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Journal: LA COCINA DE MORENISA: Crujiente de Rosada en Salsa con Tomate y Pimientos Rojos

Journal by marianocavina

Ingredientes: 4 lomos de rosada grandes, 2 tomates maduros, 1 cebolla, 1/2 vaso de vino blanco, 1 cucharadita de pulpa de pimiento choricero, 1 pimiento morrón asado, 3 dientes de ajo, aceite de oliva, 1 huevo, sal.

Comment: Re:What about new talent? (Score 1) 1501

by epyT-R (#44293009) Attached to: Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

The truly uniquely bright ones usually have limited tolerance for passive aggressive dances by insecure, less capable people, especially when they're on deadline. As someone who is not one of these uber techs, I have found that being blunt and direct back to them usually puts a shocked smile on their faces. They're happy to have found a coworker who is more interested in efficient communication over warm'n'fuzzy oprah tingles.

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Journal: Las Vegas container Rental Company!

Journal by mobilestorageservice

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+ - MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is an E-Mail Virgin

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Bleacher Report's Gabe Zaldivar is stupefied to learn that MLB Commissioner and successful adult Bud Selig has never sent an e-mail in his 78 years on Earth. "It's one thing to be a 78-year-old person out of touch with new technology," writes Zaldivar, "but this is the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Is he still sending letters through the post office? Does he get baseball scores through ticker tape or telegram?" Selig, adds BusinessInsider, 'is actually just one of a handful of notable sports figures who've gone on the record to say they don't use email. Michigan football coach Brady Hoke, Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim, and ESPN commentator Chris Berman all don't use email.'"

Comment: Re:Linus management technique works (Score 1) 1501

by tlhIngan (#44293005) Attached to: Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

"The fact Linux is awesome and Linus is an abusive and profane manager doesn't mean the profanity and abuse is necessary to make Linux awesome."

No. But the fact that Linus is sometimes abusive, plus the fact that he thinks that sometimes he has to be abusive, plus the fact that he leads no less than Linux as a testament to his management abilities does mean something.

He has a theory, he practices it and he has success backing him. You have a theory and... what else?

So, basically, the Steve Jobs management model strikes again. First at Apple, and again for Linux.

Of course, the thing is, the Steve Jobs method of being an asshole only works for certain people with certain personality traits. For Jobs, it was his charisma and RDF. For Linus, it's practically hero worship - after all, he created a very useful piece of software.

Of course, there's also a whole pile of people who are put off by such tactics - after all, having physical violence threatened or being cursed out can make one question their motivations. For there are legions of people who were put off by Jobs' assholeishness and many who quit after being chewed out by Jobs (and these people were, for the most part, leaving dream jobs that paid decently - they just couldn't stand the verbal abuse Jobs would dish out).

Will it affect anything? Well, Apple's still around and didn't collapse while Jobs was at the helm, and Linux won't either - the long time people have grown used to it, the newbies know what to expect, and everyone else just works away quietly on their fork of the kernel. And yes, there are tons of forks to the kernel - after all, every Android phone releases a kernel, yet I'm sure 99.99% of those patches never make it back into mainline.

Comment: not someone new (Score 5, Informative) 1501

by Chirs (#44293003) Attached to: Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

Sarah Sharp is not a new person on LKML. She's the USB3 host controller maintainer. She's been there for a while, and she totally overreacted. Linus' original message was a tongue-in-cheek one talking about Greg Kroah-Hartman (who is a fairly large guy while Linus is not):

"Have you guys *seen* Greg? The guy is a freakish giant. He *should* scare you. He might squish you without ever even noticing."

Sarah's reaction was, "Seriously, guys? Is this what we need in order to get improve -stable? Linus Torvalds is advocating for physical intimidation and violence..."

Anyone who takes Linus' comments as a serious suggestion needs their head examined. It was *clearly* meant as a joke.

Comment: "Default on"==protection? Who are they kidding? (Score 3, Insightful) 142

Let me guess: all good and dandy until some parents will sue the ISP for "having their kids accidentally exposed by a hole the filter" (as in "letting the kid find a way to bypass the filter and try get some money from the ISP").
Then the idea of "default-on filter" will be busted for good (or, alternatively, the Internet as seen by UK will look like a puny list of white listed sites, all the others censored).
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Journal: Tng hp kin thc sùi mào gà

Journal by anhquanvui

Theo thng kê, s ngi mc bnh sùi mào gà lên ti 31% so vi các bnh xã hi thông thng khác. Bnh có th gp mi tui ca nam gii cng nh n gii và ph bin trong tui sinh sn t 15-35 tui. (

Comment: Re:From the laundromat (Score 1) 88

by confused one (#44292999) Attached to: San Onofre's Closure: What Was Missed
There's no engineering in your proposal. It's just an off-the-cuff suggestion. Can't be done at that site, without substantial infrastructure added; and, the fuel would need to be sent out for reprocessing before it could be fed into the breeder. There are no reprocessing plants handling commercial fuel in the United States.

Comment: Sign of personal limitations? (Score 1) 1501

by uncqual (#44292995) Attached to: Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

I'm not offended by abusive language but if I was too offended, I wouldn't join a volunteer organization where I was subjected to such language.

That said, my view of Linus overall is reduced by his apparent inability to express himself effectively and influence without using abusive language.

My view of Jobs was much reduced by his bullying of his employees - it was probably his right to do so, but bullying just isn't effective. It's more effective to explain calmly and clearly what the employee is doing incorrectly and what the correct behavior is. If a person isn't smart enough to understand a calm explanation, you don't want them working for you and you should just fire/demote/transfer them - bullying won't solve the problem.

Comment: Re:Classic case (Score 1) 509

by arkane1234 (#44292991) Attached to: Apple Sued For Man's Porn Addiction

It's something people assume of left-handed people. Most of the time it's assumed that left-handed people are libertarian or liberal-leaning political individuals, which automatically means that the person making the assumption is a right-wing political individual. That bias automatically boils down to "different == sinful/evil".
It's kinda cute :-)

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Google News Sci Tech: AT&T to Offer Option to Forgo Wireless Contract - Wall Street Journal->

From feed by feedfeeder

Apple Insider

AT&T to Offer Option to Forgo Wireless Contract
Wall Street Journal
AT&T Inc. will begin offering wireless customers the option to forgo contracts and get more frequent upgrades if they pay full price for their smartphones, allowing the carrier to cut back on the profit-sapping cost of subsidizing devices like the iPhone.
2 New Plans to Upgrade Smartphones After a YearNew York Times (blog)
AT&T gets in on no-contract, early upgrade plans tooCNET
AT&T's offers new smartphone, tablet upgrade every 12 months with 'Next' planApple Insider
all 15 news articles

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Google News Sci Tech: Microsoft slashes price of Surface tablet RT in Australia - ZDNet (blog)->

From feed by feedfeeder

Microsoft slashes price of Surface tablet RT in Australia
ZDNet (blog)
This isn't the first time the vendor has heavily discounted its Surface range. Last month, Microsoft offered its New Orleans TechEd conference attendees a Surface RT and a Surface Pro for US$100 and US$399, respectively. Microsoft has also been handing...
Microsoft Officially Reduces Surface RT Price Tag, Now $349Forbes
Surface Watch? Microsoft allegedly testing a 'translucent aluminum' smartwatchThe Verge
Microsoft Cuts Price of Surface RT Tablet by Up to 30%Wall Street Journal
NDTV-Bloomberg-CNET (blog)
all 215 news articles

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Google News Sci Tech: Study: Sea Projected to Rise as Earth Warms - Valley News->

From feed by feedfeeder

Economic Times

Study: Sea Projected to Rise as Earth Warms
Valley News
London — Sea levels may rise by more than 6.6 feet for each degree Celsius of global warming the planet experiences over the next 2,000 years, according to a study by researchers in five nations. The research, published Monday in the Proceedings of the...
'There is no scientific consensus' on sea-level rise, say scientistsRegister
Climate Scientists Give New Prediction of Sea Level ChangeVoice of America
Sea levels set for a 'continuing rise' for generationsThe Daily Climate
Science Codex-Globe and Mail-Xinhua
all 12 news articles

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Journal by marianocavina

La podéis acompañar con la pasta habitual o la que mas os guste , en mi caso es fresca y con un punto divertido , que es hecha con hinojo fresco integrado en la masa ......queda mucho mas vistosa en el plato (

Google News Sci Tech: Uber introduces fare splitting for multiple passengers - CNET (blog)->

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Design & Trend

Uber introduces fare splitting for multiple passengers
CNET (blog)
When you share an Uber ride with your friends, you can now split the tab with everyone. Donna Tam. by Donna Tam. July 15, 2013 9:20 AM PDT. Follow @DonnaYTam. Uber logo. Uber is adding a new feature that lets customers split the cost of a ride among...
Uber, Maker of Summon-A-Car App, Adds Fare SplittingNew York Times (blog)
Uber Adds Fare Splitting to iOS, Android AppsPC Magazine
Uber adds fare-splitting feature so you don't get stuck with the billVentureBeat
all 24 news articles

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Journal by marianocavina

Está lista para tomar ha gustado muchisimo es jugosa , suave y según los sabores con los que jugueis así es el resultado .Os la recomiendo en cualquier época del año ..uhmmmmm (

+ - SPAM: a-kasser

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Journal: Tr s sinh có b mù khi m b bnh Lu khi mang thai ?

Journal by anhquanvui

Lúc ó em hoàn toàn không h bit mình b nhim cn bnh Lu nên ã ch quan không i khám. 4 ngày sau,tt c biu hin bnh lu ó bin mt mà không li mt bin chng nào. (

Comment: Re:Applying the knee-jerk logic... (Score 1) 509

by arkane1234 (#44292973) Attached to: Apple Sued For Man's Porn Addiction

A) Yes, that's a problem.
B) Yes, that's what it was invented for.
C) Driving/insurance/safety equipment are daily activities that are a part of mundane everyday life. Guns are protection from people who no longer believe the laws to be worth following. (and those trying to remove said defense to allow the action to occur)
D) Everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot or a troll. Why are you arguing?

Comment: Re:Who pays? The usual suspects... (Score 2) 88

by Jeremi (#44292971) Attached to: San Onofre's Closure: What Was Missed

Meh, what's another $1000 a year to live in the Golden State.

Given than it's sunny SoCal, you might look into getting solar panels for your roof, if you have one handy. Depending on financing, the price may be lower than what you're paying now (or what you will be paying in September), and even if it's not, at least the costs will be 100% predictable -- the incidence of unexpected stator corrosion in solar arrays is vanishingly small. ;)

User Journal

Journal: Bnh lu nhn thuc-Cnh giác

Journal by anhquanvui

mt nhà Y T hc,chuyên gia lnh vc vi sinh vt và vi khun bnh lu ca c quan Y t u ngành ti Ontario, Toronto, Canada và các cng s ã n lc ngày m,tin hành thí nghim và nghiên cu ti trên 300 ngi nhim lu cu khu (

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This tour allows you the opportunity to appreciate natural Himalayan beauty in Srinagar, visit the Taj Mahal, ancient Forts, Tombs, Palaces and a variety of spiritual places of different faiths. You also get an opportunity to shop for interesting Indian souvenirs and a variety of specialty items such as beautifully hand woven carpets, exquisite precious stone jewelry, embroidered fabrics, carved marble and wooden artifacts and an array of colourful collectables."

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Journal: Bnh lu gây nh hng nghiêm trng n sc khe sinh sn n gii

Journal by anhquanvui

Vi khun neisseria gonorrhea là tác nhân gây nên bnh Lu . Bnh Lu thng phát trin rt nhanh ,sinh sôi vi tc rt ln trong môi trng m t và có nóng m ca c quan sinh dc ph n nh bung trng,vòi trng c bi (

Comment: Re:Give them an inch... (Score 1) 142

Technically most of the Europe has not so much "free speech" as "privileged speech". I.e. most of the speech cannot be banned unless it meets very certain criteria (nazi propaganda for example). In some countries it works quite well. In some, not so much.

But arguing that it's a "joke", you may wish to compare UK right to free speech to one in USSR or DPRK for example. It most certainly is NOT a joke.