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Comment: Re:stand up (Score 1) 309

by wisnoskij (#44347227) Attached to: When the NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company

"The companies can't stand up to it until they know for sure a jury will never convict and they can't know that yet."

This is not 200 years ago. Judges have far more control over the jury in my opinion then they ever did when juries were refusing to dish out punishment to run away slaves. The government and the legal system would never put up with juries not coming to the right decision in any important cases now.

Comment: Re:Peer review (Score 1) 707

by mathfeel (#44347207) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements
In fact, because he is a member of the National Academy of Science, he could publish paper on PNAS (Proceeding of the NAS) without much peer review (or find sympathetic scientists to review his paper). In the old day, there was an honor system with respect to publishing in PNAS that the author should get their paper properly peer-reviewed. Pauling submitted a series of very shoddy vitamin studies to the PNAS and as a result, he single handedly changed this policy and now makes publishing to PNAS a lot more rigorous. http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2009/02/18/vitamin-c-and-cancer-has-linus-pauling-b/

Engadget: Moto X benchmarks and specs slip out, point to a fine mid-tier phone->

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We've already seen Motorola's rumored Moto X in press renders, photos, videos and even the hands of a Google executive; why not throw some benchmarks and specifications into the mix? Android Police is more than happy to add that grist to the rumor mill with a set of photos that reportedly show the AT&T Moto X ("Ghost") running AnTuTu and 3DMark tests. If accurate, the scores hint at a mid-range Android 4.2.2 phone whose 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and 2GB of RAM produce good (though not great) results. The rest of the visible specs are equally middle-of-the-road -- we see a 720p screen, 16GB of built-in storage, NFC, a 10.5-megapixel rear camera and a 2.1-megapixel front shooter. The hardware alone may not tempt customers, then, but Motorola could be counting on customization and software tricks to lure more customers. We'll know the full story on August 1st.

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Source: Android Police

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Comment: Re:we didn't had submarines in ancient Greece (Score 2) 161

by AK Marc (#44347199) Attached to: Sunken WWI U-Boats a Bonanza For Historians

Archaeology does indeed mean study of ancient things,

Wrong on both accounts.
Archeology "is the study of human activity in the past," (Wikipedia's definition, others agree, Wikipedia picked solely because it was the first hit on "archeology definition").

On the other hand america in both English and Spanish refers to the whole binary continent system,

No, it does not. "The Americas" is the English word you are looking for. You can't even capitalize proper names properly, makes it hard to believe your definitions of them.

You assert I'm wrong, but give nothing but your incorrect opinion to support your incorrect opinion. I've given one cite for support of mine, and I've given many other cites for "an American" unambiguously being a person from the USA.

I don't live in the USA, and if I call myself "a person from the USA" in Australia, I'm corrected to "an American" by the locals, so it's not just American English that dictates the usage.

Google News Sci Tech: After Three Day of Downtime, Apple Publicly Acknowledges Developer Site Hack - D->

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Apple Insider

After Three Day of Downtime, Apple Publicly Acknowledges Developer Site Hack
Apple's developer portal – which provides access to everything from developer previews of upcoming software (i.e. iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks), to registering iOS devices for testing, to submitting apps to the App Store -- has been offline since Thursday...
Apple developer site targeted in security attack, still downCNET (blog)
Apple's Developer Site Was HackedTIME
Apple Says Its Developer Site Was HackedWall Street Journal
MarketWatch-TechCrunch-Guardian Express
all 61 news articles

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Missing lynx: Climate change to wipe out rarest cat
ENDANGERED. This handout picture by the Iberian Lynx Conservation Breeding Programme dated May 03, 2008 shows newly born lynx cubs at the captive breeding center of the Donana National Park, southern Spain. Photo by AFP / Handout, Iberian Lynx...
Climate Change Could Wipe Out Iberian LynxLiveScience.com
Current efforts will not save the world's most endangered catEureka! Science News
The World's Most Endangered Big Cat Could Go Extinct Because of Climate ... Motherboard (blog)

all 8 news articles

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Comment: Re:Diet and laziness (Score 1) 707

by LordLimecat (#44347189) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements

The other thing to watch for (you may be aware of this) is that "protein" isnt all the same. Animal protein and vegetable proteins can be different, and your body may not get all of the components it needs if you only do one or two types of protein.

Just something to keep in mind-- I feel like a lot of people treat it like "i need 30 grams of this 'protein' junk", without considering the role of variety.

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Used Office Furniture Buyers in Houston
Do you have to remove or get rid of some or all of your used office furniture? In these situations, companies usually have one of three options; donate their furniture to charity, store their furniture in temporary storage, or sell their existing used office ( http://youtu.be/59lKGTG6evE)

Comment: problems with the conclusions, not the study (Score 1) 237

by gzuckier (#44347187) Attached to: Study Finds Fracking Chemicals Didn't Pollute Water

first, fracking has come to mean the whole sphere of environmental damage involved with natural gas wells, not specifically actual specific fracking. (Yeah, I don't approve of imprecision either, but...) for instance, methane contamination of water which is so frequent a complaint, or as widely publicized recently, the release of methane as part of the gas extraction process, which, given the very high AGW potential of methane, can easily overwhelm whatever advantage natural gas has in terms of lower AGW.

second, is every fracking carried out 3,000 feet below the water well depths? (not rhetorical, I really don't know)

Comment: Re:Diet and laziness (Score 1) 707

by mjwx (#44347183) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements

In very rare cases does someone need to take any supplements at all. If one pays attention to having a proper diet one can get all the vitamins needed naturally. Part of the whole vitamin craze is how lazy people are. It can take some thought and effort to eat a healthy diet containing all the nutrients a body needs to thrive. It's quite worth doing so though.

The whole vitamin craze is about large pharmaceutical companies being able to sell dirt cheap placebo's at high prices.

If vitamin supplements had a powerful enough physioactive effect they'd be kept behind the counter with the rest of the drugs that actually work. I'm going to continue to say that vitamin supplements are utterly uselessness to someone until the day I see the headline "Man Overdoses On Vitamin Supplements"

BTW, there are vitamin "supplements" that are that powerful, they need to be prescribed by a doctor because they do have a physioactive effect.

Comment: Re:It's more than vegetables (Score 1) 707

by LordLimecat (#44347179) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements

containing arguably less of these rare vitamins than before.

What the heck? This is a quantifiable statement. Either they do, or they do not. There is no "arguable" unless someone likes arguing something with nothing to back it up.

Do you have any sources for these statements, or are you making a lot of assumptions?

Comment: Re:Diet and laziness (Score 1) 707

by Concerned Onlooker (#44347175) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements

"Citation needed. What reason do you have to believe that food quality has diminished in the last 50 years?"

It remains to be seen what the final effect is, but to be sure farm fields are increasingly devoid of the organic ecosystem that used to provide us with that rich, loamy earth that grew things so well.

Here is one small example of what effect that might have:

Comment: 3 years of research? (Score 4, Insightful) 73

by swillden (#44347171) Attached to: Rooting SIM Cards

I clicked the link expecting to find something interesting and novel, perhaps something on par with Kocher's Differential Power Analysis attack, or better. But this guy spent three years to discover that there are a small number of ancient SIMs, not yet removed from service, which use 1DES for securing applet loading? Actually, I'm sure he did no such thing. Typical bad reporting, exacerbated by bad slashdot editing.

It looks to me like his talk is really about countermeasures to mitigate the risk for these ancient SIMs, on the assumption that they can't be replaced immediately. That's worthy of research and a talk, though it's hardly front-page material.

Comment: Re:Completely And Utterly Wrong (Score 1) 835

Relating facts is only hateful to a person if they aren't capable of coping with reality. If I have said something you think is inaccurate, then explain why. Otherwise you're saying the equivalent of "Is not!" and attempting to hide your reptilian response to contradictory information of your biases in weak assertions. The ostrich response is predictable and tiresome.

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An anonymous reader writes: Meskipun keputihan jenis ini tidak berbahaya akan tetapi sering kali membuat anda tidak nyaman dan dapat menurunkan rasa percaya diri. Keputihan fisiologis dapatdialami oleh wanita normal yang akan haid atau telah haid.
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Comment: Re: Diet and laziness (Score 1) 707

by O('_')O_Bush (#44347163) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements
Probably not in the first world. I wonder why Vitamin D isn't added to milk in most countries. My best guess is that, in most countries, the population is lactose intolerant or drinking straight milk is not part of the cultural norm, and milk used in cooking (like baking) removes the Vitmain D anyways?

Seems odd.

Comment: Re:Terminate contract instead? (Score 1) 309

by 0111 1110 (#44347161) Attached to: When the NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company

It would be dicey. In affect you are violating the Gag order by writing a contract clause that gives you an indirect means of notifying the customer or preventing the monitoring. I am no lawyer but that too me sounds like a whole boat load of legal trouble to invite on themselves.

I was thinking about the librarian that someone linked to. I thought her response was pretty clever. Maybe upon receiving a FISA order you could contact the customer and tell them that the FBI/NSA is not going to be monitoring their communications starting on Monday. That you have not received a FISA order which you are not allowed to tell them about. Etc. Could they really get you just for reassuring the customer that his privacy is being looked after and he has nothing to worry about. Hell. You're helping them do their jobs. Just being a good and loyal citizenbot. Maybe you could even be a bit more vague and send them a notice that, although you are forced to comply with all lawful government surveillance requests, you take customer privacy very seriously. If this sort of thing doesn't work then essentially the gag order forbids any form of nonroutine communication whatsoever. Maybe if you so much as wave to the customer while they are walking their dog you get prosecuted for violating the gag order.

Comment: Re:They had these during the Cold War, slow news d (Score 2) 192

by khallow (#44347157) Attached to: Interactive Nukemap Now In 3D

It was the multinationals that made a mess in the 19th century.

Like England, France, Russia, Germany, Belgium, etc.

The answer isn't to simply shift power around. It's to devolve and extinguish power completely.

Can't be done. Someone will always be stronger, smarter, or have a hold on someone else.

Comment: Re: A few more (Score 4, Interesting) 161

by cold fjord (#44347155) Attached to: Sunken WWI U-Boats a Bonanza For Historians

World War One not only set the stage for World War Two, but it resulted in issues that plague us to this very day. The first world war ultimately lead to the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, and the Islamic Caliphate government in 1923. One of the key goals of Islamist extremists, in particular al Qaida as they are fighting today, is to reestablish the Caliphate, and from there rebuild an Islamic empire. By similar token, the Ottoman Empire was carved up in such a fashion that there will likely be no end of conflict in the Middle East for the foreseeable future.

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And i also have to say she gets come up with plenty of tasty recipes to make this a mouthwatering method to combat kidney disease. It can give you loads more energy and might help you lose fluid weight through perspiration. As the failing kidneys reach this stage unfortunately, you will have choices of hemodialysis, or periotoneal dialysis.
I miss her humor, I miss her anger, I miss her physical presence, I miss her kindness and loving touch, I miss her chivalry, I miss her acceptance of me

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Comment: "It wasn’t like a guns and ammo website." (Score 2, Insightful) 309

by slasher999 (#44347147) Attached to: When the NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company

The subject of my comment is a direct quote from the website. I'm curious as to why the author believes a "guns and ammo" website would warrant this type of surveillance. It seems everywhere you look these days the left is looking to encroach on our rights as American citizens (the provider is based in Utah). The irony here is that the main point of the article seems to be that this type of surveillance is an invasion of someone's privacy and at least an inconvenience to the provider.