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Comment: Re:Yeah, students will use bandwidth (Score 1) 285

by schnell (#47505281) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

Even your post suggests that teachers are to blame for poor educational outcomes

Teachers are a part of the equation of educational outcomes. Parents and economics, I agree, have far more to do with results. But barring extreme circumstances, you can't do anything about a child's parents. You can far more easily do something about their school and their teacher. And I had teachers growing up who ranged from those fostering my love of learning and enriching my young life... to those making every day a litany of scorn and drudgery.

My partner works in a primary school across town, and sees every day what leads to poor educational outcomes.

I'm sure your partner is a very good teacher, and deserves great praise for it. But sure she/he would admit that there are good teachers and bad teachers, just like there are people who are good and bad at any job.

Wouldn't she/he want to get paid more for being good at teaching vis-a-vis someone else who didn't put in as much effort or have the same skills? I'm not saying it's a panacea, but I cannot help but believe that paying better teachers more would make the profession more attractive and more rewarding. What's wrong with that and why won't teachers' unions even countenance the idea?

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Google News Sci Tech: UPDATE 1-Apple asks suppliers to produce up to 80 mln large-screen iPhones ... -->

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Times of India

UPDATE 1-Apple asks suppliers to produce up to 80 mln large-screen iPhones ...
(Adds names of suppliers In paragraph 3). July 21 (Reuters) - Apple Inc has asked suppliers to manufacture between 70 million and 80 million of its two forthcoming large-screen iPhones by the end of the year, its largest initial production run of iPhones, the...
Apple asks suppliers to produce up to 80 million large-screen iPhones: WSJReuters Canada
Size matters ... Samsung takes a dig at the screen envy of iPhone users in its ...
Next iPhone Will Offer Bigger ScreensWall Street Journal
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Google News Sci Tech: Destiny Beta Down Until July 23rd - The Gamer Headlines->

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Destiny Beta Down Until July 23rd
The Gamer Headlines
If you've been like most people in the world as of late that own a Playstation system, then you'll have been indulging in all of the Destiny Beta's amazing glory. (The game's great isn't it?). And if you're also like most, then you'll know that you can't log in to the...

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Google News Sci Tech: June second month in a row to break temperature records - The Westside Story->

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Wall Street Journal

June second month in a row to break temperature records
The Westside Story
Last month was Earth's warmest June since 1880, when people first began recording the temperature. This will mark the second month in a row to set a world-record temperature, said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
NOAA Report: Southwest Saw Record Temperatures This YearWall Street Journal
Globe sets heat record for second month in a rowIrish Examiner
The World Just Had Its Hottest June On RecordHuffington Post
SFGate (blog)-USA TODAY
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