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Journal: Angular Cheilitis Emedicine - Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Journal by kristinejowens

Angular Cheilitis Emedicine - Angular Cheilitis Treatment - Angular Cheilitis Emedicine - Angular Cheilitis Treatment Exactly what is Angular Cheilitis? Angular cheilitis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that influences the labial commissures or th (

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Journal: Gefitinib 250mg | Gefitinib tablets | Gefitinib Natco Generic Iressa

Journal by bulksupplier

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Comment: Re:Test and launch are the same, it is GREAT! (Score 5, Informative) 125

by wagnerrp (#46793237) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water

I remember reading that of the $20 million cost of a launch only about $500,000 was due to fuel, so this is a complete game changer.

Right idea, but wrong numbers. A Falcon 9 launch, not including the cost of the payload itself, is nearly $60M, while the fuel for it is only a quarter million.

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Comment: Re:Test and launch are the same, it is GREAT! (Score 2) 125

by clj (#46793235) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water

> I'm curious to know if this first stage had landing gear attached

Yes, and they were hoping that that would contribute to ameliorating the roll problem they had on the first attempt to slow down the first stage on its way to landing (actually, watering). So, the bad sea conditions and (most likely) not recovering the first stage are unfortunate but it seems like they are making progress, and doing so without interfering with performing a successful mission for a paying customer.

Comment: Re:Old Nintendo Products (Score 1) 702

by BTWR (#46793231) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?
Do a web search for Gameboy in Iraq. You'll turn up a fully-functioning gameboy that survived mortars(bombs?) hitting a base. The thing is mostly black and has some of the plastic melting, but it still plays tetris and is on display in a museum.

I live in New York City and I can vouch for this. It's in the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center. It's not technically a "museum," but it's in a display case on the 2nd floor with some special/vintage Nintendo products. It is half-melted as ausekills says. They have it auto-playing the original Tetris.
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Journal: Relation with Music Ox Cohen Music

Journal by socialgriffin2

The first two years I learned only by some private lesson and it is amazing to me to remember the teachers that I hadHow good they were and good people they were too. My sophomore year I ended up attending a private school for the artsThen I really got into some variety of music and in in dept (

Google News Sci Tech: Nike to reportedly exit wearables market, fires bulk of FuelBand team [u] - Appl->

From feed by feedfeeder

Apple Insider

Nike to reportedly exit wearables market, fires bulk of FuelBand team [u]
Apple Insider
A rumor on Friday claims Nike is planning to shut down the division responsible for creating wearable fitness trackers, starting with the axing of as many as 55 people from the FuelBand team. FuelBand SE. Citing people familiar with the situation, CNET...
Bye-Bye FuelBand: Nike Won't Be the Last Company to Get Out of Wearable ... TIME
Nike Fires FuelBand Team in Move to Ditch WearablesMashable
Nike Dismantles their FuelBand Wearables TeamPatently Apple
TechCrunch-CNET-TechRadar UK
all 31 news articles

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Journal by magindo

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Comment: Re:Open source shovels and hoes (Score 1) 136

by whistlingtony (#46793217) Attached to: Plant Breeders Release 'Open Source Seeds'

Sock Puppets? /looks around. Uh dude? My name's on every comment. The rest of them are telling me I'm an idiot. :D No sock puppets... And yes, I did have my own Moran moment. Sigh.... I'm still right though. :D

I'm not against GM food. I am against Monsanto. They're a chemical company. The seeds are just there to help them sell chemicals. I'm an ex farmer man. I know the industry, and I know what they've done to it.

Comment: Re:But do you want it? (Score 3, Insightful) 50

by mysidia (#46793213) Attached to: Bookies Predict the Future of Tech

you don't "help" a company or technology by buying their stock since the said stock is owned by some other dude and the sale does not bring a single more dollar to the company

This is not quite true. Most companies dilute their stock regularly, to compensate management and founders with stock or option grants.

The collection of buyers of those shares set the price for the stock -- which is ultimately being used to provide the company's equity financing.

Now it's true if you bought a share of stock for $1000.... well it's not $1000 that goes directly or indirectly to the company.

But you are trading places with someone who ultimately up the chain bought into their offering.

In the event the buying volume ran out... the stock price could easily fall by a few %. Even a $0.01 price decrease is significant.

So it's not that you aren' "giving" to the company --- it's just that the relative proportions of what you are giving are probably very very small, for a multi-billion$$ company.

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Submitted by Anonymous Coward
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Comment: Re:do they have a progressive view? (Score 1) 336

by madbrain (#46793211) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

You may want to read the Windsor ruling more carefully, it does not say what you stated.

DOMA section was overturned, which means the federal government must recognize same-sex marriages of couples that were married in states or countries that allow it.

Many of the state constitutional bans on same-sex marriage weren't enacted directly by voters, but by the legislatures. The Windsor case says nothing about the voters in each state.

The Supreme Court also let stand a ruling about Prop 8, which found that a state ban on same-sex marriage in California, directly voted on by the California electorate, was unconstitutional.

The 2 rulings are not in contradiction. Both will be used to overturn many of the remaining state constitutional bans on same-sex marriage.

Comment: Re:IMPOSSIBLE (Score 1) 220

by siddesu (#46793207) Attached to: California Utility May Replace IT Workers with H-1B Workers
You can't do that when big corporations are truly global. There have been mechanisms in place for the past 50 years to skirt national legislation by creating a 'consensus' among weaker states abroad and then importing it back as the 'international standard'. It is a lot safer to bribe officials outside of the country, where everyone involved is answerable to nobody. It is also a lot easier to keep negotiations under wraps. Not all international standards are bad, or come about by using this scheme, of course, but those that do most of the harm are.

Comment: Re:Guys, 2020 is just sixe years from now (Score 1) 50

by Monty845 (#46793203) Attached to: Bookies Predict the Future of Tech
You could flip that on its head, and say that despite the challenges of a mars colonization mission, and the exponential increase in difficulty that trying to do it in 6 years would add, they wont give worse odds than 1 in 250 that it could happen... given the launch windows, 6 years is too short, even if you really believe in Musk, and think we can colonize Mars... but it does highlight the short windows of these predictions. Just pushing them all out to 2030, and I'd be really interested to see what they start making the odds.

Comment: Re:Designer babies (Score 2) 155

I think genetic engineering is definitely within a lifetime. We have been making genetic changes in the germline of mice for over 25 years. It was horribly inefficient for about 23 of those years. Now, it is fairly easy with RNA Guided Nucleases like CRISPR/Cas9. We are starting to develop treatments for diseases based on engineering somatic cells in adults. Going to germline modification in the human will take some technological developmental and refinements. But, it is not a large conceptual step to go to from genome editing in mice to humans.

Comment: Test and launch are the same, it is GREAT! (Score 3, Informative) 125

by wisebabo (#46793195) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water

The landing of the first stage in the Atlantic (a process that required decelerating it and bringing it to a hover just above the surface of the ocean before letting it fall in), is part of the resupply mission to the ISS. That is, once the first stage boosted its cargo towards the ISS, it then performed this test.

Too bad that they didn't try to return the first stage to land and then try to land it there but I understand their desire to do things one step at a time (it's safer this way also). I'm curious to know if this first stage had landing gear attached (maybe not because of the additional weight, drag). Also, in the future when they DO try to land it on land, where will they be aiming? If the flight profile of the first stage is mostly vertical then, without much fuel I guess they could return to Florida, otherwise would they be going for a Caribbean island? The Azores or Canary Islands? Africa? I'm sure they've got this figured out, I'm just curious.

Anyway, if they manage to recover the first stage by soft landing it without dunking it in salt water, it could REALLY drop the costs of space flight, even if they don't manage to reuse the 2nd stage (which they plan to do also). I remember reading that of the $20 million cost of a launch only about $500,000 was due to fuel, so this is a complete game changer. Even if the stage can only be reused a few times it'll make access to low earth orbit (the expensive part of space travel) much cheaper!

I only hope and pray that it works reliably and that the weight penalty is not too great! I thought they would have to use a lot more fuel to slow down and turn around but I guess they're using air resistance for the braking and the (now almost empty) booster is very light. Pretty unbelievable when you see a 10 story tall rocket turn around and land on a pillar of fire.

Comment: Re:But do you want it? (Score 1) 50

by mysidia (#46793193) Attached to: Bookies Predict the Future of Tech

What is very disappointing is the heavyhanded regulators have blocked this kind of market in the US, the supposed "land of the free"? What happened to our economic freedom??

Indeed. If you stand to lose financially -- in case the technology DOES succeed, then you could make a Bet that it will succeed, in order to offset your losses.

If the technology succeeds, you win your bet, AND your winnings offset the financial harm. If the technology doesn't succeed, then you lose your bet, BUT you are not financially harmed.

Investing would help finance its success, which you definitely don't want.

Instead... in the US you are banned from placing the bet. So you can't protect yourself --- except from a narrow band of risks by purchasing insurance :-(

Comment: Re:Politics as usuall (Score 1) 723

by DexterIsADog (#46793189) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

Yes, people were denied healthcare they couldn't pay for. Some homeless mentally ill person could feign chest pains and get a full workup and warm bed. Not to mention an ambulance ride. Then skip out on the bill.

Actually, no. I worked for a recovery audit contractor, which gets 3-5% of each claim recovered for miscoding, not medically justified, technically wrong, etc. That money is snatched back from the hospital, private practice, whatever medical establishment provided the Medicare or Medicaid service.

What do you think the hospital is going to tell its ER staff - the next time someone shows up who's iffy, turn them away.

I had to quit; it was eroding my soul.

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Google News Sci Tech: Facebook Nearby Friends New Feature - Refinery29->

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CNN International

Facebook Nearby Friends New Feature
Facebook has gone and done a curious thing. The social network has begun rolling out its new, optional Nearby Friends feature for Android and iOS apps, which does exactly what it sounds like. Now, when your friends are in the area, you'll get a notification.
Stalk People with Facebook's "Nearby Friends"NBC Bay Area (blog)
Facebook reveals 'Nearby Friends'

all 408 news articles

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