for parts yourself. Or just keep it. You can't safely wipe it. Really. You can't. Though the chance of somebody actually harming you is small it is there. And if you have enough paranoia to ask this question then you will worry. Even years from now it will pop into your head at three AM unbidden and for no reason. Was that picture of me and Irma Plotnik really gone? Really really?

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Journal: Understanding Divorce Papers

Journal by yenius

A stranger on the porch of your home at dinner hour and asks you to confirm your identity. When you acknowledge your name, a stack of papers are thrust at you. “Consider yourself served!” You’ve just been served with an Application for Divorce and the supporting documents. It can be a frighten (

Comment: Re:sure, works for France (Score 1) 296

You know, you are an idiot, right? I clicked one of your links at random:

"Wheat futures for March delivery climbed 0.8 percent to $5.735 a bushel, the first gain in six sessions. On Jan. 10, the price fell to $5.605, the lowest since July 2010."

Wow, we have deflation!!!111ONEONEONE. Hmm, maybe another link?

Bad news for burrito addicts: Chipotle announced it will raise its prices for the first time in three years, by 5 percent, in response to the increase in beef, avocado and cheese prices.

Whole 5% other 3 years, that's like 1.5% of inflation each year! The sky is falling!

If you actually could follow a logical argument, you'd have checked - it tracks the actual prices. So far their numbers are in agreement with the official stats. But no, libertards prefer to live in imaginary worlds, they are too scared to actually admit that their mythology of tax cuts as a universal treatment is wrong.

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Journal: Home air conditioningNew York|877-999-0216|Experienced,|Specialists|Experts|Inst

Journal by elizabethseo

Home air conditioningNew York|877-999-0216|Experienced,|Specialists|Experts|Installers|repairers|NYOver time, these things build up inside the coils and block the coils. Reducing that surface location triggers the compressor to work harder since there is less heat being exchanged from the coils to t (

Comment: Windows Phone? (Score 2) 112

by jbolden (#47555215) Attached to: Samsung Delays Tizen Phone Launch

(from article) Is there any hope for the likes of Tizen, Firefox OS, and Windows on phones and tablets?

How did Windows Phone get in that group. That's the 3rd largest ecosystem and growing rapidly with multiple billions behind it. It has shipped and is shipping. Unitwise it is over 1/3rd of of iOS sales. Definitely 3rd place but not marginal, or non-existant.

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Google News Sci Tech: Stanford Researchers Claim They Found "The Holy Grail" Of Battery Life - Hot Har->

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Sky News Australia

Stanford Researchers Claim They Found "The Holy Grail" Of Battery Life
Hot Hardware
You can't swing a dead cat these days without hitting a research team claiming to have discovered a new technology or ability that will miraculously enhance battery capabilities as soon as a few quick problems are patched up or some niggling cost factors get...
Lithium battery that could last for days may be coming soonIndustry Leaders Magazine
Lithium battery 'Holy Grail' could provide 4 times the powerKSHB
Researchers develop stable lithium anode batteryTechnologyTell
Sci-Tech Today-Green Building Elements-Pune Mirror
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Google News Sci Tech: Microsoft confirms China investigation - MarketWatch->

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Microsoft confirms China investigation
LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) confirmed Monday that it was the subject of a Chinese government probe, with officials visiting the company's offices in Beijing, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities, reports said.
Microsoft targeted in apparent Chinese anti-trust probeReuters Canada
Microsoft Probed by Regulators in China Amid US TensionBusinessweek
With Microsoft in Sights, China Starts to Squeeze US Tech CompaniesNew York Times
BBC News-The Straits Times-Forbes
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Google News Sci Tech: Dating website experiemented on users - The Times (subscription)->

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Dating website experiemented on users
The Times (subscription)
A dating website has come under a storm of criticism after admitting it deliberately mismatched users to test its technology. OkCupid, a matchmaking website based in the US, said it told couples they were bad matches even when its algorithm showed the...
OkCupid admits to Facebook-style experimenting on customersTODAYonline
OkCupid admits to Facebook-style experimentingThe Australian Financial Review
Dating site OKCupid admits to Facebook-style psychological testing on
Daily Digest-Columbus CEO
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