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Journal: More on California CLE Courses

Journal by camclerules

There is always something to learn this is true for attorneys, and it is certainly true for paralegals. Education after employment is referred to as continuing legal education (CLE). CLE is offered mainly by or through a bar association or a paralegal association. There are two main ways in which CLE takes place. The traditional way is to go to a brick-and-mortar building such as a downtown hotel facility. The training might occur on a workday afternoon or on a Saturday. Alternatively, a grea

Comment: Re:Declared underweight? (Score 1) 361

by dryeo (#44267865) Attached to: Container Ship Breaks In Two, Sinks

Well if the government was left wing, then rather then bailing them out, they would nationalize them, and as long as they weren't too left wing, they would split the companies into smaller units and resell them and fuck the management and the stock holders.
Unluckily we have right wing governments that worship free enterprise to the point where business can do no wrong and rather then punish businesses that screw up, they reward them with bail outs and the management gets bonuses instead of losing everything including their freedom for the worst offenders,

Comment: PostgreSQL (Score 2) 372

by hardgeus (#44267863) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Postgres On Par With Oracle?

I used to work with Oracle pretty heavily in the 90s, and 7 years ago quite a bit...Solid database, but worth the money?

I consider PostgreSQL the best piece of software I have ever used. Given how much I have used it, this is saying a lot.

I remember reading on the old Slashy-Dotty some quote from some language-designer that I will now paraphrase:

"There are two kinds of languages: Those that people complain about, and those that nobody uses."

The point of this anecdote being that the more you use a tool and learn its nuances and flows, the more you find to bitch about.

I have been using PostgreSQL for over 10 years. And in this time I have found very little to complain about. I may have a handful of anecdotes about its failings, and most of those are mediocre complaints, at best.

It is a solid workhorse.

Comment: Re:Declared underweight? (Score 1) 361

by bill_mcgonigle (#44267859) Attached to: Container Ship Breaks In Two, Sinks

Why would we want to eliminate limited liability? It's an extremely useful means for someone who has no role in operating a business to invest in a business.

Yeah, it's extremely useful for the investor because the risks are socialized while the gains are privatized. Meanwhile, this system has completely destroyed what used to be a promising system of government, at least in the US. It's far too high of a cost and unnecessary for the advancement of commerce (assuming a more reasonable judicial system can be established to make the handling of liability claims reasonable).

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Google News Sci Tech: AT&T to buy Leap Wireless for about $1.2 billion - USA TODAY->

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Los Angeles Times

AT&T to buy Leap Wireless for about $1.2 billion
SHARECONNECTTWEETCOMMENTEMAILMORE. LOS ANGELES (AP) — AT&T said Friday that it has agreed to acquire Leap Wireless International, the pre-paid cellphone carrier that operates under the Cricket brand, for about $1.19 billion in cash, or $15...
AT&T to Buy Leap for $1.2 Billion to Pile Up More Airwave AssetsBloomberg
AT&T agrees to buy Leap and expand into highly competitive prepaid wireless ... Dallas Morning News
AT&T to acquire Leap Wireless in $1.2-billion dealLos Angeles Times
MarketWatch-New York Times (blog)-Hot Hardware
all 91 news articles

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Google News Sci Tech: iPhone app Flirtomatic has "put the fun back into flirting", according to its de->

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iPhone app Flirtomatic has "put the fun back into flirting", according to its developer (press release)
The wildly popular iPhone app. Flirtomatic has changed the way people flirt and begin dating, according to the developer, Handmade Mobile Entertainment. It is now available for free through the Apple App Store, having already firmly established as the...

and more

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Journal: Restaurante Gijon

Journal by Werner5nm

In "restaurante gijon" can find the best restaurants of gijon. Eating in GijÃn is part of the culture of the city, with a varied food culture. In Gijon can eat different types of food if your town has its own traditional dishes like bean stew or rice pudding. Food Gijon has a tradition and is encompassed within a well-defined geographical. GijÃn is the context to Asturian dishes taste different.

Comment: Re:Declared underweight? (Score 3, Informative) 361

by dryeo (#44267843) Attached to: Container Ship Breaks In Two, Sinks

I was referring to the regulations about the number of crew required on a train, specifically the short lines. For short lines the number is now one engineer, no conductor, no brakeman. Having two people in the cab allows them to double check their work, not perfect as a recent plane crash shows but it is more likely that the correct number of hand brakes will be set if two people are double checking their work.
Another recent example was the train bridge collapse outside of Calgary due to the CPR inspectors OKing an old bridge when the water was to high to even consider sending divers in to check the footings. In that case disaster was averted through luck as anything.
The large railways have been pretty good about the self regulation but since the CPR has gotten new management who's priority is higher profits things are going down hill. The experienced workers are being heavily encouraged to retire or being let go and the newer, cheaper workers just don't have the experience and have management breathing down their necks demanding more production. A potential for another large accident due to de-regulation and management that is more interested in bringing up the profits this quarter.
The Mississauga accident seems to have little to do with regulations, just a hot bearing that got too hot.

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Journal: Avail The Thrilling Effect And Adventurous Feel By Playing Zuma Slot Game

Journal by Koimtas

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Comment: Re:Hold on! (Score 1) 217

by Reziac (#44267839) Attached to: Iris Scans Are the New School IDs

When I was a student lo those many decades ago, we had ID in high school and college, but it was used solely for admittance to student-only affairs like dances and concerts. Basically, to keep party crashers out of special events.

Despite the lack of daily IDs, locked doors, or security guards, we all managed to survive and graduate.

Methinks it's not so much security theatre as the school systems getting into the helicopter-parenting business, because by now the helicopter-parent generation is also running the schools. And as we all know, our special unique little snowflakes might MELT if they were subjected to the Real World or left unguarded for a single instant.

Comment: Re: On his watch (Score 1) 240

by Raenex (#44267837) Attached to: Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate

Microsoft took a gamble on a new UI paradigm.I've been struggling to understand why that's so offensive to the /. masses for quite some time.

It's trying forcing a touch interface onto a desktop. I would think that pissing off your desktop base would be an obvious reason for hate. This is like Vista all over again, but worse.

I remember when 95 and XP came out, and people were generally pleased. Especially 95. That was when Microsoft almost buried Apple for good.

Comment: Re:Does Postgres do online backup? (Score 1) 372

by glenebob (#44267835) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Postgres On Par With Oracle?

I've had very few problems with Postgres that weren't actually a result of my own mistakes, and of course I handled them by fixing those mistakes. Any time I've actually needed to lean on someone else, the mailing lists have been very helpful, and very quick to respond. Not only that, but the mailing lists are frequented by the actual developers, so when you ask a question about some specific aspect of Postgres, there's a good chance you'll be answered by one of the people who actually built or at least maintains that piece of the code. As apposed to some clown reading from a script of trouble shooting bullshit who doesn't even know what language the software is written in. That, to me, is the very best kind of support there is.

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Comment: Re:Defense of Gladwell (Score 1) 213

The difference of course was the BA crash had engine problems which were noticed by the flight crew and they took measures to compensate, unsuccessfully.

That engine type was not used on flight 214, there is no hint off engine trouble, and the crew didn't even realize they were in trouble until three seconds before impact.

So culture and training are still on the table as far as I can see.

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Comment: Re:Is it me or... (Score 1) 157

by OrangeTide (#44267805) Attached to: India To Overtake US On Number of Developers By 2017

Yes, ego is not racism. That comment was only to respond to "Developers are objective". Overgeneralization and stereotyping might be a nicer way to describe open racism. I work with plenty of experienced developers who have a confidence in thier abilities that is not warranted from the quality of their work or from their [lack of] professionalism on the job.

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The jail-breaking of a gadget like the iPad or the iPod touch can be quite technical, especially for those that aren't quite tech savvy. Indeed, the procedure requires following some strict instructions, guidelines that while being quite simple, can make the procedure go wrong if they aren't followed perfectly. Not only would it void the warranty on the iPad, but it may also end up bricking the device, making it entirely useless. Moreover, not using the jail-broken properly will put it at risk. One example would be a user that isn't careful about where they download apps, which may result in the download of malware onto the iPad, as highlighted by iPad jailbreak experts."

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Comment: The rod to measure Steve Ballmer by (Score 1) 240

by symbolset (#44267785) Attached to: Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate

Being CEO of the dominant provider of technology performance is measured along many lines.

  • Did you make more money? At this Steve Ballmer has done well. This is the biggest thing.
  • Did you remove competitors from the field? At this Steve Ballmer has done well.
  • Did you get ahead of changes in the marketplace? At this he has done less well.

The rod to measure his success by isn't any of these things though.

An exceptional position implies exceptional expectations of an exceptional person. For over a decade he has had billions of dollars a month to do what he will. What could an exceptional person have achieved with those resources? Did he beat or even equal that? Did he come anywhere close?

Comment: Re:Hard to argue with regular quarterly profits (Score 1) 240

by Trax3001BBS (#44267783) Attached to: Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate

and open-source projects are pointless because thousands of programmers pulling in different directions.

Just like the universe is pointless because thousands of galaxy clusters pull in different directions...hey, wait a minute...

The universe is pointless. There's no goal "success" state so there isn't a point to it, it just is.

Ah but there is a goal and it will be achieved when it reaches thermodynamic equilibrium (maximum entropy), the question then would be "is that it"?

"Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows." -- Robert G. Ingersoll