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Journal: Trò chuyn cùng ông ch nh có s thích “pht” b

Journal by khanhthu

Pht là gì và pht nh th nào? Có rt nhiu ngi hi tôi: "i Pht là i âu mà mày am mê th?" hay mt câu hi n gin hn "Pht là gì"? Và sau nhng câu hi ó là nhng chia s v nhng chuyn i ca Pht, nh (

Comment: Re:SSH? (Score 1) 607

by udippel (#44771711) Attached to: NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption

The proper way to do it is to have your CAs sitting on a non-network connected computer sitting in a secure location, with as few individuals having access as possible. Obviously that's not 100%, as the NSA could still show up with a warrant, but you're going to know when you've been compromised, which is, really, the whole point behind proper key management.

Come on, mods, how can this be "insightful"?? Are you not aware that the keys are needed to set up any communication; and that it is exactly the requirement for a CA to be online? If you want to mod up, the best could have been "funny"

Comment: Pay stubs, rent up front, shorter term (Score 1) 277

by tepples (#44771703) Attached to: What Marketers Think They Know About You and What They Really Do

But i've been in areas where the standard procedure for nearly everyone a reasonable distance away from certain areas wants to run a credit check on you before signing a lease.

This article and this discussion and this article claim that standard procedure can be worked around. Showing pay stubs, offering to pay three to six months' rent up front in states that allow it, or seeking a shorter lease term will make the landlord more likely to feel like filling a vacancy.

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Journal: The Diverse Function of Web along with Intranet

Journal by roccoeisenzimmer

There are actually several ways capable to perform to obtain learn perbedaan internet dan intranet which includes comprehend from the function. Internet is derived through the word which has meaning Interconnection Networking computers with numerous types of relationships which form a network system that covers the whole world (global computer system network) by implies of telecommunications for example telephone lines, radio links, satellite along with others. To be in a position to particip

+ - 'Ghetto Tracker' Walked on Shoulders of Tech Giants

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes ", which invited users to rate neighborhoods based on 'which parts of town are safe and which ones are ghetto, or unsafe', predictably drew the ire of the press and was quickly shut down amid cries of racism. "This site is gone. It's not worth the trouble," explained the site's creator, who insisted race-had-nothing-to-do-with-it. Not to excuse the at best ill-conceived 'Ghetto Tracker,' but why was there much less outrage from the press when the USPTO gave IBM a patent on adding surcharges to your auto insurance premium when a GPS device reports that you drove into an area in Big Blue's bad neighborhood database? Or when Microsoft was granted a patent on walking directions that avoid crime-ridden neighborhoods? Or when Google was charged with issuing a bad neighborhood caution to walking directions? When it comes down to it, how different is 'Ghetto Tracker' from Google's patented system and method for storing and providing routes, which proposes to 'remove streets from recommended directions if uploaded route information indicates that travelers seem to avoid the street' (routes that 'traverse one or more high crime areas,' explains Google, 'may be less appealing to most travelers')? In spirit, aren't both really kind of all about using tech to avoid Martin Luther King Boulevard? Does omitting the word 'ghetto' make the tech giants' patents non-racist?"

Comment: Wiki of Things? Blog Platform? (Score 1) 42

by Jonah Hex (#44771693) Attached to: GNU MediaGoblin 0.5.0 "Goblin Force" Released
I already use Wordpress for posting articles, but I'd rather have something that allows me to have a more open wiki structure to ideas, scripts, etc. So is this a blog/media/wiki all in one? Or should I just try bolting a wiki onto my wordpress and hope they support using a single user database some day. (it's been a while since I've checked into Wordpress/Wiki integration so that may already have happened) - HEX

Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 203

by cusco (#44771687) Attached to: Making a Case For Cyberwar Against Syria
Speeds up? Sure, I'll grant you that, but is it necessary for advances to happen? Not at all. The Reformation and the Renaissance happened in spite of the internecine warfare of the time, not because of it. Would it have taken longer if military research hadn't funded some of the scientists? Sure, but it almost certainly would have happened. Goddard, Von Braun and Korolev would still have plugged away year after year on rockets without the bottomless pit of military funding, and their successors would have gone to the moon instead.

BTW, in spite of the Pentagon's propaganda internetworking was already under way well before DARPANet. A former boss was an intern when her boss and a few others got their DEC to talk to the (IIRC) the HP mainframe at U of Colorado and the IBM at U of California, letting him get rid of two of the four dumb terminals on his desk. Salescritters saw what they had done and sold the idea to DARPA (at which point they had to start all over from scratch).

+ - SPAM: Favorite Canadian Vacation Destination for Families

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Canada is a country which has a great outdoors and, as such, is a great place for a family to book up a Canada vacation rental home and have a fantastic family vacation where everybody goes home satisfied. There are many beautiful vacation destinations which you can head to, and here are some recommendations from vacationrentalpeople."
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Comment: Re:I'm not falling for that! (Score 1) 277

by CodeBuster (#44771685) Attached to: What Marketers Think They Know About You and What They Really Do

You just keep right on telling yourself that.

Damn right. Most people, no matter what precautions they take or where in the world they live, can be found for a few thousand dollars and most Americans can be found for much, much less. It's much more practical to muddy the information they already have about you by mixing plausible lies in with the truth. If they have nothing then sure, go ahead and lie completely but if they already know part of the story, make sure that you fill in the rest with false or misleading information.

Comment: Re:Let us endeavour to create better encription (Score 1) 607

by Shavano (#44771683) Attached to: NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption
Above message after English -> Finnish -> Korean -> Irish -> Mandarin -> Russian -> English

Yes, ROT13 huuuuge availability. However, as a one-way hash, they are just two of at least Latin-based Asia-based, one run in five languages using Google Translate. Research encryption far Google translation layer 5 characters to return to its original shape, it is impossible, therefore, MD5 and SHA256 wells.

Yep, for now GT-5 (Google Translate 5) is unbreakable. There's no way to recover the original text from that hash. However, I had to type plaintext into my browser. That seems more than a little insecure against the Puzzle Palace. Also my intended recipient is not going to know what I meant.

Comment: Re: Diminishing returns (Score 1) 478

by inasity_rules (#44771675) Attached to: Schneier: We Need To Relearn How To Accept Risk

Much because I never promised to bring anything, and the debate you are having is not the same as the one I am. You completely ignore or misunderstand it. We could debate the answers, but which ones? Let me try for one last time, just for my own curiosity. Let's take for example your criteria for proof. No matter how reasonable you are, if we keep asking you "why, how and what" over and over again, you will eventually get to a point where you will say something along the lines of "the question is silly/meaningless." Or "That is self evident/obvious", or perhaps even an "I don't know, but if we don't assume that nothing works." The interesting thing here is people with different belief systems arive at different places here. Their criteria for proof is no more or less arbitrary than yours. The problem is, when you fail to grasp that and apply your arbitrary criteria (or indeed beleif system) to an arbitrary concept or statement from another, you find it unreasonable. For example, how do you know Christianity (or indeed any religion of your choice) does not work within it's own world view? In point of fact, they do work quite well. Sure there are areas of intersection and agreement with yours, but this only serves to muddy the waters further. Or take this argument. You seem to be under the impression that my goal here is to defend the faith. You respond accordingly, and complain when I don't, which I find more than a little surprising for one who claims to be reasonable.

Comment: Good thing. (Score 1) 607

by yusing (#44771673) Attached to: NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption

Clearly all the years of talk of security and encryption has accomplished is to lull many of us into a false sense of security. (Much like meeting with the TSA at the airport.) That false sense has kept many of us from asking the hard questions and really thinking about the weaknesses of the whole setup... which, as we are seeing more and more clearly, is rotten to the stinking core.

Good. Thinking about it all is good, and so is talking about it.

Google News Sci Tech: Smartwatch fever: Samsung, Qualcomm and others make big gadget ... - Washington ->

From feed by feedfeeder

Washington Post

Smartwatch fever: Samsung, Qualcomm and others make big gadget ...
Washington Post
It's a good week to love gadgets. Several major consumer electronics companies are showing off their best new products for the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin, prepping consumers for the coming holiday season. Samsung, Sony and LG,...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)CNET
Samsung smart watch steals the showSydney Morning Herald
This is Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch: A blocky health tracker with a cameraVentureBeat
Wall Street Journal-ABC News-Computerworld
all 2,791 news articles

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Journal: Thú “pht” xe p ca gii tr | Xe dap the thao 24h

Journal by khanhthu

Gii tr thích du lch bi ã quen vi nhng cung "pht" ng dài bng xe máy, và gi ây "pht" bng xe p cng dn tr nên ph bin. Nhng tri nghim mi m khi vi vu trên chú "nga st" khin dân "pht" ngt ngây. Tì (

Comment: Re:Doesn't the NRA already collect names? (Score 1) 531

by swillden (#44771661) Attached to: NRA Joins ACLU Lawsuit Against NSA

I think (based on limited research I just did) that it's reasonable to say most gun owners are NRA members.

There are approximately 4 million NRA members and approximately 80 million gun owners.

I'm a gun owner and strongly anti-NRA. I support strong background checks, gun restrictions (caliber, rate of fire, and magazine capacity), and closing the private sales loophole (iow, requiring background checks in all situations).

Why? Do you have any evidence that any of those things reduce crime? Not feelings or theories, evidence.

I do not advocate hunting except in certain circumstances (and I don't eat meat anymore which is part of that) or teaching children to shoot.

Not teaching children to shoot is a very bad idea, especially if you have a gun in the house. Keeping the guns away from the kids makes them mysterious and attractive, and also means that when the kids finally manage to get hold of one they don't know how to handle it safely. I've never, ever seen a news story about a kid who'd been shooting regularly accidentally shooting himself or a friend. It's always the kids who haven't handled guns.

Kids are very capable of understanding what guns are and how to use them, and of properly respecting them. Give them a little safety education and take them shooting. It'll make them safer... and they'll have fun and it's a great bonding opportunity.

...trying to arm schoolteachers. Both would be funny...

Why is that? What is it that you expect to happen if schoolteachers are armed? And why has it not happened in the decade that Utah schoolteachers have been armed?

+ - On line Insurance Quotes

Submitted by locket70mimosa
locket70mimosa (3044551) writes "But, in the present high-tech age there..

Getting quotes offline is really a real drag. Should people hate to be taught further on tumbshots, we recommend heaps of libraries you should pursue. It is possible to spend hours on the telephone saying your details alive insurance o-r household insurance telesales providers in a bid to find the lowest quotes available. It is a time consuming process that will require determination to keep on contacting insurance agent after insurance agent. Identify more on my car insurance quotes comparison by visiting our novel URL. You are often needing an awareness employer also who'll let you utilize the work phone during your lunch hour!

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On the web insurance quotesthe easy way!

The previous few years has seen a massive escalation in the amount of companies developing an internet presence. Amongst those who have taken up to the Internet are insurance companies. There's now a of insurance companies online, from well-known high-street vehicle insurance names to small local life insurance agents, most of whom are offering information regarding their insurance services and products within the Web.

What's more, lots of the insurance companies provide links to online quotes forms, making the process of getting insurance quotes fast and easy. Visiting auto insurance compare likely provides tips you could tell your aunt. Insurance providers can actually hand you competitive prices instantaneously upon receiving the online form. Visiting return to site probably provides suggestions you should give to your brother. They can also direct you to the form so you can apply for the insurance on the web within minutes.

The best places online to acquire insurance prices are often not directly with the insurance companies themselves. Where a assortment of insurance companies are available on one site Instead, those looking for online insurance prices must go for expert insurance web sites and portals. These 'collective' web sites provide people several advantages.

Firstly, as there are numerous (if not thousands) of insurance companies represented on these combined sites, it's much faster to get the insurance companies that to have your online insurance quotes than when compared to trawling across the Internet searching for each online insurance agencies' website. The next advantage to using these websites for obtaining your online insurance quotes is that many sites allow instantaneous online insurance quotes to be collected by you through the utilization of just one quotes form! Therefore, instead of likely to each insurance professional and re-keying the information needed to acquire your on line quotes, you simply enter the information once, preserving you bags of time!

But think about cost? Absolutely, if on the web insurance prices are not received direct from the insurance (or guarantee) agent's website then they will be more expensive? In fact, the reality is that they will not! Specialist website websites manage most of the management and advertising for each insurance agent displayed therefore saving these insurance companies a packet. Thus, if you go direct to the online insurance providers you are likely to get the same online charges as you'd through specialist portal sites."

Comment: Right... (Score 2, Troll) 588

by publiclurker (#44771653) Attached to: Lowell Observatory Pushes To Name an Asteroid "Trayvon"
When an unarmed black kid is being stalked by someone like you they are just supposed to say yes sir massa sir or you feel entitled to kill them for not knowing their place. I hope that you tell any women out there that if they are being stalked by someone like you that they should just lay back and enjoy it. Otherwise you'll have to kill them and claim you were just standing your ground.

Comment: Re:!Seems likely (Score 1) 203

by Uberbah (#44771651) Attached to: Making a Case For Cyberwar Against Syria

the press is willing to forget their claims against these sources. Anything for Obama, and the Democrats.

Hardly. The media is as pro war in 2013 as they were in 2003, or 1963. Or did we all forget that the "liberal" MSNBC canned their highest rated show when the host, Phil Donahue, questioned the invasion of Iraq?

The only difference now is the chunk of the Democratic party that would be having a hissy fit if it were Romney providing the same crap intelligence and claiming he could go to war without approval from Congress.

+ - A Look at PAX Prime's Indie Scene->

Submitted by kube00
kube00 (1768000) writes "The showstopper at PAX Prime in Seattle this year wasn’t Titanfall, the Xbox One, PS4, or Elder Scrolls Online, it was the indie games. Gamers who hungered for something different headed straight for the indie games. This created an opportunity for some gamers to play the PS4 without having to wait in long lines. More so than ever, indie gaming is a big part of gaming these days, and there were so many great games shown at PAX. GoozerNation decided to focus on a few of them in this article."
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Comment: Still scapegoating the black democrat (Score -1, Flamebait) 588

by publiclurker (#44771647) Attached to: Lowell Observatory Pushes To Name an Asteroid "Trayvon"
for everything I see. You must be one of those birthers that thinks that he has a time machine if you think you can blame him for stuff that occurred before he was even president. Still, nobody expect any sort of integrity in a bigots arguments. All they see is their own hate.
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Journal: Xe p a hình BMW – Dành cho nhng ngi thích i Pht, leo nú

Journal by khanhthu

Xe p a hình BMW - Dành cho nhng ngi thích i Pht, leo núi Có ngi mua xe p a hình vì thit k ca xe p, thi trang, có ngi thì mua mt chic hàng khng hoc t mua ph tùng linh kin DIY v lp ráp, có ngi l (

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Journal: Use the Right Tools for Home Cleaning

Journal by EnviroPureHome

In Ottawa, home cleaning must not be ignored! Use proper cleaning tools and products to prevent bacteria and other harsh elements from contaminating your house. (

+ - victoria beckham sac vanessa bruno exactement ce que réaliser ->

Submitted by howdg
howdg (3039251) writes "Mary vacances de voile , anne holmes , victoria beckham, sac vanessa bruno exactement ce que réaliser qu'ils ont à travers populaire. A juste titre, la plupart de ces battements cardiaques coronariennes interprète déjà sont visités porter son cabas vanessa bruno populaire. Pourtant, les célébrités de raison aiment ce genre de sac beaucoup d' . Principalement parce que sont généralement unique, absolument comme cours de formation , produit avec plus de pratiquement tout attrait . Doit être richie amplement à assurer une fantastique paire traditionnelle de sac simplement par cabas vanessa bruno . Lorsque tenir compte sac vanessa bruno lin , chaque moment scintillantes dessins ou peut-être de photographies concernant les modèles abandon du menton imaginer à cur . Ils semblent en suspens, mais effectuer le travail en plus de cela . Don t devenir planification sur une chose normale au moyen cabas vanessa bruno lin . La plupart de ces sac sont généralement souhaitée par simple parts égales superstars avec des gens fréquentes qui nécessitent simplement une meilleure paire de sac. Vous pourriez probablement parler avec qui habituellement ce genre de styles , il est possible de dépendre provenant de ces sortes de sac , ainsi que l'endroit peut facilement un individu rencontrer ces derniers. Permettez-moi de remédier à la baisse de la difficulté de route initiale . Vous devriez obtenir ces types de sac en provenance et interminable choix en ce qui concerne les détaillants le sur le web et également monde réel. Pourtant, avant d'obtenir , de confirmer si oui ou non c'est une véritable qualité supérieure sac vanessa bruno cuir ou peut-être pas nécessairement , étant donné que l'industrie sera inondé avec répétitions. Il est certainement en fait de nombreuses opportunités d' engouement fournis concernant vanessa bruno place à l'intérieur du marché juste comme appartenant à des hommes et aussi des femmes sac sac en plus de vanessa bruno pas cher prend normalement la période de théorie plus loin."

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Comment: Re:Well he showed the problem (Score 2, Insightful) 588

by BenJeremy (#44771633) Attached to: Lowell Observatory Pushes To Name an Asteroid "Trayvon"

I might be wrong, but I don't think Zimmerman even knew what race Trayvon Martin was before Martin jumped him.

Whatever might be said of Zimmerman, he didn't follow the kid because he was black. People made poor choices and somebody paid with their life. It's a tragedy, but to turn it into a race issue does a tremendous disservice to all the great people who have worked hard and sacrificed so much to advance civil rights in this country.

Comment: Re:Nope, this is an act of war! (Score 1) 203

by Uberbah (#44771627) Attached to: Making a Case For Cyberwar Against Syria

The president can order an attack without congressional approval (a cold war concession made long ago - if the Reds nuke us, we can nuke em back right away), but requires approval within 90 days IIRC.

Only if the U.S. is attacked first. Did Kennedy have the authority to "resolve" the Cuban Missile Crisis by ordering a massive nuclear strike on both Cuba and the Soviet fleet without a declaration of war? How about if Obama decides to weaken Assad's support by first bombing Iran, bombing any arms shipments from China, and sinking all the Russian ships in the Mediterranean, all without consulting Congress?

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 277

by CodeBuster (#44771625) Attached to: What Marketers Think They Know About You and What They Really Do

I must confess that I'm not up on current retail prices, but surely there are resellers who have volume accounts and can run queries on your behalf while passing on at least some of their volume savings to you. Private Investigators probably fall into that category for example. Even so, as others have pointed out, that information is also likely available from other sources if you've ever made a purchase online using your credit card.

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