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Journal: PC Repair Columbus - One Of The Best Services Provided For Repairing Your PC!

Journal by bestpcrepairinfo

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Comment: Re:like anything else.. (Score 4, Interesting) 580

Hmm, go a bit easy on the frustrated comments of people who might be looking at a change of major!

I'm right in line of all this. High School science was different. It's hard to say, but it was "fundamental" enough. If you grow up prowling around the pop-sci section of a bookstore, it's not delusional to think "well gee, maybe I'll study science". So I made it through Freshman year in college still kinda enthused.

Then over summer break I got hold of discard-copies of old versions of the textbooks and collapsed. The combination of Calculus and Organic Chem (and then beyond!) sunk me. Plus I suk at anything spatial involving curves. But the un-sung third point is that I didn't want to spend nine months in a lab recording tedious results and then produce one crispy little paper, and then do it all over again.

So I went back as a business major. I'm clever, but most of y'all here are brighter than this ol' humanities bird. But also it felt "Closer to the ground". Pay a bill in AP. Close a Monthly period. Post Stuff to a contract. "Stuff" gets "done" and it sticks.

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Journal: French Restaurants Miami

Journal by AndreaJarvis - Georges In The Grove at Coconut Grove offers you much more than just fine dining in Miami. We have always claimed to be different when it comes to providing our customers not just with great food but impeccable service and that's the way we intend to remain.

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+ - French Restaurants Miami->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Georges In The Grove at Coconut Grove offers you much more than just fine dining in Miami. We have always claimed to be different when it comes to providing our customers not just with great food but impeccable service and that's the way we intend to remain."
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Comment: Re:What exactly is the security issue? (Score 1) 217

by AHuxley (#44258533) Attached to: Iris Scans Are the New School IDs
Its a "hey, we got funding for this fancy new tech!" race. Once you get your tech into a sub set of larger US states, many will follow. You can lock out the competition for generations as been one of the first and ensure you stay one of the few certified national providers.
Its a race worth funding at cost per university and with a national roll out as the prize.
As for why, you can prevent substitute test takers for all exams, timed tests or practicals in classes with many 100's of students.
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Journal: Bookkeeping Services

Journal by Elroy1me

Based in Singapore, Accounting Prime is recognized as a leading accounting service provider dedicated to offer reliable financial accounting, book keeping and taxation, and corporate secretarial services at affordable prices.

+ - She Said She Would Rather Have Had The Small Business Grants Funding For Her Car->

Submitted by delonost83
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Comment: Re:end of second era (Score 1) 164

by BlackHawk-666 (#44258519) Attached to: PCWorld Magazine Is No More

It's pretty easy to slap a mobo into a case and maybe some cards and call it building a PC.

In the day I can recall BYTE magazine running a series of articles that published the schematics to a computer you could actually assemble from parts at home. You needed to actually place all the resisters, ICs, and gubbins on the board, and solder it all together and hopefully get a working machine from that.

Comment: Re:et tu? (Score 1) 204

by PCM2 (#44258517) Attached to: Researchers Now Pulling Out of DEF CON In Response To Anti-Fed Position

The only ones who backed out of the conference (as far as I can tell) were going to talk about hacking Sharepoint. While I'm sure that's useful in some situations, it sounds like an extremely boring talk.

And kinda entry-level. I'm just generalizing here, but based on my own interactions with SharePoint, I strongly suspect that nobody ever sat around, racking their brains about how to hack a SharePoint site.

Google News Sci Tech: Solar system has trailing tail, just like comet - Newsday->

From feed by feedfeeder


Solar system has trailing tail, just like comet
(AP) -- NASA can prove it now. Our solar system has a tail, just like comets. Scientists revealed images Wednesday showing the tail emanating from the bullet-shaped region of space under the grip of the sun, including the solar system and beyond.
IBEX Satellite Reveals First Image of Sun's Comet-Like Tail (VIDEO)University Herald
First images of our Solar System's tail revealedDaily Bhaskar
NASA captures first images of our solar system's tailSeattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

all 63 news articles

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Google News Sci Tech: Modest Debut of Atlas May Foreshadow Age of 'Robo Sapiens' - New York Times->

From feed by feedfeeder

IEEE Spectrum

Modest Debut of Atlas May Foreshadow Age of 'Robo Sapiens'
New York Times
WALTHAM, Mass. — Moving its hands as if it were dealing cards and walking with a bit of a swagger, a Pentagon-financed humanoid robot named Atlas made its first public appearance on Thursday. Science Twitter Logo.
UPDATED: DARPA Unveils Atlas DRC RobotIEEE Spectrum
DARPA unveils 6-foot-tall humanoid robot Atlas for researchers to program and ... The Verge
Atlas Humanoid Robot Revealed Ahead of DARPA Robotics Challengethe Diplomat
Tribune-Review-Fort Leavenworth Lamp-The Business of Robotics
all 18 news articles

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Comment: Re:I think... (Score 1) 304

by tbid18 (#44258515) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Node.js vs. JEE/C/C++/.NET In the Enterprise?

That would be silly, but a rather fun fact is that the despite Java being promoted as simpler than C++ for so many years, the latest Java language spec (excluding libraries) is shorter than the latest C++ spec (excluding libraries).

Did you mean to say the Java spec is longer than the C++ spec? Because I would think Java having a shorter spec would be a point in favor of its relative simplicity.

Google News Sci Tech: Hubble finds glass rain may give planet blue hue - The Space Reporter->

From feed by feedfeeder

The Space Reporter

Hubble finds glass rain may give planet blue hue
The Space Reporter
“Blue Marble” was the name given by NASA to a gorgeous image of Earth captured by Apollo 17 in 1972. Much of the surface of our world is indeed blue, but there are also brown deserts, green forests, and white icecaps. Now, NASA's Hubble Space...
Scientists Determine Blue Is Color of Distant PlanetWall Street Journal- India
Alien 'deep blue' planet discoveredThe Guardian
Hubble spots azure blue planet True colour of exoplanet measured for the first timeHubble Space Telescope at ESA
Los Angeles Times-National Geographic-Science a Gogo
all 87 news articles

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+ - SPAM: robe blanche

Submitted by sissy94pascal
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Comment: Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580

It is based on the fact that all human fields of knowledge use without exception logic as the tool to solve problems and math is the formalization of logic.

That is just not true. For a starters, it is a meta-physical question whether the mathematical laws really model anything, and already we are outside of "logic" and into the larger field of esoteric experience. Science itself is an esoteric experience, because you know things through an experience of knowing. Spend some time studying epistemology, and you'll figure out that logic isn't as straight-forward as it seems, and certainly doesn't encompass all fields of human knowledge.

Now I believe that there is a non-self-referential epistemology that grounds the stuff of through in physical laws, but as of today, we've barely come up with an acceptable definition of addiction that isn't self-referential, and have no clue what thoughts really are -- the so called "hard problem".

+ - Know About MBA Galore->

Submitted by IIBS
IIBS (2877779) writes "An individual stands in a state of dilemma after completing his/her undergraduate degree either to accept the job offered or go for a post graduate degree. Although first job offered should always taken without giving it a second thought, pursuing a post graduate degree to have an edge over other contemporaries is also not a bad option."
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Journal: Snow Cone Machines For Sale

Journal by Elroy1me

Concession Obsession offers a great selection of commercial snow cone machines for sale and free shipping in the USA. We have a wide selection of commercial snow cone machine brands.

Comment: Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580

Moreover there are many scientific problems that take generations to be solved.

Sure, but without exception they end reduced to math problems. Math encompasses all fields of knowledge, because math is the formalization of logic itself. Those scientific or engineering problems that took generations to solve, took generation either because the math they needed didn't exist yet, or because testing hypothesis and generating knowledge was a slow or unfeasible process.

They are thus either reduced to math problems that took generations to be solved, or measurement problems that made them impossible to be solved until the right tools existed for the task.

Comment: Re:Customers Demand It (Score 1) 193

by gmuslera (#44258493) Attached to: HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors In Enterprise Storage
With a fixed, weak master password that is not adviced in the documentation nor requested to changed to a safe one on install/configuration? That is a plain backdoor. That they managed to built security on it to enable you to control what authenticated users can see or do only make it worse, is not that they don't know how to authenticate users or have secure passwords. Not only they sold you a backdoor, but also show how idiot they think you are.

Comment: Re:Upgrading? (Score 3, Interesting) 164

by BlackHawk-666 (#44258495) Attached to: PCWorld Magazine Is No More

Ah, the good old days! The most insane overclock I ever saw back in 486 days was a friend of mine who dragged his 386 around to play a bit of Doom. We were all running 486DX33 / 486DX66 machines which powered through Doom and figured the 386 would be a pretty poor contender - right until he fired it up and loaded the game. It was screaming along as well as the 486s were, and that's when he told me he had overclocked it to something like 99mz. He reckons it took ages to find a chip he could do that to, but there were tons of them at his work no longer in use so he swapped them in and out till he found a really good one :D

Comment: Re:Unfortunately... (Score 1) 227

by turrican (#44258485) Attached to: Hands On With the Nokia Lumia 1020

Where I work, currently, is, in fact, like being stranded on a (noisy) island (with poor reception).

The only truly measurable difference being that it's an underground repair facility and not an island. I don't have one with a physical keyboard because of contamination by chemicals, etc. The Lumia was in an Otterbox, which I'd remove on days off - I really liked the feel of the 920.

Comment: Re:41 megapixel of stupidity (Score 1) 227

by dbIII (#44258483) Attached to: Hands On With the Nokia Lumia 1020
Since the lenses are tiny (to deliver light to really tiny sensors) it's not going to be horribly expensive for those Zeiss lenses to be decent in the tiny bit of glass that matters. Of course there won't be much light coming in.
Unless something has changed drastically lately a very small 41MP sensor is going to be a bit noisy anyway so could be a weaker link than the optics.
To me this just looks like a hack to get digital zoom for OK snapshots in good light instead of going for detail, and since the sensor doesn't seem to be stupidly expensive I can see their point, which is not to replace even an early DSLR but to provide better "casual snaps".
User Journal

Journal: Horse Betting – Man O War Preview

Journal by anniemcclellan

Sports betting sharps following horse racing should know the horse in which the Grade-1 Man O’ War Stakes is named after. Man O’ War won 20 of his 21 starts, including two Triple Crown races in 1920, and is known as one of the greatest horses of all time. That means a lot of pressure comes with (

+ - Then There Is The Cost Factor Which In Itself Provides A Pretty Hefty Deterrent ->

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