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chearosa writes: If you look past all the bickering and yelling in the thread, there are many SEOs and Webmasters, likely on the black hat/churn and burn side, agreeing that it is taking longer.

adidas f50 for saleCan this be a new Google Sandbox or just a specific case of some webmasters not building sites right and expecting them to rank well?

I have not seen many complaints elsewhere but I wouldn't expect to see that in normal forums.

Comment Re: Good? (Score 1) 273

Yeah, because the private companies that benefit from this had nothing to do with it, right? It's all the government's fault and only the government's fault.

You are missing the point. When legislators decide to regulate buying and selling, the first things bought are legislators. Taxi cartels are prime examples of this.

Comment Re: Why does Obama keep doing this? (Score 1) 211

I see too many other countries where the laws seem to be based on a trending topics ("right to be forgotten") without slow deliberation.

In the USA, laws are entirely based on trending topics.
Gay marriage is trending, so courts are continually overturning bans.
Marijuana is trending, so States are legalizing.
Women's rights are a perennial issue.

In a sane country, we'd enshrine these changes in the US Constitution, instead of leaving the Supreme Court to decide everything and then Congress or the Executive Branch crafting legislation/regulation in order to comply..

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

That seems like a reasonable statement to include in the Constitution.

Comment Re:Political/Moral (Score 0) 305

The private sector lives by kicking the can down the road. Banks borrow every day to kick the can down the road. Kicking the can down the road was invented by the private sector and is used all the time. To say government can't use the same mechanism is unrealistic, because it works so well for the private sector.

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Comment One's "god's will" the other isn't (Score 1) 1330

There's a moral difference between CAUSING an abortion and ALLOWING one to happen naturally in the eyes of the religious.

To me, the line is more blurry. Is someone who could prevent something but allows it *completely* innocent, really? I mean, we as a society try to prevent deaths by cancer, why not deaths by natural abortion?

Also, some of the religious may argue that to cause an abortion that wouldn't have happened is to thwart God's Plan, but how do these yahoos know that the abortion wasn't God's plan?

And let's go back to the cancer deaths again. Are we not thwarting God's Plan by saving someone with cancer?

In the end, I think there is a fundamental point, the religious pick an arbitrary line between what they like and what they don't, and it doesn't always make rational sense.

I think the rational argument is that no one should be forced to risk their lives to provide life support to another person. My kidneys are MINE thank you very much, don't hook me up to another person as a dialysis machine against my will, even if it saves that person's life. It puts ME at risk and is a great imposition on me. And even if I agree to it at some point, I can change my mind about continuing to risk my life by providing dialysis.

Pregnancy is very much analogous.


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chearosa writes: If you look past all the bickering and yelling in the thread, there are many SEOs and Webmasters, likely on the black hat/churn and burn side, agreeing that it is taking longer.

Can this be a new Google Sandbox or just a specific case of some webmasters not building sites right and expecting them to rank well?

I have not seen many complaints elsewhere but I wouldn't expect to see that in normal forums.

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Comment Re:Political/Moral (Score 1) 305

Dave Barry described this in some 'detail' (from Bad Habits):

What we are in is a recession. The key economic indicator of a recession is that government economists go around announcing that the economy is improving. The truth, of course, is that government economists don't have the slightest notion what the economy is doing; if they did, they would have decent jobs. But they keep trying. Every few days they come out with some economic statistic and attempt to explain it, using charts and pointers, to the news media:

["press release" omitted]

Government economists are always hopeful, for two reasons:

  1. They have jobs.
  2. If they aren't hopeful, the President wil fire them.

So government economists go around with big smiles on their faces all the time. For the past thirty years, presidents increased spending and deficits like clockwork, and the government economists smiled. Then Ronald Reagan said he was against big spending and deficits, and the government economists smiled. Now it turns out that spending and deficits are still going up, and the government economists are still smiling. Phyllis George would be a good government economist.

Comment Law applies to persons and corporations ... (Score 4, Informative) 1330

How does "free speech" translate into "depriving people of medical benefits"?

No one claimed it does. Someone used the false meme from the citizens united decision that corporations are people. I respond to that. Apologies for not being clear.

And NO this is a situation where a Corporation is treated as a person -- or a "group of people".

Not really. This seems to be a situation where a law applies to both corporations and people. As other posters have pointed out the Dictionary Act states that legislation that applies to persons also applies to corporations and other organizations if this legislation does not define its scope, and since the Religious Freedom Restoration Act did not define any such scope it applies to corporations as well as persons.

So its seems to boil down to whether a corporation can hold a religious belief. The hobby lobby decisions seems to say that closely held corporations (5 or fewer owners) where the owners share a common religious belief would count as a corporation holding such belief.

If you incorporate -- for that benefit, you leave your provincial ideas behind.

Apparently not if there are 5 or fewer owners who share the same belief. In most such cases this would basically be a family owned business.

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GM recalls 7.6M more cars as costs balloon
General Motors announced six new safety recalls Monday — including its single largest this year — involving a total of about 7.55 million vehicles in the U.S.. The company also announced that it would increase its second-quarter charges to pay for recalls to...
As Recalls Expand, GM Offers Plan for Victims of Faulty Ignition SwitchNew York Times
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Comment Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (Score 1) 1330

I could have said the same statement, but put "society" in place of "government". "Society" did not blaze the Oregon Trail, nor did it build the subdivisions that millions of people live in.

As for the rest of the items he listed, I did not dispute them.

As for going to live where a society I disagree with doesn't exist, my ancestors already did that. Their sacrifice is being spit on by people like you who think your view is the only one that matters, because, hey, you got yours and want mine too.

Comment Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (Score 1) 1330

well when you have 100 different sects with different views that's exactly what it means for the companies.

now soon some company will just decide it doesn't believe in cancer and cancel healthcare for that and that aids is gods punishment for gays so no cover for that and if you fell down the ladder while at work then that's clearly because you were hitler in your past life so no coverage for that either.

basically, fuck 'em. company shouldn't be the one providing your healthcare, some socialism has it's merits.

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