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Comment: Re:In otherwords (Score 1) 258

by LWATCDR (#44305619) Attached to: America's First Eco-City: Doomed From the Start

But at least it has a college there. That is at least some reason to go there and an "industry". I thought Ava Maria was interesting and I am kind of sad to see that they couldn't pass those laws. I find the idea of a Catholic town interesting. Being just a town and not a state you could easily go to and by condoms and porn if you wanted. In a way I see those laws not being allowed as being anti diversity. Why not have a town that wants to ban condoms ban them? Why not have a town that wants to ban private cars ban them? As long as it is a small enough community that people are not stuck there I see it as an interesting social experiment. BTW I am not Catholic but I really would like to visit Ava Maria.

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All of the insurance companies represented by Fidelity Insurance Group are the best at what they do, and are tried and true for customer service, claims payments, and financial stability.

Comment: Re:Your fault. (Score 1) 87

by wierd_w (#44305617) Attached to: Students, Start-Up Team To Create Android 'Master Key' Patch App

My device had root and an unlocked loader within hours of purchase.

It has never had a major android upgrade.

Neither the foss community, the rom hack community, the carrier, nor the handset maker have released such a rom.

At the time, the device was comparable hardware wise to early galaxy handsets. It looked for all the world like the community would be able to support it with little effort as a windfall from supporting galaxy.

Turns out that wasn't the case.

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Comment: Norwegians are RICH (Score 0) 261

by MindPrison (#44305615) Attached to: Piracy Rates Plummet As Legal Alternatives Come To Norway
Filthy rich in fact.

They have the SMALLEST work week of all European countries (probably also in the world), 34H work week.
They have the most generous free time. And paid!
They're one of the richest countries in the world (per citizen).

Why should they not want to pay for their purchased goods, music, films, food and software? That's what happens when you SHARE the wealth!

Comment: Re:In otherwords (Score 1) 258

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#44305613) Attached to: America's First Eco-City: Doomed From the Start

This is what a free nation is supposed to be about -- people can go do their own thing, and if they screw up, then they screw up, no skin off your ass.

Also, if the right used the left's environmental laws to get in the way, fit punishment for building it in the first place. From a meme control point of view, that's all it's about anyway. Any "actual application" to reality is irrelevant as far as power exchanges go.

Comment: Re:Water, or liquid. (Score 5, Insightful) 71

by osu-neko (#44305611) Attached to: Ancient Mars Ocean Found?

Not all that flows is H2O. Not sure how they could determine the chemical composition of what formed these.

Well, for that matter, the delta-like feature could have been sculpted by aliens. However, it's generally safe to rule out any absurdly unlikely reason when a far more likely one is available. There aren't a lot of candidates for alternate liquids to occur in large enough quantities at that location. In fact, I'm only aware of the one candidate, unless you want to resort to bonkers-level improbabilities (the chemical equivalent of "aliens did it")...

Comment: Re:The imporant qualifier (Score 1) 213

by AHuxley (#44305603) Attached to: Sci-Fi Stories That Predicted the Surveillance State
Nobody went to prison for 10 years
Cold, the US gov can select to watch a person at a distance after looking into their full family background.
US intelligence services go for refinement and gain much more oversight per person that the tip off via a pubic gov car, suit, badge, hours of interview per visit.
ie with more people running HD cameras at home or HD cameras been turned on when two people in plain clothes show up with with badges.
Too many youtube videos about protesters followed home been questioned at their door, internal checkpoints (beatings, property damage), recording police reactions to quoting legal rights
The smart state takes its time to watch or just uses trolls and sock puppets vs setting regional targets for mass arrests and death. ie use total loss of academic/press/wealth/belivabilty vs mass arrests and death.

Comment: Re:The impact of metadata surveillance (Score 1) 333

by Zynder (#44305601) Attached to: EFF Sues NSA, Justice Department, FBI
Given the fickleness of humans and our ability to be whipped up into a frenzy over practically nothing, do you believe for one second that Congress couldn't get something codified into an amendment? Hell they managed to ban alchohol at one time and a whole lot of the general populace loves some alcohol. So even if they did get the amendment passed which fulfilled the criteria you stated above, then you and people like you, would simply start screaming that it was rigged or someone got paid off or whatever because the verdict doesn't line up with the outcome you believe is the correct one. Don't misunderstand me here though, I don't approve of this anymore than you do. However I agree with one of the other highly modded posters here, hairyfeet, that you cannot fix a corrupt system by working within that system. If you are stuck in that system as we are, then don't fix it- BREAK IT. Overload it until it won't work anymore (cause it does work, just not how we want it to). Once it collapses, then you can rebuild it. Being on slashdot, you've probably fixed a computer or 2 in your day. Most computer viruses can be repaired without completely erasing the storage medium. There comes a time however when the OS gets so fucked up that formatting the thing and reinstalling is the most productive course of action. Also the correct fix for a lot of computer issues is simply rebooting it. I posit that our gov needs rebooting and if that doesn't clear the problem up, we format it. I am not however a revolutionary. I'm not advocating we start the format today. Eventually though it will get so screwed up we won't have a choice. This is reality based in history and to be honest I hope I am history before all this fecal matter hits the rotating blades.

Comment: Re:In Russia (Score 2) 213

by cold fjord (#44305599) Attached to: Sci-Fi Stories That Predicted the Surveillance State

Interesting post. I disagree with a number of your points, but I'll limit myself to a few counterpoints.

Guantanamo bay has never even held a total of 1,000 people as prisoners. Al Qaida teaches its members to lie and carry on the jihad by any means possible. Gitmo guards often attacked by detainees As to feeding tubes - yes they can be unpleasant, but it's likely the prisoners magnify the difficulties in line with their training.
Al Qaeda Manual Drives Detainee Behavior at Guantanamo Bay

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2005 – If you're a Muslim extremist captured while fighting your holy war against "infidels," avoid revealing information at all costs, don't give your real name and claim that you were mistreated or tortured during your detention. . .

Anwar al-Awlaki wasn't targeted due to making speeches, but due to his active participation as a terrorist recruiter, trainer, and leader: Awlaki's Legacy: A Dozen Terror Plots Linked to Al Qaeda Leader

Soviets rule was not benign: The Soviet Story

Google News Sci Tech: Alternative fixes released for Android 'master key' vulnerability - PCWorld->

From feed by feedfeeder

The Droid Guy

Alternative fixes released for Android 'master key' vulnerability
More fixes are appearing for a pair of highly dangerous vulnerabilities exposed earlier this month in the Android mobile operating system. Security vendor Webroot and ReKey, a collaboration between Northeastern University in Boston and vendor Duo...
Android Users Can Patch Critical FlawIntelligent Enterprise (blog)
It is Time for Google to End the Google Nexus Phone ProgramThe Droid Guy
Chinese Researcher Reports New "Hidden Trojan" Android AttackPC Magazine
Register-CSO-Credit Union Times
all 17 news articles

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Comment: Re:Why is there Fragmentation? (Score 1) 87

by wierd_w (#44305595) Attached to: Students, Start-Up Team To Create Android 'Master Key' Patch App

Also, for devices with low RAM, tell the user it will run like ass, then make a build that loads zram, puts a swap partition on the /dev/zram0 device, then turns swap on. That can cut ram consumption by system daemons by nearly 50%, if the block device is sized sensibly, ans swappiness is set sanely. Because zram is a compressed ramdisk block device, the swap operations just munch a bit of CPU, and are quite speedy. Turning it on is commonplace in community rom builds.

Comment: Re:What about new talent? (Score 1) 1501

by shentino (#44305593) Attached to: Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

I think it's because the low hanging fruit is always the first to go, so whatever is left is hard to get. Since effort invested is proportional to value, this leaves the good stuff ironically the hardest to reach once the cheap stuff is taken.

Good things that are easy to get don't last long.

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Comment: Northern lowlands, result of ancient collision (Score 3, Interesting) 71

by Trax3001BBS (#44305587) Attached to: Ancient Mars Ocean Found?

One would expect a large body of water there. How the Universe Works "Extreme Planets" mentions a theory of Mars
being hit by an object moving the Northern hemisphere crust to the Sorthern hemisphere.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2t2VkDYOfYM#t=12m33 (12:33 in, link starts there)
I would assume leaving the Northern side lower as a result.

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Comment: Re:AC Post (Score 1) 294

by Tyr07 (#44305583) Attached to: Scientists Seek Biomarkers For Violence

I'll bet different chemical markers would prove to show increase desires, or easier to anger etc, but in the end, you still choose your actions.

I've had times where I felt like lifting my desk up and smashing it out the window. I didn't do that though, decided it wasn't the right thing to do.
Comes down to free choice, how you were raised and many other things.

Similar concept to dog breeds. Some dogs have been bread to be used in dog fights for aggression and physical characteristics, yet owners can raise these dogs to be peaceful loving family animals that wouldn't hurt anyone.

Research would probably work the opposite of what they're trying to do. Instead of finding people who are likely to be violent, they're going to be able to peg people who won't be, and subsequently will be people who end up getting treated a lot worse.

Comment: The energy supplier thing is happening in US, too. (Score 1) 173

In the UK, for instance, for a period of many years door-to-door cold callers would attempt to persuade people to change their energy suppliers. Even if a resident was NOT interested, these callers would claim to need a signature so they could prove they had visited, and get paid.

Just had one of those here in the San Francisco Bay Area, like within the last couple weeks. Claimed to be "checking" that we were "getting the government required 20% discount". Tried to get us to sign a form that would switch our gas supplier from PG&E to some pseudo-ecological-responsibility gas supplier (using the common gas distribution system).

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Comment: Re:Why is there Fragmentation? (Score 1) 87

by wierd_w (#44305567) Attached to: Students, Start-Up Team To Create Android 'Master Key' Patch App

Personally, for devices with crippled rom capacity, I would be willing to have the basic kernel image with the sdcard and FS drivers in the rom, and have the rest of the android platform in a filesystem on the sdcard, mounted in with symbolic links.

Alternatives are things like cramfs enabled kernels with cramfs packed rom block devices.


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